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(1) AMRAP in 2:00min
30 Double unders (x1 singles)
15 deadlifts, 135lbs

(2) AMRAP in 2:00min
30 Double unders (x1 singles)
12 front squat, 135lbs

(3) AMRAP in 2:00min
30 Double unders (x1 singles)
9 push jerk, 135lbs

(4) AMRAP in 2:00min
30 Double unders (x1 singles)
6 overhead squat, 135lbs

Athletes will complete all 4 AMRAPs.  Rest 4:00min (or 2 heats) between rounds.

020812 MG42


“AMRAP Attack”

Part 1
3-3-3 Hang Squat Clean

Part 2
AMRAP in 5min of:
6 SOTS Press, pvc pipe
12 squat jumps
200m run

Part 3
AMRAP in 5min of:
40 double unders
10 med ball cleans, 20/14lbs

Part 4
AMRAP in 5 min of:
6 goblet squats, 50/35lbs
9 sumo deadlift hi pulls

102711 AMRAP Attack

In this 10 minute mixed AMRAP workout format, no matter what level the athlete is at, they still have to push themselves to the limit on both the ascending and descending parts of the workout. If the athlete finishes the descending portion in less than 10 minutes, than that means they either finished a 1/2 round in the first part of the workout, or they may have had more juice for the first round than they thought.

If they finished right around 10 minutes, that means we have a pretty good push on both ends of the workout. If they finished after 10 minutes, that means that fatigue has set in and they’ve found that their stamina is one of the areas of fitness that needs improvement.

Buy in:
Max rep hand stand push ups
Max rep push ups

In ten minutes, complete as many rounds as possible in an ascending rep scheme of:
Sit ups
Push ups
Do, 1 sit up, 1 push up, then 2 sit ups, 2 push ups, then 3 sit ups, 3 push ups and so on.

Rest 3 minutes

Then, for time, start with your last completed round and perform the movements in a descending rep scheme
Example: 20 sit ups, 20 push ups, 19 sit ups, 19 push ups, 18 sit ups, 18 push ups, until completion of 1 sit up, 1 push up.

Post your results the comments section.

“Joshie Lite”
AMRAP in 15min of:
15 jumps
15 sit ups
15 back extensions

Mann = 3 rounds + 10 jumps

Always seems easier in writing doesn’t?