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Really proud of seeing how far students are progressing.  From 1st muscle ups and box jumps, to hand stand walk and hand stand push up PRs, to just being able to do sit ups without feet assisted swings, every progression is a step closer to bettering yourselves and those progressions can only be paid through hard work.  Keep up the great work community and much thanks to our staff for pushing this community in the right direction.

To all our CrossFitting fathers and future fathers, we wish you a happy Father’s day this weekend.  Thanks for putting in the time to be a better and healthier father figure for your family.

“A man that does not spend time with his family, can never be a real man.” – The Godfather

10 rounds
1:00min max muscle ups
1:00min max overhead squats, 135lbs


061612 MU & OHS Interval


1) Check out for lots of cool recipes and meal planning ideas and tips.

2) Success is a by-product of positive habits. The opposite can be easily said about failure. Every choice you make, EVERY choice, will either bring you closer to one or the other.

3) Tough day at work? Crazy school hours? Trouble with the family at home? Or stuck at a plateau? Check your ego at the door and reflect upon how you’re reacting to the problem. Problems and challenges are the norm, it’s how we choose to step up to them that makes the difference. We can make all the excuses in the world, we just can’t believe any of them. 101% lifestyle.

Main Group Workout
3-3-3 Front Squat
L4: 275
L3: 185
L2: 115
L1: 62

Complete as many rounds as possible in 4min of:
4 Squat clean thrusters, 165lbs (scale 135/105/75/52lbs)
20-40-60 yard shuttle run
4 Muscle ups (scale 4 pull ups + 4 ring dips)

50 weighted sit ups, 45lb plate

Cash out:
1 mile run

032012 4min AMRAP

Photo credits to our in house prof snapper – Huzzy

We have a saying that half the battle is showing up, 49% is mental, and 1% is actual physical effort in terms of training. We all know that it’s pretty hot this week and yet athletes still show up prepared to do their best in the workout. I didn’t see or hear a single person complaint during the workouts today; everyone was focused on doing their best to help out their team. That is an example of living the CrossFit saying of “Forging Elite Fitness”.

This is also what separates CrossFitters from everyone else and separates our community from others. You have to be up to be uncomfortable. You have to want to be challenged. And you have to be up to make changes in your lifestyle. It takes a daily conscious decision to commit time and effort towards your health and fitness. I was a victim of my own excuses for years until I found CrossFit.

If committing yourself to developing your own excellence isn’t one of your priorities, you better figure out what is important to you quickly. If you’ve already achieved your goals or if you can get better stimulus at home or somewhere else on your own, that’s really great and that would mean you’re moving in the right direction. But, if your sitting on the couch when you should be in class, you’ll find yourself out of this community pretty quickly because bad habits are hard the break; showing up with the right mindset is what builds good ones.

Workout A
Part 1) For time: 100 pistols
Part 2) 100 front squats, 135lbs in the least number of sets as possible.

Workout B
For time:
30 muscle ups

062111 Pistols, MU, FS(1)
062111 Pistols, MU, FS(2)

Both the muscle up and snatch are relatively technically demanding. We like our workouts to replicate real world challenges so that our athletes can train to be smooth under pressure. An athlete may be able to do muscle ups and perform solid snatches when they’re fresh and rested, but what happens when they try to do it with heart rates jacked up and limbs feeling a bit wobbly? For those of you who don’t have your muscle ups yet or aren’t confident in your snatches? Practice, be patient, and put in the effort and you’ll progress just fine.

5 rounds each for time of:
3 muscles ups (scale x3 pull ups, x3 dips)
5 squat snatches, 95/65#
20-40-20yd shuttle run

021011 We Love Snatches


Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy was KIA in Iraq on Feb 4th, 2008.  He is survived by his wife and son.  We did our best in the workout to honor him.

Bao got his first confirmed muscle ups (ring pull up into a dip press out) yesterday (headbutt!) and it was a great sight to see.  Hoa is very close to getting hers, but we need to develop her ring dip a bit more.  Shawn’s got his, but the stamina needs to be built up to keep them going.  And we’ll be working on strengthening Huy’s false grip so that we can maintain the pull throughout the movement.  Fine work people.

“Nate” (compare to 2/18/10)
As many rounds in 20min as possible of:
2 muscle ups
4 hand stand push ups
8 cinder block swings

Bao = 13 rounds
Huy = 8 rounds
Hoa = 5 rounds
Shawn = 11 rounds
Trac = 16 rounds

All the athletes hit it dead on with their assessment of this workout. It wasn’t a “gasser” where they were huffing and puffing like Cindy, but it required strength and adequate recovery to finish off the sets. Different stimulus, different results. Commit to every rep.

30 Muscle Ups

Endurance WOD:
3 Rounds of 5:00min run, row, bike, or swim for distance
Rest 3:00min in between rounds

Huy = 1000, 1097, 1151m row
Bao = 1131, 1181, 1215m row

A muscle up is a continuous pull up into a dip. It’s one of those key milestone skills like the kipping pull up or hand stand push up that makes you realize how much practice these movements require, and how much there is still to learn and develop.

The guys worked through progressions to get their strength and coordination up. The day they get their first muscle up will be one they will always remember. They finished off with what you’ll be seeing as “Endurance WODs” to prepare us for some challenges/adventures that are coming up :)