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As I sit here and write this post, it just leaves me humbled as ever to remember that the last time we did this workout, we were still at the park writing all our times on a tiny little whiteboard. That park will always be a special time in my life; it was a gladiator period for our community. The park was our testing ground that challenged whether our take on CrossFit had what it took to keep up against the rain, cold, heat, dirt, dust, bugs, gopher holes, and use of a single shared and often shady public restroom.

We’re still limited in many ways even in our facility now. And a thought that keeps me up at night is whether we’re providing the absolute best possible training for our athletes. I don’t think we’ll ever reach getting to that absolute best point, but I know for sure we’ll never stop trying to provide the best possible experience we can. Results don’t define who we are, they are just indicators. And seeing people’s times this time on Barbara is a good indicator that we’ve been moving in the right direction. For our athletes that started at the park, their slowest times this time around are right around their fastest times when we they were out there. Be proud athletes, that’s a great accomplishment.

“Barbara” (compare to 9/14/10 and 5/25/10)
5 rounds each for time of:
20 pull ups
30 push ups
40 sit ups
50 squats
(Rest 3:00min between rounds)

021511 Barbara

When we first went through this workout back in June, it was a big wake up call. It took me to that “Barbara” level kind of feeling. I think it was the first time we started using the 45lb dumbbells that Alex had brought out. 3 months later, and after doing a workout like “Hansen”, I can see a major shift in myself and in the athlete’s performance and recovery.

That’s the thing with CrossFit type workouts. By going through them and pushing your intensity, there’s no other choice but for your mind, body, and spirit to adapt. Now, if you’re nutrition’s on point, you’re going to adapt much quicker than if it’s not. Same thing if your mental game is on. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the changes I’m seeing from the group. We still have a long ways to go, but we’re moving in the right direction and we will continue to adjust to develop the most safe, efficient, and effective training on Earth!

Workout: (Compare to 6/14/10)
5 rounds each for time of:
20-40-20yd sprint
8 weighted swings
16 push ups
~Rest in between rounds

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12 classes, 3 days a week, for 4 weeks. Our job within these four weeks is to try to show people that they have the power to change their lives for the better. We have to deliver the goods and show that the coaching, the culture of our community, and the capability of what we do will produce results in improving their lives.

The first day orientation day of the On Ramp program is already a make it or break it point for many of the recruits. Showing up to Day 1 is a huge challenge already. “CrossFit? You’re crazy!” To complete the program only to know that they are just getting started and are deemed just safe enough to enter the regular group classes is a daunting idea. But, that’s exactly why we do what we do sometimes. Because the sense of satisfaction is directly related to the difficulty of the task. Not everyone can do what we do. Not everyone has the courage to come back day after day and be okay with being nervous about a workout. A few don’t, and a few get lost for a while, but like tending a flock, I will always look for those lost sheep to return.

For Class 12, and for all our athletes, my faith lies in that our coaching, community, and capabilities are enough to keep them with us is our little campaign to change to world. I am proud of these recruits, who are no longer recruits, but are now regular class athletes, and members of our TracFit Family. Please welcome them and get them ready to do work, because it’s 3-2-1-Go time!

Day 1 vs Day 12 Results:
For time:
400m run
10 pull ups
20 push ups
30 sit ups
40 squats

Kevin = 6:30 to 4:01
Tri = n/a to 4:37
Marianne = 6:12 to 5:09
Hoa = 6:25 to 5:59
Tam = n/a to 6:48
Gloria = 8:26 to 6:49
Ani = 9:33 to 6:45
Dat = 6:39 to 4:27
Lee = 5:36 to 5:06

People respond to incentives and positivity much better than to punishment or negativity. In this workout, you are rewarded with a faster time (and less burpees) if you can commit to the double unders and get as many done as quickly as possible.

Even when scaling to single unders, the athletes are still motivated to get in as many reps as possible. Whether you finished with double unders, single unders, or just pushed through the whole workout with a lot of burpees, as long as you gave it your best, that’s what matters.

For time:
150 double unders (scale x5 single unders)
Do 5 burpees at the start of the minute for every minute until completion. 20min cap.

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CrossFit Football is sick when it comes to field runs. I love their programming and dig it even more as we get closer to the start of the season.

200yd dash
40 leg lifts
40 sit ups
40 good mornings
200yd dash
30 leg lifts
30 sit ups
30 good mornings
200yd dash
20 leg lifts
20 sit ups
20 good mornings
200yd dash
10 leg lifts
10 sit ups
10 good mornings


The old school has become the new school. Weightlifting and gymnastics have been the foundation of human performance for a long time. We live in a very unnatural environment today where sitting at a desk all day is what’s normal now. Our gyms are loaded with the latest multi-function equipment that’s supposed to make us into fit and healthy people like how a widget is made in a factory. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work out that way. We were designed to walk, run, jump, handle arduous labor, hunt, gather, and fight for our lives. Survival of the fittest has much deeper connotations for us today. It means less trips to the hospital, less medications, and fuller functional lives.

With the simplest of tools, we can get back to basics, and get back to human performance. Lift a weight as fast as you can, jump over a rope, and crawl back underneath it. That’s as simple as it gets, but simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy.

In teams, complete as many rounds as possible in 30 min of:
x25 snatches
x50 over unders

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Tight couplets and triplets of movements are at the heart of CrossFit programming. These short high intensity full body sprints are what get us into that “intensity cliff” zone quickly. You would normally see this type of workout in a “Fran” rep scheme where an athlete would go through continuous rounds with decreasing amounts of reps like 21-15-9. What this does is help manage rest times while keeping power output high.

What we did yesterday was keep the reps the same, but allowed the athletes some set time to rest in between rounds. This allows the athlete to recovery close to 100% of their capability and hit the rounds with equally high intensity. Constant variation = constant stimulus = constant improvements.

3-5 rounds each for time of:
10 pull ups
10 sumo deadlift hi pulls
10 jump shrugs

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Class 12 is making progress. We’re building upon the basics and are now introducing the recruits to more advanced gymnastic drills. Putting someone in an upside position literally turns their world upside down. For a newbie, it’s a disorientating drill where left right up and down aren’t so clear anymore.

We had the recruits practice getting inverted on the parallel bars to prepare them for their upcoming hand stand supports. The body and brain need a decent amount of time being upside before the body can self regulate and develop better balance.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
Sit Ups

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Yesterday, we continued the athletes’ progression with the barbell by introducing them to their first clean and jerks using the bar.  The clean and jerk is just a solution to a problem, and that problem is moving a large load to an overhead position.  It just happens to be that the clean and jerk is the most efficient way of getting it done.

We started the class with a review of the movement using only the PVC pipe.  Our goal was to simplify the movements as much as possible so that the athlete’s didn’t trip themselves up over thinking the coordination.  Like any skill, it takes practice and a lot of messing up and correcting to master.

Again, I was quietly satisfied with the students’ performances.  For some, this was their first experience ever cleaning and jerking a full sized barbell.  Many of them looked a lot better than when I first started learning the technique and that’s a testament to the dedicated work they’ve been putting in these past weeks and months.

Clean and Jerks
WOD A) x30 clean and jerks for time
WOD B) 3 rounds each of 200m run + max rep C&J in 1:30.

Class 12 is an interesting mix of characters. In five days, they are already starting to move with much more quality and capability. I have to remind myself sometimes that some of the recruits have never been exposed to this type of training or environment before. It’s weird how much benefit can be reaped from just stepping up to challenges on a daily basis. I can’t help but get excited about forging these new recruits into a whole new state of mind, a TracFit state of mind.

5 rounds for time of:
7 wall ball shots
7 push ups
7 pull ups

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