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It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of our last On Ramp class or are one of our more advanced and experienced athletes, we strive to give you the attention and coaching you need to be as successful as possible.  March marks my 3 year journey into CrossFit and there’s just nothing that I can say or write that can put what a great experience it has been taking on this journey of not only CrossFitting but building up our CrossFit 101 community.  I’ve dreamt for a long time about being able to just sit back one day and watch our students rock out great performances and support each other to the fullest.  And, after watching the incredible atmosphere tonight in the gym, I’ve realized that that dream has come true.

So thank you to all of you.  I know who may have just wanted to join CrossFit to lose weight, tone up, or get healthier, but you have all really made every struggle worth it and we are proud of all of you, yes, even those who we need more work on.  Thank you to our coaches who do their best to foster our philosophies and give up a piece of themselves in the pursuit of bettering our students.  We strive for perfection on a daily basis, and as long as we’re progressing safely, effectively, and efficiently, that’s a win in my book.

Everyday is a new opportunity, just make sure you make the most of it.  Keep it up 101ers.

Main Group Workout
CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.3 (watch and read the instructions here)

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
15 Box jumps, 24/20″ box (scale – step ups)
115/75 (scale – 95/55) pound Push press, 12 reps
9 Toes-to-bar

Pre-warm up: stretch and mobilize shoulders, forearms, wrists, calves, hip flexors.

Box jumps:

1. Rebound jumps off of the ground and take time to rest and load up (store potential energy) on top of the box.  If you don’t have your rebound down yet, try a lower box and work on it before the workout.  If your box jumps start getting short, tuck your knees up and squat out from on top of the box.
2. Use your arms to generate upward momentum.
3. Land on the balls of your feet, let your heel kiss the ground, and think firing off the next jump a split second before your feet reach the ground.
Push Presses:
1. Use your hips!  Dip and drive that weight up using your hips and legs early on to save your shoulders for the later rounds.
2. Once the weight is locked out, receive the weight on your shoulders and flow it right into your next dip and drive.
3. Once you fatigue, go from a push press, to push jerk, to split jerk.
Toes to bar:
1. Instead of arching your feet/legs in a wide curve, shorten up the path your feet take by bending your knees and taking your feet on a straighter path towards the bar.  Same goes for when extending your legs back down.
2. Use a hook grip and/or alternate grip on the pull up bar.

Break your sets efficiently.  For example, if you cannot do the push presses in 12 consecutive reps, break it up into 6+6, or 4+4+4, or 3+3+3+3, etc to minimize the number of times you’ll need to take the weight from the ground.  Doesn’t make sense to go 6+1+1+1 etc…

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.  It’s an 18min AMRAP, the name of the game will be to be as efficient as possible in maintaining a high pace.  I’m estimating to “Trigger the Beast” around the last 4-5 minutes. 

Focus on what’s in front of you and take things one round, one movement, one rep at a time to keep mentally fresh.  When you need to rest, stand tall, breath, take a moment to refresh and refocus yourself, then get back to it.  You are more capable than what you give yourself credit for.  You can handle more discomfort than what you think.  Visualize yourself doing the best you can.  Then, embrace the suck and go for it.

Save your grunts/screams/yells for when you really need it.  Focused battle cries are acceptable, crying out is not.

Above all else, have some freaking fun!