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Our first day’s orientation and fitness assessment lasts approximately one hour, but we have an understanding that that one hour has the potential to change lives. If we can just change a student’s course of life by one fraction of a degree, we know that a year down the road, two years, or three years, this student will be a completely different person mentally and physically. If you don’t invest in a better you today, when will you? Go to our Get Started section and start your journey today by enrolling in our CrossFit Personal Training Fundamentals Course being offered in San Jose.

Sweat, suffering, success.  Training is a lifestyle and a process that we’re passionate about.  If you want to be able to say, and more importantly, feel like you’re in the best shape of your life, check out our Getting Started section and fill out the inquiry form.   Our Coaches will then contact you to bring you in for an orientation and assessment to start your training career.

We would like to welcome Craig (Class 29) and Meredyth (via Valley CF/CF Norcal) to the regular group classes.


Main Group Workout
“Farmer Strong”
In teams, complete as many rounds as possible in 20min:
Farmer carry 1,807lb load 200m

(+5 burpees for every time load is set down before 200m carry is complete)

022012 Farmer Strong

Voting board is up for the Feb 11th CrossFit 101 outing. It’s important to get out of the gym and build this community in a different environment. Please vote for one of the four activities: City Beach Indoor Rock Climbing, Sky High Trampoline Park, 300 Bowling, or Santa Clara Paintball by Tuesday Feb 7th so that we can make arrangements for the group. Be there or be a no rep!


Be the best at what you do. There’s plenty mediocrity in the world. Success is like climbing up a high mountain. There’s a great view up there and an experience like no other. But, if you show people how much work it takes to get there, many would never even consider the journey up. Success starts internally. It starts with a mindset that embraces challenges and is willing to work harder than anyone else. A successful person doesn’t need to compare themselves to others to validate himself or herself, but will use others to benchmark themselves. Be the best at what you do and make no excuses for settling for anything less.

Main Group Workout
Adopted from Brethren CrossFit’s Team Throwdown
In teams of ~4
50 thrusters, 175/105lbs
200m buddy carry (100m carry each), scale with weighted carry
50 thrusters, 175/105lbs

Cash out (try for level, then scale and practice skills as needed):
L4: 15s lever
L3: 20 toes to bar (strict)
L2: 15 knees to elbow
L1: 10 knee raises

020112 Thrust-roar


1) If the overhead squat position is a major weakness to you due to limited mobility issues, spend focused time during tomorrow’s strength portion of the workout to mobilize yourself and retest the overhead squat positions as you stretch.  If you never address it, it will always be a huge chink in your fitness development.  The best way to face your weaknesses is head on.

2) As a whole, this community has been doing a really good job at arriving to class on time, being on point during the workouts, and generally helping each other and helping our gym keep in good order.  With up to 100 people coming in and out through our doors on a daily basis, that’s no small task and we just want to thank you for continuing to be just a really kick @ss group of people.

Main Group Workout
1. 1RM Snatch Balance (see example here, note Chris Spealler’s about 135lbs in this vid)
2. “Freaky Friday the 13th” (compare to 5/13/11)
Complete as many rounds as possible in 13 minutes of:
13 squats
13 squat jumps
13 squat tuck jumps
13 split jump lunges (2-count)
13 sit ups
13 mini flutter kicks (4-count)
13 side raises (both LH/RH)
13 Russian twists (2-count)
13 toe touches
13 pull ups
13 push ups
13 box dips
13 burpees

011312 1RM Snatch Balance

I remember watching commercials about the “6 minute” abs workouts on TV as a kid. I also remember seeing the video tapes at my cousin’s house (a current TracFitter who will remain unnamed). Times may change, but people looking for short cuts to lose the flab will not, myself included. Anyone who does “ab” work with the intention of seeing more definition around their stomach area without first addressing nutrition is ill guided. The gym and the kitchen are one in the same. Do well in one and not the other and you’re dead in the water.

You may have the best abs in the world, but if they’re covered with a layer of body fat, one good does it do you? Crunches have no function in our world. Why do a crunch when you can get more functional range of motion with a full sit up? When we do so called “ab” work, our goal is functionality first. The movements that we do help you transfer more stability into your squat, deadlift, press, and more control in your body weight movements in general.

Pursue performance.

For time:
100 sit ups
50 side raises (each side)
100 leg lifts
50 flutter kicks (4 count)
25 single arm ground to overhead lifts (each arm), 45lbs
10 deadlifts, 225/165lbs


TGUs, or Turkish Get Ups, weren’t originally a part of the CrossFit movements, but we’re starting to see them more and more in the WODs. I’m biased to them because I think they involve a lot of aspects of fitness in one compound movement. It takes coordination, strength, flexibility, and high core tension to be able to move the loads smoothly. Plus, I think it’s just a fun and challenging movement. Next up, TGUing 135lbs and/or my wife, which ever comes first!

As many rounds as possible in 30min of:
400m run
10 Turkish Get Ups
30 squats

Click on the comments section for the results


When I sent out the workout of the day email, I wasn’t kidding when I said we were going to do Truck push races. I am a fan of things that work, and “moving large loads, long distances, quickly”, works.

Challenges are just a part of daily life. The truck push challenged everyone yesterday, especially after some of their quads were already burned out from “Barbara” the other day. Simple, effective, fun, hard…that’s a good day in my book.

Truck pushes
1x Individual time trial
3x Team push time trials

See comments sections for results

Pushing, pulling, throwing, jumping, running, and lifting, are all human movements that are a necessary to everyday life. They also happen to be some of the most efficient workout movements in the world! We did a workout yesterday that was pulling dominant. Imagine if you went to the beach, or went on a hike and slipped off the trail, or heaven forbid your car flipped over…how sad would it be if the only thing you needed to save yourself was the ablility to pull yourself out of the car or up from a cliff? GPP or General Physical Preparedness is what we’re after to make everyone as well rounded as possible for the “Unknown and Unknowable”.

10 rounds for time:
3 Weighted pull ups
5 Strict pull ups
7 Kipping pull ups

Huy/Alex = 27:21
Tony/Mychal = 19:41
Eric/Bao = 19:41
Steph = 10:25
Tri = 18:00
Trac = 19:50

So much for recovery workout #2. Maybe I need to recalibrate my recovery sensors, or maybe this is just what we need. How will we know? By looking at the numbers. We’ll compare what their 5k times were before and what they will be after this short training cycle. Plan-Do-Check-Act, for all my Lean Manufacturing people.


“Bear Crossing”
5 Rounds (no time limit)
2x 25m CB Drag Fwd + 25m CB Drag Bwd
30 Push Ups
25m Bear Crawl Fwd + 25m Bear Crawl Bwd

Workout times ranged from 23:00min to 35:00min for 3 rounds.

Workout 2:
As many rounds in 10/8min of:
7 KB Thrusters
12 KB Swings
7 KB Sumo deadlift hi-pulls

Co loan = 5 rounds + thrusters, 20lbs
Sarah = 5 rounds + thrusters, 6lbs

Workout 3:
For time:
25 Mountain Climbers
10 push ups
20 sit ups
30 squats

Derdle = 4:03