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Yesterday, we continued the athletes’ progression with the barbell by introducing them to their first clean and jerks using the bar.  The clean and jerk is just a solution to a problem, and that problem is moving a large load to an overhead position.  It just happens to be that the clean and jerk is the most efficient way of getting it done.

We started the class with a review of the movement using only the PVC pipe.  Our goal was to simplify the movements as much as possible so that the athlete’s didn’t trip themselves up over thinking the coordination.  Like any skill, it takes practice and a lot of messing up and correcting to master.

Again, I was quietly satisfied with the students’ performances.  For some, this was their first experience ever cleaning and jerking a full sized barbell.  Many of them looked a lot better than when I first started learning the technique and that’s a testament to the dedicated work they’ve been putting in these past weeks and months.

Clean and Jerks
WOD A) x30 clean and jerks for time
WOD B) 3 rounds each of 200m run + max rep C&J in 1:30.

Shoulders, hips, and knees are pivotal components to human movement and function.  If one goes down, it puts a cap on capacity.  We spent time yesterday to review some basic ideas on how to keep the knees intact and functioning throughout our high intensity workouts.  Unloading the tibia and using the hamstrings as a shock absorber are essentials.

After the knee mobility session, we finished the day with a quick clean and jerk metcon (metabolic conditioning) workout.

AMRAP (as many reps as possible) in 7 minutes of:
Clean and Jerks, cinderblock

Hoa = 45
Stephanie = 58, small CB
Huy = 61
Alex = 101