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It’s just another great day.  One thing I feel safe saying about CrossFit is that it never gets old and it never ceases to be humbling.  Start your weekend off right with the mindset that you need it to prepare yourself to push even harder next week.  Get some 101ers!

Complete as many rounds as possible in 5min:
20 Burpees
20 Abmat sit ups
20 Back Squats, 225lbs (scale 185/135/95/65)

Open skills challenges:
10 linked up muscle ups
200 unbroken double unders
L-sit: 1:30

031612 Burpee Back Squat


Thank you to all our CrossFit Games Open competitors AND supporters for giving your all in the first week’s workout. All the burpees we’ve been doing as a community have helped our team place in the top 20 (out of 103 teams) for our region. Even if it’s just the first week, we are very proud of all our 101ers’ hard work.

Whether you did well or not, take your results as just that, a result. From that result, reflect back upon what you could have improved and keep note of that for the next workout. Second guessing doesn’t do anything positive for you. If you absolutely tried your best, you have nothing to regret. Keep your focus on what is in your control.

Whether we’re in the top 1 percentile or in the 99th percentile, we will always give it 101% effort. #thereisnoquit

Lastly, thank you to everyone who made the potluck luncheon a great time!

AMRAP in 7min

Please welcome On Ramp Class 23 graduate, Lilia, to the regular group classes.  Way to start off with a SEALFIT workout Lilia!

Thank you for honoring our fallen servicemen in yesterday’s workout.

Workout 1
5 minute run, increase pace as every minute passes with last minute being at max effort.

Workout 2
“Team Jello”
In teams complete as many rounds as possible of in 30min of:
15 burpees
5 back squats, 185lbs

080911 Team Jello


A good sight

21 double unders (x5 singles)
3 burpees
18 double unders
6 burpees
15 double unders
9 burpees
12 double unders
12 burpees
9 double unders
15 burpees
6 double unders
18 burpees
3 double unders
21 burpees

+3 wall ball shots for ever broken double under set
Single unders = 15 wall ball shots every jump rope round
30 minute cap on workout, scale to 20min as needed

People respond to incentives and positivity much better than to punishment or negativity. In this workout, you are rewarded with a faster time (and less burpees) if you can commit to the double unders and get as many done as quickly as possible.

Even when scaling to single unders, the athletes are still motivated to get in as many reps as possible. Whether you finished with double unders, single unders, or just pushed through the whole workout with a lot of burpees, as long as you gave it your best, that’s what matters.

For time:
150 double unders (scale x5 single unders)
Do 5 burpees at the start of the minute for every minute until completion. 20min cap.

Click on comments to see the results

I was inspired by OPT of CrossFit Calgary to program a workout that would help us focus on “unbroken” or continuous reps.  To do this, I programmed in a little incentive, or penalty, as some would see it, for breaking up any sets.  It was a little tricky to scale down, but by the looks of everyone’s faces, I think this is a WOD we’ll keep around.  Solid work everyone.

3 rounds for time of:
20 pull ups, +5 burpees everytime you come off the bar
20 double unders, +5 burpees for every stoppage
20 Overhead squats, +5 burpees every time weight is put down

Chu Long = 19:50
Shawn = 16:00
Huy = 27:29
Alex = 15:43
Co Loan = 16:59
Hoa = 20:02
Eric = 22:06 (2 rounds)
Tony = 19:26
Bao = 15:58
Erik = 15:51
Helen = 13:45
Monica = 14:28
Mychal = 13:13 (65/55lbs OHS)
Trac = 18:30 (95lbs OHS)
Mann = 30:47

Sarah’s Kid’s Workout
“Protect the Castle”
2 rounds for time of:
50m run
10 KB swing, 10lbs
20 step jumps

Sarah = 5:30

As a team, anything becomes possible. I originally programmed for us to do 1000 burpees and 1000 leg lifts because I was worried the rest times were going to be too long in between rotations. But, after calculating how long it would take to do 1000 burpees at 3 seconds and burpee, it looked like it was going to take at least 50 minutes to complete this group workout, which in our world, is a pretty long time.

This team did it in 52 minutes and did it with a lot of heart. Whether they could contribute 5 or 25 burpees into our collective pot, each rep counted and each individual gave their best to add their contribution to the team’s goal. The cold, rain, and wind did not deter them from working hard towards their goal. It was an awesome day!

Mann dubbed this workout the “Bill Crosby” as all of our legs felt like jello after this workout. We are sore today, we will be even sorer tomorrow. But, we’ll recover and be stronger, faster, and leaner for our efforts.

Trac247 Workout
Buy in:

3-3-3 Back Squat
Huy = 185, 205, 225lbs (PR for a 3 rep)
Trac = 225, 225, 230lbs (PR for a 3 rep)
Chu Long = 185, 195lbs (PR for a 3 rep)
MC = 185, 205, 225lbs (PR for a 3 rep)

As many rounds in 20min of:
25 Burpees
15 Back Squats, 100% BW

Mann = 5 rounds + 10 back squats (scaled 135lbs, 10 burpees)
Huy = 3 rounds + 7 burpees (scaled 135lbs, 15 burpees, 15min)
Trac = 5 rounds (see here for clinical proof of measurable and repeatable results of fitness capacity increase)
Chu Long = 2 rounds + 15 burpees + 8 squats (scaled 135lbs, 15 burpees, 15min)
MC = 4 rounds (scaled 135lbs, 15 burpees, 15min)

Cash out:
30 box jumps, 30″ box
30 double unders
30 weighted sit ups, 45lbs
30 side raises, 45lbs

For Time:

50 Burpees

Buy in:
400m easy jog

For time
30 burpees
1) From a standing position, drop down to a push up position
2) Do a push up
3) Stand back up
4) Jump and clap your hands overhead

Record your time

Cash out:
30s side planks (left, right)