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On Ramp Class 22 is now half way through the 4 week beginner’s On Ramp course. They have been implementing the nutritional programs we covered at the start of the program and are continually improving their fundamental movements in each class. CrossFit has a very specific vocabulary that the On Rampers are starting to pick up on. Terms like WOD, thursters, cleans, presses, kipping, blocks, and lumbar curve are becoming a part of their daily usage.


We would like to welcome our newest batch of recruits into On Ramp Class 22. Out of the 25 people who came for our intro tryouts, 16 made it back for Day 2. CrossFit is meant for everyone, but not everyone is meant for CrossFit. Our intro session helps find the right people who are ready for this type of mental and physical challenge. Although the purpose of our On Ramp program is to gradually prepare our new comers to enter our Group classes, it also ensures that we bring in the right kind of people into our community.


We started their indoctrination and have introduced them to our basic nutrition guidelines and the Zone diet program. As promised, Day 2 was not as intense as their intro, but it gave us a good opportunity to start fixing their technique and building up their fundamentals. We also introduced them to the POSE running technique which we will continuously be drilling so that they can get their running technique to be as efficient and as safe as possible.

The “There is No Quit” award of the day went to Patty Tan :)


For our regular athletes, you’d showed up to class.  Good.
You’ve put out your maximum effort.  Great.
You’ve “evalucepted” your results.  Awesome.

Now it’s time to make a strategy on how to improve for the future.  If you’re showing up and putting in the required effort, the other parts of the puzzle towards elite fitness come down to how fast you can recover so that you can take your body (and mind) through more adaptation.  Take the discipline that you’ve been building in your workouts towards your other gym at home, aka the kitchen.  Warming up well in the kitchen means preparing your grocery list in advance.  Full range of motion in the kitchen means eating the right things.  Intensity in the kitchen means eating the right portions.  The gym and the kitchen are one in the same.  Training with one in mind and not the other will take us straight to Plateauville.

The other piece of recovery comes from how well you take care of your body externally.  Like tuning a high performance car, your body needs regular maintenance.  Massage therapy, rolling out, stretching, and getting quality sleep (if you have kids, maybe not, but if you’re playing wwf all night, not a valid reason) are things that you can control on a daily basis to improve how fast you can recover.  Place value in your discipline and you’ll be able to carry over your good habits.  Read more on discipline here.

Main Group Workout
For time:
30 clean & jerks, 135lbs

(9:00min cut off)

052611 Grace(1)
052611 Grace(2)

We are now more than half way through the beginner’s On Ramp program. In every class, we’ve been working on fundamentals and encouraging the recruits to do the common, uncommonly well. I have yet to see any athlete that would not benefit from going through the On Ramp program. There are people who may be fit, but not many that are CrossFit, and even less that are mentally ready for TracFit. It’s good to see the recruits picking up the skills and getting their basics down. They are about to enter the final phase of the ramp up period and by next week, they’ll be preparing to enter our group classes.




Another 4 weeks passes and another batch of recruits passes through our very basic rite of passage of the On Ramp program. Forging Elite Fitness/Relationships/Life changing habits.

For time: 400m run + 10 pull ups + 20 push ups + 30 sit ups + 40 squats

Day 1 vs Day 12 times:
Gerald = 4:16 to 3:58
Dave = 5:06 to 4:54
Nicole = 7:56 to 5:26
Wilson = 3:54
Ella = 6:18 to 4:39
Anh = 6:57 to 5:43
Kaycee = 6:58 to 5:10
Lakshmi = 8:58 to 6:03
Mario = DNFY to 6:59
Chau = 5:49 to 4:33
Jordan = 8:44 to 7:58


Our latest beginner’s class is on their last week of the program now. This class has a strong sense of cohesion and desire to improve. I’m hoping that they are “getting it”. It’s amazing to see people come to us on their first day and literally have no core strength to hold their bodies upright in a full squat to being able to do a picture perfect squat towards the end of the program. The squat is THE fundamental movement in our world. If you can’t squat correctly, all our other fundamentals will falter.

It really is a blessing to be introducing people to CrossFit. CrossFit’s training methods are quite old school, but it’s just be put into a really innovative way to train. It comes down to working on your weaknesses, working as hard as you can, and knowing that high intensity trumps low and slow. Two more workouts On Ramp Class 20, then it’s time to see how you do in the regular group classes!

On Ramp Class 18

Please welcome On Ramp Class 18. We hare almost half way through their beginner’s program and they’re holding their own. Although not our fastest or strongest batch of recruits, they have a unique chemistry that’s helping them progress well through the fundamental movements. How many of them will complete the program and move on to our regular group classes? Only time will tell, but for now, they’re putting in the work and have a working knowledge of our nutrition programs. It’s up to each individual to commit to how far and how fast they want to take their results. Study and train hard class, it’s on to the Midterm!

Day #1 – Baseline
Day #2 – Deadlifts/Presses (Wellness)
Day #3 – Run/Thrusters (Zone Diet)
Day #4 – Walking Lunges (Paleo Diet)
Day #5 – Wall Balls (Fit For Life Diet)




They’ve made it. Through 4 weeks of training, they’ve come a long ways. They’ve put in hard work, practiced their techniques, took their first steps towards changing their lives for the better, and their results can be seen by their improved workout times and recovery ability.

Class 17 is a great addition to our community and we can’t wait to see them all continue their athletic development as they join the rest of their peers in the Group classes. Keep pushing yourselves Class 17, the real work is just getting started.

Top: Jared, Mei, Mary, Hyonchu, Nick, Yoshi, Long, Tung. Bottom: Ashwin, Shashank, Brian, Rohini, Lita, Van, Chris, Javier, Flint

On Ramp Day #12 “Graduation”
For time:
400m run
10 pull ups
20 push ups
30 sit ups
40 squats

Day 1 Times vs Day 12
Jared = 5:25 to 3:14 (-2:11)
Flint = 5:35 to 3:45 (-1:10)
Yoshi = 4:57 to 3:38 (-1:19)
Rohini = 7:07 to 5:43 (-1:24)
Shashank = 6:08 to 4:14 (-1:54)
Nick = DNF to 5:47 =)
Lita = 6:35 to 5:25 (-1:10)
Van P = 8:26 to 6:46 (-1:40)
Javier = 6:41 to 4:29 (-2:10)
Chris = 7:31 to 5:30 (-2:01)
Tung = 5:28 to 4:50 (-0:38 w/full pull ups)
Long = 8:32 to 4:38 (-3:54)
Brian = 6:28 to 4:24 (-2:04)
Mary = 9:22 to 5:43 (-3:39)
Hyonchu = 5:28 to 5:03 (-0:25)
Ashwin = 7:26 to 5:50 (-1:36)
Mei = 6:24 to 3:53 (-2:30)


Here are the workouts that we have been doing from the past week.


5-5-5 Front Squat (sub weighted pull ups to scale for upper body work)


1x 15-20 Back Squats (sub presses to scale upper body work)


For time:

Run the same number of full laps you completed on Monday’s time trial. If you did not participate in the 12min time trial, you will be assigned the number of laps to complete. (Complete as many rounds as possible of 20 push ups and 20 sit ups to sub for upper body work as needed).




Thrusters, 95/65#

Pull ups

12min cut off

012011 Fran

012011 Fran 2


“Freaky Friday”

Athletes will randomly choose from one of the following:

A) 100 weighted swings

B) 100 pull ups

C) 50 hand stand push ups

D) 50 jerks, 135/95#

For all workouts, athletes will perform 5 burpees at the top of every minute (scale 3 burpees).

1/23 Free Sunday Team Workout


“Communications Hill Stair Climb” Meet at bottom of stairs @ 10:00am

399 Mullinix Way

San Jose, CA 95136


SealFit Style

5 round FGB Format (Scale to 3 rounds)

Complete as many reps as possible for 1:00min at each station. You will immediately rotate to the next station once the minute is up and receive 1min of rest between rounds. Please bring a towel to clean up your puddles.

1) Double Unders (x5 singles)

2) Mountain Climbers (2 count)

3) Flutter Kicks (4 count)

4) Lateral burpee over hurdle

5) L-sit hold (reps = seconds that hold is maintained, use wall clock for guide)


3:00min FLR

3:00min Commando Push Up


10 rounds for time of:

200m run

7 pull ups

14 squat jumps

21 push ups


“Heavy Barbara” (If you’re still working on full range movements, we will scale as needed)

3 rounds each for time of:

10 weighted pull ups, 25/15#

15 Push Presses or clapping push ups, 95/65#

20 Floor Wipers holding bar in floor press position, 95/65#

25 Back squats, 95/65#


5-5-5 Max Effort Back Squat


In teams, complete as many elevated ring push ups as possible in 10 minutes

We are now half way through the On Ramp program for Class 17. They’ve now been introduced to 7 out of the 9 CrossFit Fundamental movements, received introductions to our 3 main nutritional programs, and overall have just put out some solid performances. Even though they are in a beginner’s program, it doesn’t mean that their workouts are any less challenging for where they are at in their fitness development.

We are now starting to leave the crawl phase and are moving into the walking phase. They will continue refining their fundamentals while being exposed to increasingly higher intensities in the workouts. We’ll also be delving deeper into CrossFit methodologies and discuss the critical mental conditioning side of training for a better life.

It’s an incredible thing to see how much people can change in one month. Knowing that one workout can have the impact of completely changing a life is a blessing we will never take for granted. Keep in up Class 17, we haven’t even started yet.

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