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For people who have never tried CrossFit with us, they just won’t understand how effective, and by effective, I mean devastating, a 10 minute workout can be. These On Rampers, half way through our fundamentals program, are coming to understand that there’s a big difference between group exercise classes vs group performance training. No dancing here, unless you count people’s quivering legs as they squat a dance move.

Keep it up On Rampers, earn your performance into the group classes.



1) We hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend.

2) Thank you to all who came all the way down to Southern California in support of Coach Mychal and Brandon’s GrudeFitness Invitational.  It’s a very proud sight to see how supportive AND competitive this community can be.  Thank you for being great role models for GrudgeFit’s new members.

3) The two workouts listed below will be benchmarks that we want every student to complete before the week is over regardless of what workout is posted for the rest of the week.  If you are attending only one class this week, do the “B” workout.  The numbers set this week will be used as guides for the next few weeks’ training.

It is imperative that you understand that 1RM (one rep max) efforts heavily tax your systems and come with increased risk.  You are only to go up in weight for the load that you can handle with impeccable form.  If you are ever unsure or unclear about your technique, check with a Coach before you pick that weight up.  Check your ego at the door, train hard, and train smart.

4) Thanks to your incredible referrals, we expect another large turn out for the 7:30pm Monday On Ramp Orientation.  If you are available to help count reps at the end of the orientation, we would really appreciate the student based support.  Thank you!

Main Group Workout

Workouts of the Week:
A1. CrossFit Total
1RM Back Squat
1RM Press
1RM Deadlift

A2. 1 mile time trial

B1. Olympic Lifts
1RM Snatch
1RM Clean & Jerk

B2. “Baseline”
500m row or 400m run
10 pull ups
20 push ups
30 sit ups
40 squats

070912 CFT Oly Baseline


Thank you for another great week 101ers!  Technique and intensity improved this week, but motivational consequences increased.  Remind yourself to “Bring it!” as soon as you walk through those gym doors and make sure you take care of the details of logging in and making sure your tuition is in order.  Have fun and please stay safe this Cinco de Mayo weekend!
Main Group Workout
Snatch Progressions

AMRAP in 10min
7 toes to bar
7 squat snatches, 135lbs

1:30min overhead hold, 225lbs


A brand new week means a brand new start towards reaching your goals.  We celebrate successes and evaluate failures.  Showing up and putting your best effort into a workout is a success in our book.  Not showing up (on a non-rest day), on the other hand, is a failure.  Failures are also okay in our book as long as they are used to learn from.  If you have a reason for missing a class (especially if you reserved a class) no problem, if you have an excuse, you better stop believing in what you’re telling yourself and get your rear end recommitted to your goals.  Nothing worthwhile comes without hard work!

Here are the five steps of the Burgener Warm up (same for both clean and snatch) and five steps to the Skill Transfer exercises.  There may be motivational consequences for not memorizing the steps and their purposes:
Burgener Warm Up:
1. Down and Up (speed through the middle)
2. Elbows High and Outside (keep the bar close)
3. Muscle Snatch (quick turnover)
4. Snatch lands (footwork and receiving positions)
5. Snatch drop (footwork, speed, and solid bottom position)

Skill Transfer Exercises:
1. Snatch Push Press (Upper body strength)
2. Overhead Squat (core strength)
3. Pressing Snatch Balance (pressing the body under the bar)
4. Heaving Snatch Balance (speed in arms)
5. Snatch Balance (speed in feet and arms)

Main Group Workout
Work up to heavy set without setting the bar down:
1 Clean
2 Front squats
3 Push jerks

AMRAP in 7min
5 Front squat, 135
7 Push jerks, 135
9 Back squats, 135
30 Double unders (x2)

50 flutter kicks for time

Cash out:
Zanker Rd. Interval run
Sprint from one light post to the next, then walk to the next light post and repeat sprint.

040912 So Simple

We constantly push ourselves to new limits in the workouts to illicit a stimulus for our minds and bodies.  That stimulus triggers change.  The amount of change that occurs is relative to how well you recovery (rest) and how well you fuel (nutrition).  If you’re nutrition is garbage, you’re throwing away all the hard work that you’re putting in at the gym.


Main Group Workout
In teams of ~3, complete the following:

Part 1:
AMRAP in 5:00min
Sumo deadlift, 315lbs (if form cannot be maintained, team member will be disqualified from Part 1)
Scales: 225, 145, 95, 65lbs

Part 2:
AMRAP in 5:00min
Person to Person Wallball shots, 20lbs
(If ball touches ground, each team member must complete 10 burpees before continuing)

Part 3:
AMRAP in 10min:
12 swings, 2 pood
9 box jumps, 30″
6 toes to bar
(relay format, each round completed by individual team member counts as a point for the team)

021512 TriWizard Cup


We are pleased to announce that Kyle Trinh is now officially a part of our TracFit Coaching Staff. Kyle has shown the three key qualities we look for in our coaches and those are to have the inherent desire to help others, leadership potential, and a fundamental understanding of CrossFit methodologies. Kyle obtained his Level 1 Cert from CrossFit and has gone through our TracFit selection and assessment program, which is just the first step in a continuous development process. We look forward to having Kyle take a larger role in leading our classes and expect him to do well in our mission to help you change your lives for the better.

Main Group Workout
1. 225lb Clean & Jerk, 10 reps not for time (scale to a load that you can perform with solid technique. Warm up at 135, 185, 205)

2. Five rounds for time of:
12 wall ball shots, 20lbs
12 alternating single leg squats
(6min cut off)

Intro & Warm Up: 10min
C&J Tech & Workout: 25min
Pistol practice & Wall Ball Workout: 15min
Cool: 5min + 2mile run supplemental work

012712 C&J Skill



2-2-2 Power Clean
(no extended breaks between reps)

Complete as many reps as possible in 2min:
Power Clean, 135lbs

111511 2RM Power Clean

Heavy days are essential in increasing your fitness levels. Out of the 10 general physical skills, strength has the most applicable transference of making life easier. To be better at CrossFit, and at life, you have to get stronger. Want those handstands, muscle ups, pull ups? Work on strength. Want to do workouts as prescribed? Work on strength. Strength is also a skill, and like all skills, takes practice to develop. Use heavy days as an opportunity to test not only your physical skill, but your mental skill to execute the movements with perfection, and be comfortable with the strain of moving something that is relatively heavy.

1-1-1-1-1 Snatch

i.e. results:

AMRAP in 5min of:
7 wall ball shots
7 snatches
7 box jumps

110811 1RM Snatch



The deeper we get into developing CrossFit 101 as a community, the more I believe that diet and exercise are not enough alone. You’ll hear every single doctor in this country recommend dieting and exercising as the primary method of avoiding illness and disease, but how strange is it that we have one of the most unfit societies in the world where even some of our doctors are sometimes the most unhealthiest.


It takes more than just the knowledge of how to eat right and how to exercise, it comes down to culture. Our culture promotes our lifestyles. Our lifestyles promote our habits. And our habits mold what we do and how we define ourselves. We must start with how we shape our culture and I believe that it stems from core beliefs, beliefs which are shared amongst a group. Here is what I believe in, to the core of my being, when it comes to CrossFit 101:

I believe that CrossFit has the power to change lives for the better.

I believe that to be a balanced individual, you must be a good leader while being a great follower.

I believe that the power of a positive mindset will always triumph that of a negative one.

I believe that the failure to try means that excuses have been allowed to succeed.

I believe that the sense of accomplishment is directly related the the difficulty of the challenge.

I believe that if you put the needs of others before your own, you’ll find that all your needs are already being met.

I believe that every individual has the opportunity to change and that everyday is a new opportunity.

The question is if you believe in the same things, and if so, can you live them as best as you can, and if not, why not. Our country is heading into darker times. We’ve seem to have lost our way. We’ve gotten soft and we’ve allowed ourselves to be victims of our own excuses and let ourselves be mis-lead towards unbalanced lifestyles in all parts of our lives. CrossFit is “just” a strength and conditioning program, but I hope that it will be able to teach our current and future generations that there’s a price for a balanced life, and that the payment can only be made in the form of hard work.

5 rounds each for time:
5 power cleans, 135lbs
10 front squats
5 jerks
20 pull ups

Michael Bordelon
U.S. Army First Sergeant Michael “Hammer” Bordelon, 37, of Morgan City, LA, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team), based out of Fort Lewis, WA, died on May 10, 2005, from injuries sustained when a car bomb exploded near him in Mosul, Iraq on April 23, 2005.

He is survived by his wife Mila; children Mike Jr., Jacob, and Johanna; mother Dolores; and sister Doreen Scioneaux.

Workout Video:

082311 Hammer

Self confidence – It is essential to success in your training and for success outside of the gym walls. Self confidence allows a person to have a positive outlook on what’s in front of them. You have to believe in yourself that you are able, or at the least, will be able, to accomplish whatever challenge is in front of you. It beats doubting yourself, or worse, causing you to not even try. Self confidence has to be built up from the inside out and through repeated successes and through repeated recovery from failures.


On the physical side, I don’t think there’s many people in this world that just step up to 225lbs and snatch it up over their head on their first try. Most of us mortals have to start lighter and build up the strength and skills. Then we practice, fail, practice some more, and eventually succeed within our set efforts and current limits. On the social side, we still have to constantly push out our comfort zones. Maybe you’re shy in a large group, or you tend to be an introvert, or you might feel uncomfortable when speaking publicly. To progress, you’ll have to practice exposing yourself to a little risk of being uncomfortable or making a slight fool of yourself. If you can accept the risk of a little embarrassment for the sake of unlimited benefits of being more socially capable, establishing rapport with your co-workers, bosses, business partners, and deepening your relationships will become a tool to help you be a stronger person.

The flip side of not being self-confident is that you’ll build up walls around you to protect your fragile self image. These walls will impede you from striving to get stronger, faster, leaner, etc because you won’t be willing to risk failing. You’ll tell yourself “reasons” why you can’t do something. Or worse, you’ll tell yourself why external factors like other people, places, and things, are “reasons” why you can’t do something or, yet even worse, you’ll look for fault in why others can do things. This insecurity with not being able to accept who you are currently, traps you from becoming the stronger person you can be. When you walk into the gym, I want you all to let go of any energy you’re using up on self doubt and focus that energy instead on what you can do to build up small successes within your sphere of influence. Focus on what is in your control. Be content with who you are, but never complacent. When you really believe in who you are and what you’re doing, you’ll have the confidence to punch people in the mouth who may say otherwise 😉

Main Workout
“H.I. & Q.I.”

1. Work up to 1 Max Effort Snatch

2. Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
3 hang power snatches, 95lbs
5 box jumps, 30″

3. Athletic Skills Test

081811 H.I. & Q.I.