Apr 3rd, 2014
Author: TracFIT


Hook Grip! Regardless of how light the bar is, always use the hook grip (yes, even during warm up). Hook gripping, allows us to lift more weight from the ground and helps us maintain the grip during the accelerated part of the second pull. If you don’t hook grip, the barbell rolls towards the finger tips which weakens your hold on the bar.
Jim Schmitz, U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Team coach, knows that while the hook grip is uncomfortable, it is effective. He says in an article from the Iron Mind (,
“A little test I use to convince people of the value and benefit of the hook grip is hanging from a chin-up bar. I have them hang from the chin-up bar with a thumbless grip (with the thumb on the same side of the bar as the fingers); then I have them hang using the thumb around the bar and on top of the fingers. Finally, I have them use the hook grip and hang. Everyone is surprised how long they can hang with the hook grip—they usually give up because their thumbs are hurting, not because their grip is giving out. Try this little test yourself; it will surprise and impress you.”
As you see, if you want to progress in your weightlifting skills you’ll have to master the hook grip. As Jim Schmitz puts it, learn to, “… be a hooker.”
– Coach Edwin

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families affected by today’s rampage shooting at Fort Hood. It hasn’t been long ago that we paid tribute to the Lumberjack 20 who were victims in the last shooting at Fort Hood.
Again, I believe that the mind is primary. If we can’t control ourselves, we can’t expect to have a positive effect on the world around us. The shooter decided to opt out and take the easier route by carrying out the rampage and taking his own life at the end.
Each of us has the capability and responsibility to help foster a balanced community. The home, the family, is the foundation of our society. With rampage shootings occurring more frequently, I don’t think it’s out of reason to see that the lack of strong family values and morals is leaving people in our society without the means to connect and cope.
What is your ethos? What code of conduct do you live by? If you don’t have one, now is the time to start thinking about one because it’s an incredible tool to help you navigate life’s most difficult challenges.
– Trac
Main Group Workout
7×1 hang snatch
Work (Choose to complete as many components of the tests as you have time and energy for. If you wish to participate in Open gym sessions, you must have a fitness rating):
Tier 1 Fitness Rating #1
-400m Ball Run, 20/14lbs
-Pull-Ups (max unbroken)
-Push-Ups (max unbroken)
-Tabata Squats (lowest score)
Note: You must complete ALL four of these tests to obtain a Tier 1 fitness rating. All four tests will be weighted evenly.
Tier 2 Fitness Rating #2
-1 mile run
-1RM Deadlift
-1RM Push-Press
-75 Wall Balls (20lbs/14lbs)
Note: You must complete ALL four of these second set of tests to obtain a Tier 2 fitness rating. All eight tests will be weighted evenly for the tier 2 rating. All tests must be completed as required (as RX’d) to obtain a fitness rating.
Max unbroken double unders
5 strict pull ups
5 inch worm walk push ups
5 cobra to childs pose transitions
5 wall facing squats

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