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How’s your nutrition going?  We will ask that question until we see the right results.  Look at your nutrition like a workout.  Every rep you do, just like every clean meal you have, gets you closer to your goals.  It has to be a conscious decision to commit to eating healthier.  Even if you just modify part of your meal like substituting french fries for sauteed veggies, it will pay dividends in the bigger picture of your health and fitness.

In teams, complete as many reps as possible in 12min of:
P1: Rest
P2: Man Makers, 2×45/25lbs
P3: Swing, 2 pood
P4: Wall ball shots, 20lbs
P5: 100m Row (pacer)

Team member rotation will be initiated by the completion of the 100m row.  Keep a rolling count of reps.  If a team only has four team members, rest will be eliminated.
Cash out:
Olympic lifting virtuosity (class votes on snatch, clean, or split jerk)

030712 Centaur Team WOD

We modified a famous CrossFit workout called “Fran” for the On Rampers so that one, we wouldn’t increase the homicide rate of the city, and two, so that they would practice other techniques that they’ll come up against in the group classes while still being able to get a feel for how Fran will be when they do her for real.

“Fran Lite”
For time:
21-15-9 reps of:
Pull ups
Sumo Deadlift Hi Pulls


Yesterday, a band of dedicated TracFitters made the short but challenging trek up Eagle Rock @ Alum Rock Park. There’s many trails that lead up to the rock, and we took the most direct route up. It definitely reminded us that we just did 400m of walking lunges the other day.

The group did great, even with some of us recovering from unhealthy liquid carbs. It takes a different kind of athlete to want to get up on a weekend morning and voluntarily put themselves through a tough wake up call.

Good times, great people.

Run up to Eagle Rock Point


We don’t melt in the rain.

Team Workout:
3 rounds for time of:
P1: 4x 25ft Shuttle run and KB pull
P2 & P3: Ball Toss Shots
Rotate after P1 finishes pulls. 1 round is after everyone rotates through once.

Team = 13:06

What a great morning at Milpitas High. It was scheduled to rain Saturday afternoon, so I definitely wanted to get the guys out early. We had some great weather and warm sun, so I couldn’t have asked for more. Even if it did rain, I’d just see that as extra training.

Team workouts are hard. They add a different element of pressure, accountability, and competition. Doing them outside gives us a nice change from being in the gym and is as good for the mind as it is for the body. We see new things and are able to do different activities.

I named the workout “Bottleneck” because if anyone slows down in one the stations, it holds up the entire team from our goal of improving the overall time. Just a little bit of fire to up the intensity. Plus, sharing in the suffering will hopefully build bonds between the guys that can’t be made otherwise.

Oh, and it was a pleasure to hear Mann and Huy say that they could have done another round. I’ll keep that in mind for the next Team WOD.

3 rounds
25-50-25m shuttle
10 Kettlebell swings, 35lbs
10 Clean and press, tire
10 push up extensions, 2x8lbs
Bleacher run, up and back
Rest 3min in between rounds

One person completes one event at a time. Once the first event is completed, the next person can start. Record the total time from when the first person starts, until the last person finishes.

Round 1 = 4:21
Round 2 = 4:08
Round 3 = 4:17