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We have 13 signed up so far for the TracFit Games.  Some of you are hesitant and wondering if you’ll be able to compete or will be able just to do the workouts and we’re telling you can.  No, you won’t know what the rest of the workouts are, but that’s life.  We’re here to train for the unknown and unknowable.  And as is said “Blessed are those who have not seet and yet have believed.  You can do it.

Main Group Workout

2 hang clean pulls + 1 hang clean + 1 push jerk

“Grace” (Compare to 9/8/11)
30 clean and jerks, 135lbs

300s FLR

062012 Grace

Advance Strength

Check in with a coach before starting, set up rack and bench outside.

Bench Press + banded KB 1 pood each side (must have spotter)
Accessory Movements:
Close Grip DB press 2×8
DB Roll back press 2×10
DB Tate press 2×10
25 weighted dips for time (20lb vest)
50 regular dips for time
100 GHD for time


Two years ago, I had no idea if we would still be training out of a park or not. I didn’t know if CrossFit would bust, or if some major corporation would wipe out all the small Affiliates.

I still don’t know those things today, but what I do know is that we’ll continue doing this for as long as we can, as best as we can.

I remember telling our small group of students back then that if our move into a facility didn’t work out, I’d see them all back at the park and we’ll continue training for fun after I got off of working at McDonalds or where ever.

Our classes are reaching capacity, our On Ramp continues to grow, and our students continue to progress and hit new records. Watching yesterday’s On Ramp orientation and seeing how supportive our students are and how fundamentally sound our Coaches are is crazy, pure crazy. It’s watching excellence become an attitude, a way of life.

As we continue to move forward, we’ll continue to keep our mission on focus, which is to help people change their lives for the better. And, along with every business decision we make, we ask ourselves if it will allow us to sustainably meet that mission.

With that, we’ll be adding an additional group class on Tuesdays at 8:30pm to open up the evening classes. A Thursday 8:30pm class will also be added for competitors (tryouts to come).

Thank you for being a 101er, keep training that positive mindset, and enjoy every burning rep in the gym.

Group A:
1RM snatch balance

5 rounds
400m run
15 overhead squats, 95lbs

Cash out:
2:00min Hip Flexor Stretch, each leg

Group B:
1RM snatch

AMRAP in 20min
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

Cash out:
50 Russian twists, no weight

Advance Strength

Check in with a coach before starting.

Floor Press 1 RM (regular bar regular bar wide grip)
Accessory work:
Low rack floor press (2×8) for speed at single reps, explosive movement
Kettle Bell Skull Crushers (3×12)
Band pull downs (100 reps for time)
GHD sit ups (100 reps for time)

060612 Nancy & Cindy

“Rest and recovery are just as important as the training if not more.”

First, the biggest component is sleep. Ideally, you need 8-9 hours of sleep to allow your body to do its repairs and adapt to the stimulus from the workouts.

Then, it’s nutrition. Without the right building blocks, your protein, carbs, and fat, your body won’t have the material it needs to build you into a fitter you.

Next, it’s ice baths. Freeze a block of ice and toss it into your tub and spend time there to flush the lactic acid build up in your body.

After that, it’s body management. Myofacsia release in other terms means using the foam/plastic rollers and lacross balls to unglue your muscle fibers.

Lastly, it’s checking your ego. If you are genetically gifted and can recover without any problems, more power to you. But if you’re not, don’t be afraid to take an extra rest day to give your body adequate time to recover. Just don’t allow yourself to use that as an excuse when you’re just not feeling it.

Work hard and be smart about your training. Put yourself in the best position to succeed!

Want to really excel?  Practice at home.  If you’re getting quality recovery and rest, then put in some extra work at home.  Simple things that we always tell the On Rampers to do is get a pull up bar that they can hang up in their doorway.  When I first started doing CrossFit, I was determined to get better at pull ups because CrossFit in general is really pull up-centric, and I being a typical gym user, never did pull ups.  But, I could use the lat-pull down machine all day!  So, I hung one up in my hallway and every time I walked past it,I told myself to do a couple of pull ups.


For push ups, I still try to do as many as I can in one set before I shower.  It doesn’t have to be before you shower, but you just want to tie it into something that you do everyday.  And I pray you all do shower everyday.  Skills need to be honed, and everything we do in CrossFit pushes us to master our skills.  If you don’t use it, you lose it.  It takes 10,000 hours to truly master something, so start putting in your few extra minutes a day.        

Main Group Workout
L4: 25 consecutive single leg squats (each)
L3: 10 consecutive single leg squats (each)

Double Unders
Sit ups

5 rounds each for max rep thrusters (100/70lbs)

041112 Annie


Main Group Workout
The class will be divided into two groups, one group will perform workout A, while the other does workout B.  If you’re attending Friday’s classes, you will switch workouts.

Group A:
“Elizabeth” (Compare to 9/7/11)
Clean, 135lbs
Ring dips

Cashout: 5×5 Push Jerk

Group B:
“Mary” (Compare to 7/28/11)
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20min of:
5 hand stand push ups
10 alternating single leg squats
15 pull ups

Cash out: 50 box jumps

022812 Elizabeth & Mary

To all our CrossFitting Christians and non-Christians alike, today marks a special day in the Christian community.  It’s a day that signifies sacrifice.  If you think in terms of CrossFit, that’s all we do.  We sacrifice our time, our energy, our finances, our desire to eat or drink not-so-good things for us, and we sacrifice comfort in general for the sake of achieving something that’s greater than what we currently are.

In team workouts, it’s a normal thing to see our students push harder because they are giving up a little more of themselves to the team.  What works well for me and what I hope will work well for you as well is to go through your training with the same mindset that you’re not just training for yourself.  I love CrossFit and I love the whole idea of training, but on the days when I don’t or on the days where I feel less than optimal, I give myself up to the idea that I need to do my best for this community.  I think of the need to be a role model to my staff.  Whether I come in first or last, I need to show that I’m willing to work and live our philosophies of trying our best.  I tell myself I need to train to be a healthier and more balanced person for my family’s sake.  And ultimately I offer myself up to what I believe in because that’s all I can do.

I challenge you to go through the next few weeks of training with a focus on sacrifice.  There’s always something more you can do.  There’s always something you can work on.  And, there’s always a new opportunity to be a better you.  I thank God for this community and for our great coaches and I go through everyday trying to ensure that no one is as willing to work as hard as this CrossFit 101 community.  I challenge you to help us keep that true.

Main Group Workout
Double Unders
Sit Ups
(Restart set or +5 burpees for every break in set)

Cashout: 1 mile run or 5×5 overhead squats

022312 Anniemal


You hear me say this and see me write this all of the time…”We are truly blessed.”  And it’s because we are and because we have such a great community.  Please check out one of our own, Irene Kolivas’s story which is the feature article on the CrossFit Journal website or you can YouTube it here.  Thank you so much for sharing your story Irene, YOU are changing lives for the better.  CrossFit Headquarters has been really supportive of us and you’ll be seeing more of our students’ inspirational stories featured soon!

You don’t get fitter faster by holding back. And you don’t improve by avoiding work. You will come to understand that one way or the other.

Deadlifts, 225
Hand stand push ups

021012 Diane

Visualize the movements ahead of time as a way to mentally prepare for the workouts.  A quick search on youtube will give you a pretty good idea of what the movements are if you forget or have not been exposed to them yet.


Our job as coaches is to lead you through the workouts and get you the best performance and results as possible.  Your job as a student and athlete is to be prepared, focus during the workout intro, and always try your best.  

“Filthy 50” (Compare to 5/10/11)
For time:
50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups (1 foot above reach)
50 swings, 1 pood
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Superman holds
50 Wall ball shots
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

011012 Filthy 50

We want you all to decide right now whether you’re going to commit to being a better you tomorrow. If you believe that even on your weakest days, you are getting stronger, than you have a fighting chance of fulfilling that commitment. Get some.


We strive for elite fitness, but we’re not about elitism. With that said though, you must be proud of yourselves that everyday you show up to a workout, you’re challenging yourself to be better than you were the day before. You put in work with the goal that your hard work will pay off. Every rep you achieve, and even every rep you fail, is one more than what your friends are doing sitting on their couches. Every clean meal you put into your body is one more than your friends who are heading into diabetic territory. There are not many things that are guaranteed in life, but when it comes to training, if you have the right nutrition and are putting in the right level of intensity during the workouts, there is no other choice but for your body to adapt. Use that understanding to positively empower yourself to not only reach your goals, but exceed them.

Workout A
1. Muscle Up Proficiency (check this out for inspiration)
Goals from advanced to novice:
1 Backward roll to support (see here)
5 strict muscle ups
7 kipping muscle ups
10 jumping muscle ups
15 elevated seated muscle ups

5 rounds for time of:
7 muscle ups
21 burpees (1 foot vert jump)

Firefighter Ryan Hummert
Maplewood, MO Firefighter, Ryan Hummert, 22, was killed by sniper fire July 21st 2008 when he stepped off his fire truck responding to a call.

He is survived by his parents Andrew and Jackie Hummert.

Workout B
1. Overhead Squat Ladder
5 @ 95lbs
5 @ 115lbs
5 @ 135lbs
5 @ 155lbs
5 @ 175lbs

“Nancy” (Compare to 8/1/11 or 8/5/11)
5 rounds for time of:
400m run
15 overhead squats, 95lbs

102611 Ryan & Nancy

For those of you who have never heard of the Fight Gone Bad fundraising program, it’s an annual event that Sportsgrants puts on to raise funds for various support to veterans and their families.  This year, the 6th year of the fundraiser, the cause will be to fund the Special Operations Warrior Fund (SOWF) which will fund college tuition to the children of Special Operations personnel (Delta Force, Rangers, Navy SEALs, Naval Special Warfare, Air Force Combat Controllers/Pararescue, Marines Special Operations Regiment) who have died in combat or training like those 31 who recently died when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan.

I’m not big into politics, but I am big on respecting professional warriors who knowingly go into harm’s way to fight for good.  I believe out of any branch of military, Special Operations are made up of the best of what our country has to offer.  We didn’t participate in the fundraiser last year because we didn’t have the right equipment to the the Fight Gone Bad workout as prescribed, and we still don’t this year, but I don’t want that to be an excuse to deter us from supporting a great cause.  We’ll make do, like we’ve always have, with what we have to run Fight Gone Bad workout and I hope all of you join me in fundraising and doing your best in the workout for this cause.  We’ll schedule a date for the workout soon (we will be closed on 9/17), but you can go here for more details about the event:

And here to make donations, are goal is at least $1000 and we have 11 days to achieve it:


Main Group Workout
Students will complete both workouts

For time:
150 wall ball shots, 20/14lbs (Goal = 6 minutes or less)

“Each rep begins with a rock bottom squat, with feet flat on the floor
Keep the elbows down and in
Keep the ball low to the chest
Don’t let the ball obstruct view of target
Launch with little finger roll and push
Make ascending and descending movements the same
Minimize breathing and ball contact noise
Breath deeply and attempt to synchronize breathing to shot rate”

Cleans (power for this time)
Ring Dips

090711 Karen & Elizabeth

How did your weekend nutrition turn out? Were you on point with your food choices and portions? Did you stay within the guidelines of meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar? Or were you so far out of the guidelines that you just kind of gave up on it? Whatever your goals are for body composition and/or performance, we would like to know how fast you want to achieve these goals and whether you even have a set goal in mind.


Like looking up directions online, you should know where you are currently at and know where you want to be. From there, we can plan a route that’s best for you to reach your goals within realistic timing. After the plan has been set, we will all have to understand that the choices you make on a day to day (more like meal to meal) basis either keeps you on the route or takes you on a different course.

We’ve seen some remarkable body composition changes and performance increases from our CrossFit 101 athletes and the same theme has been true about all of them, and that is that they all were on board with our nutrition programs. What’s keeping you from being in the best shape of your life? You are all not getting any younger and it only gets harder as time goes by and your metabolism slows. Live in the moment, plan for tomorrow.

Workout A
5 rounds for time of:
400m run
15 overhead squats, 95lbs

Workout B
For time:
800m run
21 burpee box jumps
21 toes to bar
800m run
15 burpee box jumps
15 toes to bar
800m run
9 burpee box jumps
9 toes to bar

080111 Nancy & Alpha

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