Apr 9th, 2014
Author: TracFIT


I will keep this short and simple today. I came across this article and thought it was pretty interesting and somewhat funny. For those of you who have the tendency to workout shirtless, is this what you really feel like during a wod?
-Coach Wallee

1) The article layout is a little messed up, probably because the writer was too busy checking himself out :) I’ll chime in a little on this one. You’ll rarely see me take off my shirt in a workout and here are a few reasons why:
a) I sweat a whole lot in workouts and I’d rather have that sweat contained in one of my t-shirts rather than sprayed all over the gym floor that we all share.
b) I save the shirtless occasions for when I really need it. Like how grunting, out loud positive self talk, or yelling in a workout can give me a new level of energy in a workout, taking off my shirt mentally and physically takes me to a different beast mode level. If I were to do it all the time, that edge would get dull and diluted. That’s why we train to be perform in a neutral state.
c) And lastly…my muscles are shy.
2) Sign up and help us fundraise for the 2014 Lucille Packard Childrens Hospital Summer Scamper 5/10k run! This incredible 101 community raised over $11,000 last year! It was a really fun and well organized event and I look forward to how this community will perform this year. I’ll also be looking forward to the after after party.
Here are some pictures from last year’s run.
– Trac
Main Group Workout
Skill (gymnastics):
1-6 Ladder
Strict pull ups
Elevated ring rows
Then accumulate 3:00min of a pull up hold
Skill (weightlifting):
15min to work up to 1RM snatch
Work (gen):
3 rounds each for time:
400m run (500m row)
50 double unders
25 v-up sit ups
Work (comp):
10 rounds for time:
10 toes to bar
10 ground to overhead, 95/65lbs
200m run
5:00min hip crease smash, roller
5:00min lat smash, roller

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