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Anybody can do CrossFit, just like anybody can pick up a club and play golf, or kick a ball and play soccer. But, to be really good at it, just like anything worthwhile in life, it takes a whole lot of practice, knowledge, and persistence.

Here at 101, we’re believers that if you’re doing to do something, do it right. Located in San Jose, our Personal Training Fundamentals Course is focused on building good habits and setting our students up for a lifetime of success through a path of learning technique, building consistency, and gradually increasing intensity and complexity.

Check out our Getting Started section to see if you’re up to the task of becoming part of our community and be the fittest you’ve ever been in your entire life.

Our first day’s orientation and fitness assessment lasts approximately one hour, but we have an understanding that that one hour has the potential to change lives. If we can just change a student’s course of life by one fraction of a degree, we know that a year down the road, two years, or three years, this student will be a completely different person mentally and physically. If you don’t invest in a better you today, when will you? Go to our Get Started section and start your journey today by enrolling in our CrossFit Personal Training Fundamentals Course being offered in San Jose.


The mind is primary.  Even if your body is at its limits, there might not be much you can do for it, but you have opportunities to make your mind feel better.  If you’re able to disassociate the discomfort you’re physically feeling from what you’re thinking, you’ll be able to shift your mental frame set to a much more controlled state.  Do that, and you’ll find that your body will catch up must quicker.  Win the battle in your head first.

Main Group Workout
4 rounds each for time of:
400m run (Compare to 10/17/11)

(Rest 3-4 minutes between rounds)

041812 400m Time Trial


The 2012 CrossFit Games Open has officially come to a close.  For the past 5 weeks, 66 of our students have competed against nearly 61,000 other CrossFitters from all around the world.  We want you to all know that we are damn proud of what this community has accomplished.  You’ve all come a very long way and to see PRs in nearly every workout is something truly amazing.

We would like to thank you for judging each other accurately and with integrity.  We would also like to thank everyone who came out or stayed back after classes specifically to cheer on and support the competitors as they took on this challenge.  In our NorCal Region, Team 101% finished 38th this year out of 104 teams that started the competition.  Although the team will not be moving on to the next stage of the competition this year, we KNOW it will next year.

With that said, we would like to especially recognize Coach Annie who finished in the top 2% for our region (Annie finished 32nd out of 1513 women).  Coach Annie has successfully secured her spot to move on to the next stage of the competition, Regionals.  Please save your dates for May 18-20 and come support Coach Annie at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds where the NorCal Regional will be held.  Great job Annie!

With the end of the 2012 Open, preparation for 2013 starts now!  Ask yourself these questions as you look forward to improving for next year.
Are you putting in the work inside and outside of the gym?
Are you pushing the intensity?
Are you addressing your weaknesses while maintaining your strengths?                     
Are you 101% committed and willing to do what it takes?

Everyday is a new opportunity, it’s up to you to make the most of it!  Thank you again Team 101%, it was truly a team effort!

Main Group Workout

SEALFIT – “Corey”
200 m run, 20 pull ups
400 m run, 20 pull ups, 50 push ups
800 m run, 20 pull ups, 50 push ups, 75 sit-ups
1 mile run, 20 pull ups, 50 push ups, 75 sit-ups, 100 squats
800 m run, 20 pull ups, 50 push ups, 75 sit-ups
400 m run, 20 pull ups, 50 push ups
200 m sprint

This WOD in memory of Corey Scott Rozell, submitted by his brothers at NMMI:

Born on October 16,1988, in Maine to Tammy Norton, and David A. Rozell.  He was a cadet at New Mexico Military Institute as a sponsored prep for the Coast Guard Academy.  Corey was 22 when he passed February 19, 2011.  Corey was mostly defined by his tattoos.  You couldn’t help but look at the fire and water elements on his arms, or the pin up girls running up his side, and most just gasped when they saw his whole back, the memorial he made for his brother, Jason, who died in 2002.  Corey was loud, muscled, and proud. No matter what, he could put a smile on your face.  He was three years enlisted in the Coast Guard and achieved the rank of Petty Officer Third Class. Corey gave the best name possible for the Coast Guard and all members of the armed forces.  He ate, drank, and now sleeps with Semper Paratus on his mind and in his heart.  Rest in Peace Corey.

032612 SEALFIT Corey


1) Recovery is just as important to obtaining results as is training, if not more. If you don’t recovery properly, you will not be able to adapt and push hard and fast in your future workouts. Your rate of adaptation will diminish in all areas. Recovery means resting, having the right nutrition to rebuild your body, and maintaining your body through self myofascial release (rolling out) and stretching. The WODs are fun and I don’t like missing any, but checking the ego at the door in order to keep long term goals on track is part of the path towards success. If you’re not recovering fast enough to support max efforts during the WODs, come talk to our coaching staff to find out what you need to do.

2) Hydration basics: Intake AT LEAST half your body weight in ounces of water and add 10-20oz more h2o for every 1 hour of exercise. (Ex: 150lbs = 75oz + ~15oz for 1 hour of workout = 90oz)
3) The mind, body, and spirit are all connected and can feed or detract from each other. Get them all on the same path, working towards the same goals, to help you obtain the greatest performance as possible. Your abilities will vary day to day, but you always have control over your effort.

4) An alternative to buying organic food from supermarkets ($$) is to visit your local farmers market. Check one out, talk to the growers, and you’ll find plenty of more affordable, fresher, more nutritional, and tastier options than you will from the big chains. Much thanks to Carol and Marvin for bringing in and sharing their vegetables that they grew in their own organic garden!

For time:
10k run (Compare to 6/6/11 or 6/8/11)

082511 10k Run

Our Sunday workouts are a test of lifestyle. It’s not easy to wake up early on a Sunday morning. It’s not easy to not party to hard the night before. And, it’s not easy knowing that you’ll be walking into a 2 hour endurance workout. But, as is the theme with most of our training, if it was easy, we probably wouldn’t be doing it.

Ment-con #2
30min SEAL PT Grinder

5k run w/respirator

500 team push jerks, 165 – 45lbs

Pull Up Bar Climb Over

Double Fran
Thrusters, 95lbs
Pull Ups

Total Time = 2.5 hours


It’s always much harder to build something up than it is to destroy it. To build up your physical state, it takes long term commitment to train and diet, but it could all be loss very quickly with poor choices. To build up your mental state, it takes constant positive thinking and reinforcement to keep yourself on task towards your goals, but it can instantly revert if you allow yourself to believe in your own excuses.

When you’re own the path upwards towards a higher state of being, the natural order of things will always have negative forces that will try to bring you down. It’s up to you what you will allow affect you. You can be a positive influence so as to keep yourself moving forward and be a life giver to those around you. Because unbalanced and negative people tend to want others to be as unbalanced and as negative as them. Keep positive influences around you to support your building of a better life.

Workout A
“Javorek Barbell Complex” (Compare to 1/5/11)
3 rounds each for time of:
6x deadlift
6x hi-pull
6x front squat
6x push jerk
6x back squat

(Bonus: Complete the following dumbbell complex after each round of the barbell complex)
6x straight leg deadlift
6x power clean
6x front squat
6x press
6x thruster

Workout B
“100m time trial” (Compare to 4/27/11)
10 rounds each for time of:
100m sprint

071911 Javorek & 100m Dash

We hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend.  Now, it’s time to get back to work and train yourselves to be the strongest citizens you can be for this country.


Main Workout
“Run Harder, Faster” (Compare to 1/13/11)
For time:
Run 1600m
Rest 3 min
Run 1200m
Rest 3 min
Run 800m
Rest 3 min
Run 400m
Rest 3 min
Run 200m

070511 Run Harder, Faster(1)
070511 Run Harder, Faster(2)


I could not be happier with the performances given by our athletes at the San Jose Rock ‘N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon this weekend. Not only did all of our participating athletes complete the run, they all did it to the best of their abilities, and left the race with positive mind sets. You can’t pay for that kind of stuff, it can only be gained through hard won experience. Whatever they do for the rest of their lives, they can look back and know that they are capable of completing 13.1 miles.

Throughout the race, many runners asked me why I was running with the 35lb kettlebell, and most of the time, I simply told them that it was because I didn’t know if I could do it. The long answer is that I was motivated by our athletes. Our athletes put themselves on the line day in and day out through some of the hardest workouts they’ve ever done in their entire lives. To take on a challenge like a 1/2 marathon, especially when we as CrossFitters, do not specifically train for long endurance runs, is really inspiring to me.

I’ve never ran a 1/2 marathon before, but I knew with the CrossFit experience, that I would be okay with it. I was really not sure at all if I could do the whole run with the kettlebell (I previously ran the 10k Wharf to Wharf run with the kettlebell, and that was already a huge challenge by itself). Like the athletes, I knew that some of them were thinking that they were not sure themselves whether they would be able to finish the 1/2, but they stepped up to the challenge regardless and understood that half the battle was just showing up. I wanted to share that same experience with them of going into the unknown. Many of the athletes never get to see me struggle as I do the WODs before or after classes, but yesterday, I think they got a glimpse to see me struggle big time as my lower body started to spaz out after mile 9. One mental note that stayed with me throughout the race was thinking of my late aunt. She had carried my family’s burdens throughout her life, so it helped me keep things in perspective about carrying the kettlebell.

Like anyone else, I struggle, I hit walls and have breakdowns, it’s just that I’ve had the opportunity to train a bit longer than some of you. I congratulate our athletes on a great accomplishment and more cheers to those who PR’d as well.

Huy = 2:29:39
Tony = 1:59:05
Stephanie = 2:22:02
Chryl = 3:16:51
Vannessa = 2:54:40
Trung = 2:54:39
Helen C. = 2:18:47
Hoa = 2:10:31
Eric = 2:44:46
Jenny = 2:48:54
Cat = 2:46:50
Tim = 2:15:12
Carla = 2:40:43
Luat = 2:40:49
Nam = 2:05:42
Bao = 2:08:40
Annie = 1:56:17
Trac = 2:48:34

On Site Support: Long, Susan, Erik, LuLu, Gloria, Annie’s Sister, Linhzy, Alex, Shawn, Carla and Nam’s Mom, Tri, Taty. Thank you to you and all our off site supporters very much!

Click here for the pictures.

We have three more days until a large number of our athlete’s participate in the San Jose Rock ‘n Roll 1/2 Marathon. That’s 13.1 miles and 6.9 miles longer than what many of them have have ever run in their entire lives.

That’s a pretty decent challenge in my books. It’s with confidence when I write that I believe each and everyone of them can complete the run. I not only want them to complete it, but I want them to get the best possible time they can on the run, just like in our workouts.

If they can survive our workouts, they can survive anything. They just need to turn that light of belief in themselves on inside of them.

In teams of ~3
Complete as many rounds as possible in 30min of:
200m run
25m Overhead Walking Lunges, 45/35lbs