Apr 8th, 2014
Author: TracFIT


1) We have a lot of great opportunities for you to put your fitness to function this Spring and Summer. Mark your calendars for our upcoming events below!
2) This Friday, we’ll be offering our first designated Open Gym time slot at 7:30pm. The session will be supervised by Coach Sean. Use this time slot as an opportunity to get guided assistance on improving your weaknesses.
Prerequisites are that you must be enrolled with at least a 3x/week membership and your practice must be approved by Coach Sean. The session will be capped at 12 students.
3) It’s a brand new week. Re-establish your good habits and get after your goals. Use Pocket Coach to record your performance and use the notes section to enter in your food logs. If you don’t put in the work for yourself, who will?!
And above all else, have fun. You got to enjoy the journey of improving yourself. It’s tough, it’s uncomfortable, it’s downright stressful, but as long as it’s a good stress where you know it’s making you a better, fitter, and healthier person, you know you’re on the right path.
– Trac
Main Group Workout
Skill (gymnastics):
Press to handstand practice
scales- press to headstands, tripod holds
Skill (weightlifting):
1RM squat clean + front squat + jerk
Work (general):
4 rounds
400m run
max unbroken hand stand push ups
(rest as needed between rounds)
Work (comp):
5 rounds for time of:
10 toes to bar
12 thrusters, 2×45/25lbs
12 lunge steps, 2×45/25lbs
200m run
200m run
5:00min shoulder smash
5:00min quad smash

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