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To all our CrossFitting Christians and non-Christians alike, today marks a special day in the Christian community.  It’s a day that signifies sacrifice.  If you think in terms of CrossFit, that’s all we do.  We sacrifice our time, our energy, our finances, our desire to eat or drink not-so-good things for us, and we sacrifice comfort in general for the sake of achieving something that’s greater than what we currently are.

In team workouts, it’s a normal thing to see our students push harder because they are giving up a little more of themselves to the team.  What works well for me and what I hope will work well for you as well is to go through your training with the same mindset that you’re not just training for yourself.  I love CrossFit and I love the whole idea of training, but on the days when I don’t or on the days where I feel less than optimal, I give myself up to the idea that I need to do my best for this community.  I think of the need to be a role model to my staff.  Whether I come in first or last, I need to show that I’m willing to work and live our philosophies of trying our best.  I tell myself I need to train to be a healthier and more balanced person for my family’s sake.  And ultimately I offer myself up to what I believe in because that’s all I can do.

I challenge you to go through the next few weeks of training with a focus on sacrifice.  There’s always something more you can do.  There’s always something you can work on.  And, there’s always a new opportunity to be a better you.  I thank God for this community and for our great coaches and I go through everyday trying to ensure that no one is as willing to work as hard as this CrossFit 101 community.  I challenge you to help us keep that true.

Main Group Workout
Double Unders
Sit Ups
(Restart set or +5 burpees for every break in set)

Cashout: 1 mile run or 5×5 overhead squats

022312 Anniemal