Apr 9th, 2014
Author: TracFIT


Good job everyone on your skill portion of your workout today. It was nice to see athletes trying a new fun/uncomfortable/challenging skill such as the press to a handstand, and seeing athletes working on a barbell complex, which tests your knowledge of all the movements and knowing how to move efficiently so that you could make the weight count. Congrats to those who PRed and to those who thought they couldn’t lift it, but did!
Then came the work portion. Let’s talk about positions of defeat because I always see this day in and day out, and I saw it today. Positions of defeat are bent over with your hands on your knees, shaking your head, head down, negative words coming out of your mouth, etc. All these acts are just letting your mind know that you are tired, that you can’t go on. But the truth is, it’s not our bodies that physically can’t go on, it’s our mind.
That is why you will always hear the coaches say, “stand up,” “hands off your knees,” “get on the bar,” “pick it up,” “another rep,” or even “head up.” If you see someone next to you in a position of defeat during your workout next time, help each other out and encourage each other. It helps if someone notices what we were doing but are not aware of.
In all, always commit to your workout, have an open mind, have positive thoughts, don’t let your mind talk you out of things, and push on. Trust me, you will feel much better during and after a workout. Try it!
– Coach Annie
Main Group Workout
Back Squat: 1×8@70%, 1×6@75%, 1×4@80%
Front Squat: 3×5@70%
In teams of ~3
AMRAP in 12min:
P1: 250m row (pacer)
P2: Thrusters, 45lbs
P3: Pull ups
*Keep a rolling count of the thrusters and pull ups. Team scores = thruster reps + pull up reps.
200m run
5:00min banded shoulder
5:00min quad smash

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