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Main Group Workout
Strength: 1RM Behind the neck Split Jerk
L4: 205-225-245
L3: 135-155-185
L2: 45-65-95
L1: 22-32-42

Max height box jump

AMRAP in 3minutes:
Weighted burpee box jumps, 2×25/15lbs, 24/20″

5×10 Russian Twist med ball partner toss

032712 1RM BN Split Jerk & Weighted BJB

Teams are fun. Burpees are great. Squat cleans are great fun. Put them all together and you’re guaranteed a good time.


Team AMRAP in 30 min of:
“Burpee Squat Cleans”
Team member must complete the “buy in” every time before earning reps for the burpee squat cleans.

Buy in:
5 Mountain Climbers
5 Pushups
5 Deadlifts

Burpee Squat Cleans for reps (rolling count for team), 155lbs

101311 Team Burpee Squat Cleans

Workouts like “Barbara” that reach out into the 5 round range are rough. What makes them even more challenging are the rest intervals. If we were to do yesterday’s workout in 5 continuous rounds, it would have been a completely different stimulus as the pace of the workout would go just from that, a pace, to what you felt yesterday which was an all out effort.

The set rest intervals allows you to recover just enough to go at it at close to 100% again. Would a continuous 5 round workout be beneficial, of course, but we need to spend time in both ranges. Sometimes you hit that 4th round in life, and you think you can’t do it, but you know you can, you just have to suck it up. Good job athletes.

5 rounds each for time of:
5 cleans
100m sprint
10 burpee pull ups

101310 Results

Go to our facebook page at to see the full workout.


Congratulations to Dave and Nishea who have successfully completed the Beginner’s On Ramp Program, you can follow their progress on the White Board from now on. They will also now join us in our main group WODs. The next On Ramp Class is scheduled to start up on April 5th. Please post to the comments section if you would like further details regarding enrollment.

“Alpha” (Compare to 1/12/10)
Run 800m
21 Burpee Box Jumps, 24″ Box
Run 800m
15 Burpee Box Jumps, 24″ Box
Run 800m
9 Burpee Box Jumps, 24″ Box

Bao = 26:00, 36″ box
Huy = 27:43, 12/24″ box
Tri = 24:43
Jackie = 15:45 (scaled to 400m, regular burpees)

On Ramp Completion WOD:
Shea = 6:39 (March 6th – 9:06, similiar WOD)
Dave = 8:50 (March 7th – 14:47)

Sarah’s Kids Workout:
3 rounds of
10 Squats
10 Push ups
3 “S” Jump Circuits

Sarah = 5:03

Everyone performed well in the workout, no doubt about that. But, what I see as a true sign of success is the camaraderie that continues even after the workout is completed. Everyone just hanging out after they’ve been tortured. This is something truly special…this is the Espirit de Corps I’ve been stalking…and this is what will define the culture of our gym.

IWT – Interval Weight Training (modeled after Gym Jones)
7x Overhead Walking Lunges, 45-95lbs
1:00min Burpee Broad Jumps
1:00min Rest
3 rounds (rest 5:00min before moving to part 2)

5x Clean Hi-pulls, 115lbs
1:00min Row
1:00min Rest
3 rounds (rest 5:00min before moving to part 3)

300s FLRs

On Ramp WOD:
4x 400m run

Dave = 1:55, 1:49, 1:45, 1:40
Shea = 2:35. 2:05, 3:45, 2:25

Fun day. The theme was to go with the flow and make the most of what we have.

Trac247 Workout
Buy in:

3-3-3 Max Effort Deadlifts
15-12-9/12-9-6 High Rep Deadlifts

Huy: Max Effort = 185, 225lbs (3RM PR), High Rep = 135lbs
Trac: Max Effort = 225, 245lbs (3RM PR), High Rep = 135lbs
Bao: Max Effort = 185, 225lbs (3RM PR), High Rep = 135lbs

As many rounds in 10 min of:
250m row
25 sit ups
25 back extensions

Huy = 2 rounds + 10 back extra back extensions
Trac = 3 rounds

Cash out:
On every minute for 15min, attempt one press to handstand
Practice L-sits

For time:
55 Man-Makers, 2x20lbs

Bao = 8:16, 30, 20lbs

“Bill Crosby” (see here)
MyChau: 3RM Back Squat = 225lbs, WOD = 4 rounds (scaled 135lbs, 15 burpees, 15min)

Most days are “good” days, but yesterday was a “great” day. The guys were killing it on the Snatch & Situp WOD. They took themselves to their limits, and that’s where we need to be. Everyone is checking their nutrition now, and this is where I hope they realize they need to eat right just to make it through the workouts.

I had a different WOD planned for myself, but when I saw “GI Jane” aka 100 burpee pullups posted on the main site, it looked too fun to pass up. After checking the posts on, my time is the 14th fastest out of 480 as of now, and that makes me feel a tiny bit better for sectionals.

Snatch & Situps (See the WOD here)
MC = 10:46, 65lb
Bao = 12:57, 65lb
Tri = 13:58, 60lb
Chu Long = 14:49, 45lb
Huy = 15:11, 65lb
Mann = 10:46, 65lbs, 3 rounds

“GI Jane”
100 burpee pull ups

Trac = 11:56