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We would like to welcome Craig (Class 29) and Meredyth (via Valley CF/CF Norcal) to the regular group classes.


Main Group Workout
“Farmer Strong”
In teams, complete as many rounds as possible in 20min:
Farmer carry 1,807lb load 200m

(+5 burpees for every time load is set down before 200m carry is complete)

022012 Farmer Strong

Voting board is up for the Feb 11th CrossFit 101 outing. It’s important to get out of the gym and build this community in a different environment. Please vote for one of the four activities: City Beach Indoor Rock Climbing, Sky High Trampoline Park, 300 Bowling, or Santa Clara Paintball by Tuesday Feb 7th so that we can make arrangements for the group. Be there or be a no rep!


Be the best at what you do. There’s plenty mediocrity in the world. Success is like climbing up a high mountain. There’s a great view up there and an experience like no other. But, if you show people how much work it takes to get there, many would never even consider the journey up. Success starts internally. It starts with a mindset that embraces challenges and is willing to work harder than anyone else. A successful person doesn’t need to compare themselves to others to validate himself or herself, but will use others to benchmark themselves. Be the best at what you do and make no excuses for settling for anything less.

Main Group Workout
Adopted from Brethren CrossFit’s Team Throwdown
In teams of ~4
50 thrusters, 175/105lbs
200m buddy carry (100m carry each), scale with weighted carry
50 thrusters, 175/105lbs

Cash out (try for level, then scale and practice skills as needed):
L4: 15s lever
L3: 20 toes to bar (strict)
L2: 15 knees to elbow
L1: 10 knee raises

020112 Thrust-roar

E&E (Escape & Evade) was our first team workout for a regular weekday class.  The athletes seem to relish the team workouts.  Team workouts make it a bit easier the manage class, so we’ll be seeing more of these to come, especially as the new On Ramp Class graduates.

E&E basically simulates a team that is trying to get away from an opposing force.  One team member gets wounded after traveling a mile, and has to be carried by the other team member.  If the team member carrying the wounded member has to stop, the wounded member must do 10 burpees to simulate bleeding out (Credit to CF Sweatshop for the idea, they ran it as a co-ed carry competition).

“Escape & Evade”
In teams of 2, complete a 1.0mi run
Then, one team member carries the other for 800m.
Anytime the team member being carried touches the ground, that team member has to do 10 burpees.

Shawn/Hoa = 19:20
Huy/Chu Long = 25:00
Bao = 20:18 (1 lap, vest, 2 lg CB, burpees)
Tri = 26:31 (2 sm CB)
Alex/Tony = 18:08
Co Loan = 22:34 (Bertha)
Helen/Lulu = 17:00
Chi Thao = 21:00 (0.25mi run)
Monica = 22:50 (Bertha)
Erik = 26:12 (sm CB)
Trac = 21:00 (vest, 2 lg CB, burpees)