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For those of you who have never heard of the Fight Gone Bad fundraising program, it’s an annual event that Sportsgrants puts on to raise funds for various support to veterans and their families.  This year, the 6th year of the fundraiser, the cause will be to fund the Special Operations Warrior Fund (SOWF) which will fund college tuition to the children of Special Operations personnel (Delta Force, Rangers, Navy SEALs, Naval Special Warfare, Air Force Combat Controllers/Pararescue, Marines Special Operations Regiment) who have died in combat or training like those 31 who recently died when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan.

I’m not big into politics, but I am big on respecting professional warriors who knowingly go into harm’s way to fight for good.  I believe out of any branch of military, Special Operations are made up of the best of what our country has to offer.  We didn’t participate in the fundraiser last year because we didn’t have the right equipment to the the Fight Gone Bad workout as prescribed, and we still don’t this year, but I don’t want that to be an excuse to deter us from supporting a great cause.  We’ll make do, like we’ve always have, with what we have to run Fight Gone Bad workout and I hope all of you join me in fundraising and doing your best in the workout for this cause.  We’ll schedule a date for the workout soon (we will be closed on 9/17), but you can go here for more details about the event:

And here to make donations, are goal is at least $1000 and we have 11 days to achieve it:


Main Group Workout
Students will complete both workouts

For time:
150 wall ball shots, 20/14lbs (Goal = 6 minutes or less)

“Each rep begins with a rock bottom squat, with feet flat on the floor
Keep the elbows down and in
Keep the ball low to the chest
Don’t let the ball obstruct view of target
Launch with little finger roll and push
Make ascending and descending movements the same
Minimize breathing and ball contact noise
Breath deeply and attempt to synchronize breathing to shot rate”

Cleans (power for this time)
Ring Dips

090711 Karen & Elizabeth

Yesterday, a group of our CF101 athletes headed up to CrossFit San Mateo to support them in their fundraiser for the Mid-Peninsula Boys and Girls Club Youth Sports Program.

It was a great event where we were able to meet cool CrossFitters from other bay area gyms, eat Paleo food, drink beer (in support of the fundraiser of course :P), participate in a fun workout, and do it all for a great cause. We were also treated to a very cool Capoeira performance by the Boys and Girls Club kids where our own Coach Mychal participated with them.

We would like to thank CF San Mateo for inviting us, hosting the event, and hooking us up with some cool prizes. Much thanks as well to all our coaches and athletes for supporting the cause.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:
7 atlas stone ground to shoulder lifts, 95/75lbs
14 toes to bar
21 double unders


Our A/B workouts for Monday and Wednesday turned out to be an old CrossFit original, “Nasty Girls”, and a literal butt kicker of a workout, the 800m time trials.


Workout A
“Nasty Girls”
3 rounds for time of:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups (3x pull ups + 3x dips)
10 Hang power cleans, 135lbs

(See an example of the workout here.  The video was recorded at CrossFit Santa Cruz (The first CF gym) and it shows some of the original women who trained at the gym: Annie Sakamoto (CrossFit Central Trainer), Nicole Carrol (Co-Director of HQ Training), and Eva Twardokens (U.S. Olympic Skier/Olympic Lifting Competitor).  I believe this video was recorded around 2001-2002, think about where you would be today if you had been CrossFitting since then?

Workout B
4 rounds for time of:
800m run
(Compare to 8/30/10)

061311 Nasty Girls & 800m Time Trial(1)
061311 Nasty Girls & 800m Time Trial(2)
061311 Nasty Girls & 800m Time Trial(3)
061511 Nasty Girls
061511 800m Time Trial
061511 800m Time Trial(2)


As I sit here and write this post, it just leaves me humbled as ever to remember that the last time we did this workout, we were still at the park writing all our times on a tiny little whiteboard. That park will always be a special time in my life; it was a gladiator period for our community. The park was our testing ground that challenged whether our take on CrossFit had what it took to keep up against the rain, cold, heat, dirt, dust, bugs, gopher holes, and use of a single shared and often shady public restroom.

We’re still limited in many ways even in our facility now. And a thought that keeps me up at night is whether we’re providing the absolute best possible training for our athletes. I don’t think we’ll ever reach getting to that absolute best point, but I know for sure we’ll never stop trying to provide the best possible experience we can. Results don’t define who we are, they are just indicators. And seeing people’s times this time on Barbara is a good indicator that we’ve been moving in the right direction. For our athletes that started at the park, their slowest times this time around are right around their fastest times when we they were out there. Be proud athletes, that’s a great accomplishment.

“Barbara” (compare to 9/14/10 and 5/25/10)
5 rounds each for time of:
20 pull ups
30 push ups
40 sit ups
50 squats
(Rest 3:00min between rounds)

021511 Barbara

Challenges are important in life. Without them, we wouldn’t fail, we wouldn’t make mistakes, and most importantly, we wouldn’t learn from them so that we may progress quickly. “Barbara” is a hard workout, I thought it was one of the hardest “Girl” workouts around, but after completing it today, I felt that it was just another workout. Some of our athletes experienced their first Barbara, and they probably felt the same way when a few of us went through the WOD for the first time.

Hard is good. It’ll let you know what you’re capable of and what opportunities you have to improve. Hard will make you harder. As you improve, as your capabilities grow, what seemed hard today won’t be as hard in the future. Doubt, fear, anxiety…they’re normal, they have their place, but we need to manage them. We can acknowledge that they exist, but we must stay focused and know that the work we put in will make us stronger for tomorrow. Negative thoughts don’t help us with the task at hand, they don’t help us towards our goal. Staying focused, staying positive, giving ourselves credit for the achievements we do make, and putting in hard work will.

5 rounds each for time:
20 pull ups
30 push ups
40 sit ups
50 squats

Click on the comments section for the results.

Helen is one of my favorite workouts. It kind of kicks my butt like my wife of the same name does. There’s really no time to rest and the short triplet of movements is devastatingly stimulating. After the main workout, we cashed out with some TGU practice.

3 rounds for time of:
400m run
21 weighted swings
12 pull ups

Click on the comments sections for results

21-15-9 Reps of:
95# Barbell Thrusters
Pull ups

My Time = 9:00
Last Time = 22:50

Need to get into the 3’s!