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Fear is but the most commonly shared emotion amongst us.  No one is beyond it.  Fear of failure, fear of not measuring up, fear of change, fear of not changing, fear of making mistakes, fear of fear itself, you name it, we fear it.  Fear is one of the strongest emotions that keep us in check, but it also keeps us from achieving our potential.  Fear can be managed through focus.

Sometimes a student may fear being under a heavy bar when performing a snatch.  That student can either focus on their fear and be held back by it, or that student can focus on what’s in their control and that’s their set up and focusing on cues to help them with their execution of the movement.  Win the battles from the inside out.  Start by getting your thoughts straight and think in terms of positives and what you have control over.  Let that manifest itself through the focus of your eyes, facial expressions, and then posture.  If I was a drill instructor, I would put it in simpler terms such as “Wipe that patheticness off your candy faces!”, but good thing I’m not :)

Managing fear is a skill, and like all skills, takes time to practice.  Put in the work, and you’ll decrease the effect fear has on you.

Main Group Workout
“BFF Cup”

In teams of ~2
Event 1:

Event 2:
20 pull ups, partner assisted (scale: jumping pull ups w/bar 1′ out of reach, dev: band assisted)
30 push ups (scale: knee assisted)
40 sit ups
50 squats
(relay format)

Event 3:
AMRAP in 5min of:
1 deadlift
1 clean
1 shoulder to overhead
1 back squat
1 shoulder to overhead
(165/115, scale 115/85, dev 85/42 – relay format)

Top Teams:
2000m row (1000m each)

2 snatches (135/75lbs 1 each)

050312 BFF Cup

BFF = Best Fitness Friends 😛


Main Group Workout
In teams of ~2, AMRAP in 9 min of:
Buy in: 400m run
30 Shoulder-to-overhead, (Rx = 135/95.  Scale = 95/65.  Development = 65/42)
30 Ring Dips (Scale & Development = Feet assisted box dips) 
30 Sit Ups

Both team members must complete the buy in of 400m before beginning the shoulder-to-overhead lifts.  The buy in only needs to be completed once.  Team members may split reps as needed.  Mixed teams are allowed.

Top two teams in each class will move on to a final workout:
For time:
200m sled push, (90/45lb load.  Each team member must complete 100m)
2 rope climbs (No feet/feet assisted.  Each team member must complete 1 rope climb)

Cash out: 100 toes to bar

041912 BFF