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Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy was KIA in Iraq on Feb 4th, 2008.  He is survived by his wife and son.  We did our best in the workout to honor him.

Bao got his first confirmed muscle ups (ring pull up into a dip press out) yesterday (headbutt!) and it was a great sight to see.  Hoa is very close to getting hers, but we need to develop her ring dip a bit more.  Shawn’s got his, but the stamina needs to be built up to keep them going.  And we’ll be working on strengthening Huy’s false grip so that we can maintain the pull throughout the movement.  Fine work people.

“Nate” (compare to 2/18/10)
As many rounds in 20min as possible of:
2 muscle ups
4 hand stand push ups
8 cinder block swings

Bao = 13 rounds
Huy = 8 rounds
Hoa = 5 rounds
Shawn = 11 rounds
Trac = 16 rounds

All the athletes hit it dead on with their assessment of this workout. It wasn’t a “gasser” where they were huffing and puffing like Cindy, but it required strength and adequate recovery to finish off the sets. Different stimulus, different results. Commit to every rep.