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We adopted this workout from the CrossFit Kids program to see if our “adults” could hang. Imagine if you started doing CrossFit at the age of 4…these kids that have been are breaking all their school records. Can’t wait to see the first batch of kids head into collegiate athletics and onto professional levels.


Medicine Ball Shuttle Runs
A 6, 10, 14, and 20lb ball will be set 10 yards apart from the starting position. P1 will run to each ball and bring it back to the start position. P2 will then return all the balls to their original position. Teams will complete 6 rounds for time.


070111 CF Kids WOD

I love my nephews, but they are walking biological weapons, haha. Took this as a pre-emptive strike before they came over for dinner last night.

Buy in:

4 rounds for time of:
Run 200m (try down and back your street)
Tuck Jumps, 5 reps (jump and bring your knees to your chest or waist)

Record your time.

Cash out:
Push ups, 10 reps

You’re kids will love seeing you do this:

Buy in:

2 rounds for time:
Bear Crawl foward, 25 steps
Squats, 5 reps
Bear Crawl backward, 25 steps
Push ups, 5 reps

Cash out:
30 sec planks x 1lh, 1rh

This series will be targeted for parents who do not have the option of heading to a gym.  You can pretty much scale down any CrossFit workout with just a pull up bar and set of dumbbells or resistance bands.  But, we’ll make it even simpler than that, we’ll start off with bodyweight exercises only.

Obviously you won’t be able to get the full potential of benefits, but any physical activity is better than none!

You can YouTube any exercise on here for a demo.  Credit to a CF affiliate from the CF message board ( for the base program.

Buy in (Modified CrossFit Warm Up):

2 rounds:

10sec Samson Stretch, each leg (settle into a split leg lunge, with your knees making a 90 degree angles to the ground, stretch your arms straight out over your head, keep your core stable)

10 air squats (keep weight on your heels, back flat and arched, drop your hips below your knees, chest high, and keep your shins from moving forward as much as possible, stand up as tall as possible)

10 push ups (head up towards the horizon, straight plank, chest lightly touches floor, elbows in, full extension of the arms at the top)

10 sit ups (from flat on the floor to and high and far forward as you can sit up, reach up with your hands at the top)

WOD (Workout of the day):

2 rounds for time:

400m run (about a quarter mile or around your block, just keep it consistent for future workouts)

10 push ups

Post up your times, or keep a log book

So right after you run the block, immediately do 10 pushups and start the next round.  Rest as needed, not as wanted.

Cash out (Cool Down):

2 rounds

30sec Quadriceps pull, each leg (pull one foot back to your behind)

30sec Hamstring stretch, each leg (keep your legs straight, lower your back towards your feet, and hang your body like a rag doll)