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25 Sep 2013

Sweat Balls

1) How to be Successful on the Mental Side of Things During Your WODs:

1. Breathing. Pre WOD, check your breathing. Keep yourself relaxed.

2. Visualization. This is a must. You must visualize yourself being successful. If you have already been successful in your mind, then your body will make it happen. You’re more confident, you know what to expect. Because it is happening in your mind, you can control what happens and make the outcome a positive one every time. Picture yourself hitting each rep, making smooth transitions, etc. Make your feelings positive.

3. Positive Action Words and Positive Thinking. When we say to ourself in a WOD, “Don’t stop,” our unconscious mind hears “Stop!” “Don’t quit” becomes “Quit!” “It’s not heavy” becomes “It’s heavy!” When you find yourself saying these things, use new words, positive actions words, to motivate yourself such as “Keep going!” “I’m fast!” or “Lightweight!” Positive thinking is another must. The best way to know what we are thinking is to pay attention to how we are feeling. Thoughts create our feelings. If it feels like the weights are super heavy during a WOD, it’s because we think they are heavy.

4. Leave Your Comfort Zone. Be positive when you see something you are not so good at, get uncomfortable in tomorrow’s workout so you know you’re pushing your limits, be excited to train your weaknesses and take extra time to do them because we know that’s what will make us better.

– Coach Annie

2) Our Skill of the Week workout will be scheduled for this Wednesday. For Lurong Paleo Challengers, please use this day to get your Phase 1 workouts completed.

Thank you very much for your help in putting away gear in between classes. It helps us a lot in changing over classes, especially when classes are full.

Way to push yourselves through the team workouts today. When you put the needs of the team before your own, everyone benefits.

– Trac

Main Group Workout
Back Squat: 1X5@60%, 1X5@65%, 1X5@70%, 1X5@75%

Work (General):
AMRAP in 15min:
6 inch worm walking push ups
12 split jump lunges, 1 ct
400m run

Work (Competition):
AMRAP in 15min:
6 hand stand push ups
12 swings, 70/53lbs
40 double unders

400m run
30 sit ups
20 superman holds
10 hollow body rocks

092413 Sweat Balls

1) Failing to plan is planning to fail.

In business, I’ve come across many different challenges as a small business owner. Many people think it’s hard to start a business, but in reality, anybody can start a business, it’s keeping it going that’s the real challenge. I have a piece of hotel notepad paper from 4 years ago in which I diagrammed out CF101’s business model. It’s just a piece of paper, and the diagram is mostly made up of a bunch of scribbles, but I keep it as a reminder to myself of the core values in which I seek to keep CF101 true to.

I went through several iterations of how I wanted to model 101 before I settled on what I eventually rolled out to our first prospective coaches. And before that, I spent over 6 months researching and drafting up a full fledged business plan. The business plan was long and covered topics from prospective locations, stats of population demographics, mission statements, organizational structure, risk management, projections, and it went on and on. I spent countless hours and effort on it, but the funny thing is, I didn’t refer to it once since starting up 101.

There’s a saying that the plan goes out the door once the first bullet passes by your head. And boy did the bullets start flying once 101 was kicked off. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t use the business plan, it was just that the dynamics of the business changed so quickly that there wasn’t ever time to go back and revise the plan. It’s been all about improvising, adapting, and overcoming to keep 101 progressing.

Even though I didn’t refer back to the original business plan, without all that time and effort to plan and prepare ahead of time, I wouldn’t have been able to identify the opportunities and difficulties that were ahead of me, and I wouldn’t have been able to react to them effectively.

Plans, methods, and people change all the time. What I believe keeps everything together and continuous is what is valued. For us here at 101, we value sustainably changing lives for the better through providing world class coaching in a supportive community environment.

I can honestly say that CF101 is nothing like I pictured it four years ago. It’s so much better than that, and it’s thanks to all of you for making it what it is.

Take the time to prepare for your challenges. Whether it’s a big meeting for your company, planning your meals for the week, or getting ready for a workout. Have a plan in mind, but always have the flexibility to deviate from the plan and adapt to changes in order to achieve your desired results.

We don’t plan for failures, we plan with contingencies. Cheers to another week of excellence 101ers!

2) For all our Lurong Paleo Challengers, please be sure to complete your 3 Phase 1 workouts by the end of the week. Please also double check that you have submitted the correct workouts results, workout levels, body measurements, and daily nutrition compliance results online.

3) Please double check to make sure all your gear and any trash is squared away before and after your workouts 101ers. Our lost and found will be cleared soon, and there’s plenty goodies that need to be burpee claimed.

Pause clean – You will be standing the weight up from the floor, pausing for 3 counts as the barbell is at the bottom of your knee, then proceed to clean the weight.

Overhead squats – Support your shoulders by actively pushing up on the barbell. If you normally wear weightlifting shoes, try these without and vice versa. If you lack safe shoulder mobility, modify with a overhead lunge step.


Main Group Workout
15min to establish a 2RM pause clean (3 count pause at bottom of the knee) + jerk

In teams of ~4:
AMRAP in 4min: Overhead squats, 155/105lbs (5 max per team member per round)

AMRAP in 4min: Lateral burpee barbell jumps (10 max)

AMRAP in 4min: Toes to bar (15 max)
(Record total reps for each movement.)

1 mile run

092313 Total Team Burn

22 Sep 2013


1) From Apprentice Sean:

“Thoughts -> Words -> Actions -> Habits -> Character/Destiny”

In a recent meeting with one of my clients (whom also happens to teach CEO’s how to be more effective), my client stopped me in the middle of the meeting when I used the word “want”.  He was adamant that I not use the word.  He then gave me a brief lecture on why.

He explained that Want, is a “Trap Word”.

If I make the statement, “I want a million dollars.”  What is the first thing the voice in your head says?  For most of us it says, “I want a million dollars too.”  Well that’s just great, now what?  If we spent our time talking about how we would get a million dollars instead of talking about how we want it, we would probably be talking about how to divide the money up.

Want is a word that we learn as small children.  Children learn to use the word because they see results when they use the word.  “I want milk”, and mom gets the milk for them.  “I want to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse” and daddy turns on the show for them, etc.  The word is necessary for small children because they cannot make these things happen for themselves; but if this continues into the teen years and beyond, then negative results present themselves.

Teens that still use the word “want” have become accustomed to it and now lack the ability to work for themselves and expect results to happen for them; they become reliant.  “I want some money to go out”, “I want to be the starter on the football team”, “I want to be rich and famous,” etc.

These are all things that a teenager can only work to achieve, but if they do not have the drive to achieve them, there is no action.  Because they don’t know what action to take.  Their habits then become “inaction” or “lazy” and their outcome not so good.  The result can also be that they figure a way to cheat the system and get what they want without working for it.  Both results are equally undesirable.

We all use the word “want” without realizing it, and even more without realizing how it effects the conversation.  I challenge you to take notice of the use of this word in your daily life and analyze the results of the use of the word.  Then try to replace the word with action.  For example, in stead of saying “I want to back squat 300lbs,” try this, “I will back squat 300lbs.”

Notice the difference?  Wanting doesn’t invoke any action, and somehow puts it off, possibly leaving it to someone else, whereas, the word “will” introduces the need for a plan to make it happen.  What are you going to do to back squat 300lbs?  I am going to: fuel my body, rest my body, mobilize, build up my core strength, make back squat days a priority, practice fundamentals, be focused, and so on.

Wanting is not enough, put yourself and others into action by starting with the words you choose.

2) – Trac

Thank you for another great week of hard work 101ers.

For you Paleo challengers, stay strong through the weekend and stay clean.  The weekend is usually where you can make the most positive impact on your nutrition.

Main Group Workout
30 Clean and Jerks, 135/95
1 mile Run
10 Rope Climbs
1 mile Run
100 Burpees

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, 42, of Winchester, Massachusetts, assigned to a State Department security detail in Benghazi, Libya, died in an attack on a U.S. consulate on September 11, 2012. He is survived by his parents, Ben and Barbara, sister Katie, and brother Greg.

092113 Glen

When you’re faced with a hard decision, often times I think you already know what you need to do.  If you have strong values, your decisions have already been decided for you.  Whether it’s a choice regarding your training, your nutrition, or a particular problem that arises, the right choice is usually the harder one.

I think the difficulty mainly resides in anticipating the discomfort you may experience with carrying through with your decisions.  It’s this anticipation, which is usually worse than the actual situation, that holds people back.

Getting started is usually the hardest part.  This is were you can work on setting and achieving small goals.  Whether you’re procrastinating on a project, being tempted with unhealthy food, or aren’t feeling very motivated in a workout, tell yourself you’ll just do it for 5 min (or less).  Once you get the ball rolling, I’m betting that you’ll be able to work through whatever challenges  you may face.

Back Squat – If you want to keep your training and results sustainable, less weight with better form trumps over heavier weight with poor technique.  “Scale as needed” means even when you don’t want to scale, you may need to in order to rebuild your technique to move forward.

– Trac

Main Group Workout
Back Squat – 1×5@65%, 3×5@75%

Work (General):
For time:
30 pull ups
50 thrusters, 45lbs
1000m row (Zanker Rd. run)

Work (Competition):
20 power snatches, 115/80lbs
20 hand stand push ups
800m run
20 hand stand push ups
20 power snatches, 115/80lbs

Pre-warm up/cool down:
2:00min max double unders
2:00min rest
2:00min max double unders

092013 Uncomfortable Inc.

A mental tool we convey in our training camps is to “Focus on what is in our sphere of control.”  This is opposed to worrying about things in which we have no influence over.

As a coach, my sphere of control with students usually starts and ends at the door.  I can only control what movements our students do and influence the degree to which our students perform them.  But, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t worry about what our students did outside of the gym for the rest of the 23 hours of the day.

From nutrition choices, recovery habits, to recreational and social activities, these all have a great influence on students’ results in the gym.

When I see a student under perform or negate their improvements because of what goes on outside of the gym, I’m disappointed and frustrated.  Not so much of the student, but because of my own lack of ability to influence that student.  I ask myself how I can approach the student differently, what other method may work better, and always, am I doing enough?

Sometimes I don’t have an answer.  When that happens, I usually fall back to just trying to be the best positive example I can be and take things one day at a time the student.  We’re human and we all have our weaknesses, unique challenges, and setbacks.  Whether it’s failing a rep on a lift, or failing to make it to a workout, I hope that students will always be able to learn from their failures and be better from them.

From our newest students to our most advanced ones, I see great potential in everyone.  Where I think the problem arises is when students don’t see that same potential in themselves.  I have faith in each and every one of you to be better physically, mentally, and spiritually everyday.

Welcome (or welcome back) to a brand new week of opportunities and accountability.  Show me what you’ll do with it 101ers!

-Coach Trac

Snatch – Our students have much greater success in taking the lifts from the hang or hi hang positions.  That means that we just need to do a better job of keeping the bar path close coming up from the floor and maintain tension through the body as we come through the hang and hi hang positions.  Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Squat snatches – If you do not have adequate shoulder range, strength, and stability to receive weight in a squat position, use a split stance to allow you to get underneath the bar in a more upright position.  See a video on the split snatch here.

Conditioning workouts –
Split up the burpee/swing reps as needed to maintain the highest pace possible.

Try your best to challenge yourself to hold on to the barbell for the biggest set(s) as possible.

Main Group Workout
15min to establish a 3-pos snatch (floor, hang, hi hang)

Work (Choose 1):

Paleo Challenge Workout 2:
100 kb swings, 53/35lbs (35/25, 25/15)
100 burpees (burpees/no press burpees)
(12:00min time cap.  Partition reps as desired.)

Paleo Challenge Workout 3:
10 hang power cleans, 135/95lbs (95/65, 65/45)
20m sprint
8 hang power cleans
40m sprint
6 hang power cleans
60m sprint
4 hang power cleans
80m sprint
2 hang power cleans
100m sprint
(5:00min cap) 

Pre-warm up/cool down:
1 mile run

091613 LL WOD 2 & 3

14 Sep 2013

Team DT

1) From Apprentice Sean:

CrossFit Founder, Greg Glassman says CrossFit is successful because it’s hard—that is the nature of intensity and why so many other programs lack intensity. “Successful people pursue hard things. Unsuccessful avoid them,” he says.
When Trac informed us (coaches/apprentices) that we would be challenged (given the opportunity) with providing the daily email topics to the community, I realized that my first reaction was similar to that of when I’d just been told that the next workout was “Fran”; Only difference, I’ve never addressed the entire CrossFit community before, so my reaction should have been as if I’d never done “Fran” before, right? Even still I got a little shaky and nervous, dry in the mouth and scatter brained.

When I realized I had some time to prepare, those symptoms subsided a bit and I was able to focus on the task. I thought, why not break it down into its parts and approach this like something I know well – a back squat: approach the bar, organize, pull the bar in tight, take a deep breath, send the hips back, keep the chest up, eyes forward, weight on the heals, and for goodness sake press those darn knees out!

Those are the basic steps needed for a successful back squat; each step is necessary for a successful lift. We all are fairly well versed in these steps now and are comfortable with implementing them; I don’t know about you but it sure does help me when I go for a heavy lift to think about the execution of the steps than to think about the heavy weight on the bar.

So when faced with a new possibly overwhelming challenge, what is your initial reaction, what does the voice in your head say, and more importantly, how do you react to it? We all know the typical sayings posted somewhere aimed at encouraging us to overcome: “embrace the challenge”, “concur your fears”, etc. I think those sum up a new challenge nicely; however, I think it’s a bit broad.

I say, when when faced with a new challenge and that voice pops into your head, listen to it first, understand that it’s possibly fear, and if it is, then find a way to simplify the fear. Break your task down into it’s parts, maybe even relate it to a task that you know you can accomplish. Focus FIRST on what the challenge will actually require, then reevaluate. Ask yourself, “can i do step one”, I find that the answer is almost always, “yes”.

In today’s workout or with any challenge you face: “Focus FIRST…then do step one”, now lets “Approach the bar” folks.

2) From Coach Trac:

Sean is one of the few students in our community that came to us as a “walk in”. He came to check out the gym one day during a noon session and told me that he worked nearby. I told him we had an orientation session the next day and to come back if he was interested in learning more about our program and to try out a a workout. The next day, he came back, I took him through the orientation workout, and while still breathing hard after the last squat, he asked how to sign up with that Woody Harrellson smile of his.

It wasn’t so much how Sean said it, but it was the energy in which he said it with. Sean has an enthusiasm for challenges that exudes from him. When I watch his son Cody play, Cody shows the same eagerness that almost borders along the edge of mischievousness.

Sean’s progressed very quickly in his CrossFit development and was introduced to the concept of embracing weaknesses very early on as hand stand push ups kept him from locking in the 2012 TracFit Games. Challenges, as Sean states above, are opportunities. And I’m glad that Sean took on the opportunity to pursue becoming a part of our 101 coaching team (and I’m glad Katie lets him have some fun!).

It’s the last weekend to sign up (step 1) for the Paleo Challenge 101ers, here’s your opportunity to smile in the face of your next challenge.

Main Group Workout
15min to establish 1RM hang snatch

“Team DT”
In teams of ~3
AMRAP in 15min of:
12 deadlifts, 155/105
9 hang power cleans, 155/105
6 push jerks, 155/105

*One team member must complete the entire round before the next team member may begin. Group up with like abilities. Choose a weight that you can complete one round unbroken.

Pre-warm up/cool down:
25 double unders
50 sit ups

1) Coach Trac:
Thank you to all who not only participated in the 9/11 Memorial workout, but also shared your experiences and your positive energy with the rest of the community.  Sharing in hard work is the simplest yet most effective way that I know of to honor a day and a memory.  Again, thank you all.

Today, you’ll get a message from Coach Edwin. Edwin isn’t the strongest, fastest, tallest, or most talented person that I know, but he undoubtedly is very dedicated.  I’ll take dedication over talent any day.  From working out, raising his family (he has like 10 daughters), and supporting our coaching team, I can always count on Edwin to give his best.

Edwin works a full time job as an EMT and hyperbaric technologist, heads to 101 right after work, leads our evening classes, and at the end of every long night, I can always count on him to ask me “Is there anything else I can help with?”  You can’t train that type of mentality, this is part of the gift that makes Edwin who he is.

It’s been a challenging journey for Edwin to earn a spot on our staff, but I thank him for having the faith to follow through and continue to push himself to live up to the high expectations we have of him.  We wouldn’t have been able to offer additional 7:30pm class times without his support.

For tips on how to get soft skin, how to shave, or how to get piercings where no one will ever see (well, almost no one), see Coach Edwin 😉

2) From Coach Edwin:

“We’ve all been challenged by a certain type of lift or gymnastic skill that seems impossible. I personally struggled with muscle ups for a long time. It was frustrating and discouraging especially when newer members would nail the move.  But in the midst of the challenge, I knew deep down that I would eventually get it. I had a confident hope, so no matter how many failed attempts I had, I kept drilling myself to get it.

It didn’t happen overnight, but rather in progressive successes—getting comfortable with getting my hips to the rings and the aggressive turnover, and so on. Eventually I got my first muscle up and then it was onto the next challenge of linking them up and becoming more efficient.

Sometimes we have to break our challenge down and work on one small thing at a time.  Whether it be a jumping pull up or a jump and shrug with an empty barbell, there are steps to working on a current weakness.

Today we’ll be working on a drill that will help one small thing, which is getting out of the bottom of a squat clean.  This drill is the one and a quarter front squat.

If you’ve ever been stuck at the bottom of a squat, practicing one and a quarter squats will help you get out of that hole.  Click here for a demo.

Keep your chest up.  Keeping your chest up will help you drive your elbows up higher and maintain a good position on the barbell.  Take a deep breath and hold it throughout the whole squat.  Use the flex energy from the barbell to rebound up from that squat.”

Main Group Workout
12min to establish a 1RM 1 1/4 front squat

Work (General):
3 rounds each for time:
10 wall ball shots, 20/14″
20 double unders
(2:00min cap, 2:00min rest)

Work (Competition):
3 rounds each for time:
20 wall ball shots, 20/14″
40 double unders
Max muscle ups
(2:00min cap, 2:00min rest)

Pre-warm up/cool down:
800m run
15 slow v-up sit ups

091213 Margins

Today marks our nation’s 12th anniversary of the most unforgettable deadliest attack on our country. On September 11, 2001, U.S airliners were hi-jacked by 19 terrorists who coordinated terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in the World Trade Center in New York City along with several other properties. This attack killed over 2,900 victims and injured over 6,000 victims. It was also one of the most fatal incidents for firefighters in the history of the United States.

I was in high school when this tragic event occurred and I remembered standing in the middle of the campus in a circle with hundreds of other students paying tribute with a moment of silence. We all held hands, some gave flowers and balloons, some cried while others stood in silence. I remembered turning on the T.V and the 9/11 event was all over the news. It deeply saddens me to know there is still so much hatred in this world and with one another but, let us not focus on the negative and instead focus on what we value most as a nation, as individuals and as a community driven by support and values for one another!

Today’s workout is a very special workout as it is considered a national tribute to all the men, women, and children killed in the terrorist attack on 9/11. During this event, many ordinary people rose to the occasion and sacrificed their lives while trying to save others. What I love about the crossfit community is that we are always willing to rise to the occasion and put ourselves in situations that may be considered uncomfortable or doing things we thought weren’t possible. So if at any moment, at any given time, during our workout today when you may feel mentally and/or physically defeated, just remember you are commemorating and honoring the 9/11 fallen victims, heroes, and their families. God bless America!

– Coach Wallee

Main Group Workout
9/11 Memorial Workout

1mile run/row

2 rounds for time:
9 muscle ups
11 thrusters, 165/115lbs
9 wall walks
11 cleans, 165/115lbs
9 man makers, 2×45/25lbs
11 wall ball shots, 20/14lbs
9 split jump lunges, 2ct
11 snatches, 165/115lbs
9 burpee box jumps, 30/24″
11 shoulder to overhead, 165/115lbs

343 double unders

1 mile for uniting under 1 nation. 2 rounds for 2 towers. 12 movements for remembering 12 years. 343 double unders for 343 firefighting lives that knowingly went into harms way.

Pre-warm up/cool down:
Quad smash, orange ball of death, or roll out for 2:00min per side

091113 Memorial

9-11-13 Memorial Workout

My thoughts a prayers go out to a boy named Sirous and his family.  Sirous is a friend of my godson’s and I was able to follow his story through a facebook support page that his family set up for him.

Sirous is 9 years old and was diagnosed with a rare form of brain tumor cancer last year.  The various treatments and medications have left him bed and wheel chair ridden for most of the year and one of the many side effects has been weight gain.

For the past two weeks, Sirous has not woken from his sleep.  I am no parent and I cannot begin to fathom what his family is going through.  But, I am incredibly moved by the courage, endurance, faith, and love both Sirous and his family continue to exude.

We as adults tend to take our health for granted.  We abuse our bodies, neglect its needs, and generally don’t make it a priority.  To watch this boy fight over the past year just to regain his health and look forward to a day where he doesn’t feel sick inspires me beyond words.

Sirous is currently under the care of the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital and this makes me grateful to even have had the opportunity of getting our community involved in supporting the hospital.

I invite you to send your thoughts and support to the family and use Sirous’ courage to fuel your fights against your own personal challenges.

Thank you Sirous, way to be strong.

Main Group Workout
5 x 1 power snatch + hang squat snatch + squat snatch + overhead squat

Then, choose one of the conditioning workouts below:

General Conditioning:
3 rounds for time of:
400m run (500m row)
12 burpees
21 box jumps, 24/20″

Competition Conditioning:
10-1 ladder of jerks, 205/145lbs
1-10 ladder of pull ups
(10 jerks + 1 pull up, 9 jerks + 2 pull ups, 8 jerks + 3 pull ups, …)

Pre-warm up/cool down:
30 sit ups
20 leg lifts
10 flutter kicks

090613 Friday FitFest

“Everything has its season.” As we start to transition from summer to fall, I’m reminded about how life progresses in stages, very much like how training does. I have a few close friends in my life and most of them came from a time where I was training in the martial arts.

Over the course of a few years, I grew up with this circle of friends, suffered through 8 hour training days together, and spilled blood together amongst many other challenges. Those few years of experiences, and more importantly, shared hardships, have held together a group of friends that are now 17 years into life’s journey together.

I mention this because our training community at 101 reminds me much of how my friends and I developed back during those martial arts training years. The bonds, friendships, and shared suffering that you’re experiencing together in the gym is a special time, a special season.

It’s rare for people after college to be able to come together in this tight knit kind of an environment. You may not be training with the same people forever, but I believe one day you’ll look back at these times and have fond memories. And hopefully, you’ll be reminiscing over these memories with the friends that you’ve built in the gym.

Train on 101ers.

One of our students, Kari, hooked me up with a new periodical called “Paleo Magazine” (check out the website here).  After reading through some of the articles, I really like that it promotes the sustainability of the Paleo and clean eating lifestyle versus falling into the fad trend of trying to make Paleo just a different version of processed foods.

Check it out for recipes, discussions, and experiences about the Paleo eating movement.  It’s a great way to prime up for the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge that starts up this Sept 16th.  Go here for more details and how to register for the challenge.

Main Group Workout
Choose one focus in which you need to build up the most consistency on.

Weightlifting Focus:
EMOM for 12min, snatch @ 75%
EMOM for 12min, clean and jerk @ 75%

Metcon (metabolic conditioning) Focus:
1 mile run
2k row (sub 200 swings, 53/35lbs)
1 mile run

Pre-warm up/cool down:
50 v-up sit ups

082213 Jump Row Go

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