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Grudge Fitness, co-founded by Coach Mychal, is preparing for its grand opening this Thursday April 26th.  If you have friends and family in southern California/Garden Grove area, please let them know that they have an opportunity to be a part of a great new community!  Please contact Coach Mychal here for more details.  We congratulate Coach Mychal on this latest achievement and look forward to leading CF101 down to SoCal for a visit around July 7th. 

Be a better you by understanding these simple concepts:
There are no victims – what ever has occurred in the past, is in the past.  You have influence over the choices you make right now.  And those choices are what shape your future.
There is no such thing as entitlement – work for everything you earn, and earn everything you work for.  If you never expect anyone to owe you anything, you’ll live freely from your own debts.
There is room for courage – If you don’t think there’s a possibility of doing something, there won’t be.  Allow yourself to have the courage to believe that a better you is always possible.

Main Group Workout
Thruster, 165lbs
Muscle Ups

Open Skills:
50 overhead squats
50 alternating single leg squats
100 single arm snatches, 53/35
200 double unders

042412 Thruster Pull Ups


We are pleased to announce that Kyle Trinh is now officially a part of our TracFit Coaching Staff. Kyle has shown the three key qualities we look for in our coaches and those are to have the inherent desire to help others, leadership potential, and a fundamental understanding of CrossFit methodologies. Kyle obtained his Level 1 Cert from CrossFit and has gone through our TracFit selection and assessment program, which is just the first step in a continuous development process. We look forward to having Kyle take a larger role in leading our classes and expect him to do well in our mission to help you change your lives for the better.

Main Group Workout
1. 225lb Clean & Jerk, 10 reps not for time (scale to a load that you can perform with solid technique. Warm up at 135, 185, 205)

2. Five rounds for time of:
12 wall ball shots, 20lbs
12 alternating single leg squats
(6min cut off)

Intro & Warm Up: 10min
C&J Tech & Workout: 25min
Pistol practice & Wall Ball Workout: 15min
Cool: 5min + 2mile run supplemental work

012712 C&J Skill


Last Saturday, we had a team of 2 coaches and 2 students participate in Brethren CrossFit’s Anniversary Throwdown in Morgan Hill. It was a great experience celebrating with Brethren’s community while doing our best against some relatively heavy workouts and even heavier hitting teams. We would like to thank Coach Annie for coordinating our team and for Shawn and Alice for subbing in on a last minute notice. Special thanks to David T., Andrew, Helen, Wallee, Marvin, and Carol who made the trek down to watch the competition.

Here were the workouts:
Theme: “Workouts that are not STRENGTH related are Weak.” LP

WOD 1 (15 min cap) for time:
Girls go first and complete 25 Thrusters @105 one moving at a time then Guys complete 25 Thrusters @175 same sequence, once complete foursome run to start of Buddy Carry…..foursome continue to move at the same time carrying and rotating at the cones for an approximate distance of 800m once all members return to start, run back to gym and complete ….Girls 25 Thrusters @105, Guys 25 Thrusters @175 same sequence as the beginning of WOD.

WOD 2 (15 min cap) for time:
Foursome run mile, upon return members will move 1 @ a time lunging w/weight length of gym down and back in order of 1,2,3,4 once complete members will then do Max Rope Climbs in order of lunge 1,2,3,4 guys are legless girls any how.
************Each Guy that runs mile under 6min will add 1 rope climb to team total********Each Girl that runs mile under 6:30 will add 1 rope climb to team total.

WOD 3 (14 min AMRAP) for reps:
Guys 7 min AMRAP…Guy A gets 205 OH then Guy B completes Max Muscle ups….. as long as 1 M.U. is complete rotate on dropping of bar, continue rotations until 7 min is elapsed. Girls start immediately into there 7 min AMRAP Girl A gets 135 OH then Girl B completes Max Muscle ups ” ”


WOD 4 for time:
Guys- prowler weight + (2) 45’s, (2) 35’s & (2) 25’s Guy A pushes prowler down and back then completes 30 Double Unders then Guy B does same task for a total of 3 ROUNDS each…..then Girls- prowler weight + (2) 35’s, & (2) 25’s in the same sequence as the guys for a total of 3 ROUNDS each.

The goal of CrossFit is to “increase work capacity over broad time and modal domains.” And the CrossFit workouts do so by training the individual to increase their power output which is measured by how much work is completed over a time period. That’s the theory behind CrossFit, but isn’t there so much more to it? It’s really more about how we apply CrossFit to our daily lives that matters.


The reason we stress leadership at CrossFit 101 is because leadership is the application of your control. To develop as a leader, even if it’s only to yourself, means that you must develop mastery, or control, over yourself. By doing so, you will have a greater opportunity to have mastery over your environment. Think about how much mental control you need over yourself to make sure you just show up for your workouts. Some days are harder than others, and some days are really hard. Then, think about how much mental control you need to have in order to make your body perform the highly intense tasks during the actual workouts.

Afterwards, it doesn’t get any easier when it comes to controlling the food that goes into your body. It takes an extraordinary amount of self discipline and effort to truly build self mastery. But, the benefits of doing so are priceless. You’ll have the confidence to complete tasks that others are not able or not willing to do, and that’s usually the difference between people who are successful from those who quit.

Group A
“Heavy Fran”
For time:
Thrusters, 135lbs
Pull ups, 45lbs

Group B
“Abmatic Fire”
7 rounds for time:
5 muscle ups
30 ab mat sit ups
10 box jumps, 30″

Heavy days are essential in increasing your fitness levels. Out of the 10 general physical skills, strength has the most applicable transference of making life easier. To be better at CrossFit, and at life, you have to get stronger. Want those handstands, muscle ups, pull ups? Work on strength. Want to do workouts as prescribed? Work on strength. Strength is also a skill, and like all skills, takes practice to develop. Use heavy days as an opportunity to test not only your physical skill, but your mental skill to execute the movements with perfection, and be comfortable with the strain of moving something that is relatively heavy.

1-1-1-1-1 Snatch

i.e. results:

AMRAP in 5min of:
7 wall ball shots
7 snatches
7 box jumps

110811 1RM Snatch