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One more week to go for this class of recruits. Check out their squats folks, this class isn’t messing around!

Think you have what it takes to live our lifestyle? There’s only one way to find out, email us at [email protected] to RSVP to attend one of our free orientation workout sessions.

Free Orientation Workouts for On Ramp Class 37
Sept 4th @ 8:30pm
Sept 10th @ 7:30am, 12:30pm, 7:30pm
Sept 11th @ 8:30pm



We train to suck less at life.  “What we do is meant for every body, but not everybody is meant for what we do.”  Want to take the first step in becoming a 101er?  Email us at [email protected] to attend one of the free orientation workout sessions for On Ramp Class 35.  One workout can change your perception of working out, 4 weeks can change your lifestyle.

Monday July 9th @ 7:30am, 12:30pm, 7:30pm
Tuesday July 10th @ 8:30pm
Enrollment is limited.

Day 1 vs Day 12 “Baseline” Results:
Sarah = 4:56 to 4:20
Wendee = 11:02 to 6:52
Al = 9:15 to 6:58
Andria = 7:16 to 5:33
Lisa = 6:59 to 6:14
Ajay = 8:09 to 5:12
Kristina = 10:20 to 5:47
Klaus = 8:46 to 5:33
Vicky = 8:49 to 5:38
Nick = 6:18 to 3:51
Katie = 8:11 to 5:31
Michelle = 7:39 to 6:51
Monica = 9:21 to 7:18
Marcia = 10:48 to 6:46
Mario = 6:24 to 4:35
Kyle = 6:57 to 5:39
Tori = 7:05 to 5:56
Rojika = 8:30 to 7:21
Melanie = 6:55 to 4:50
Jessica = 5:27 to 5:18
Carolyn = 6:17 to 5:47
Teri = 8:12 to 6:49
Heather = 9:47 to 5:59
Kim = 10:29 to 6:22
Alex = 5:43 to 5:07
Priscilla = 8:22 to 6:47
Candyce = 5:48

Class 32 is heading into their final workout of the on ramp program. An interesting and challenging group. We look forward to what’s in store for them after the On Ramp. Think you have what it takes to try this lifestyle, email us to RSVP for one of our free orientation workouts coming up:

Free Orientation Workouts for On Ramp Class 33
Apr 26th, May 1st @ 8:30pm
Apr 30th @ 7:30am, 12:30pm, 7:30pm


One more week before we assess whether these recruits are qualified to enroll into our regular group classes. They are CrossFitting, but we want to make sure they’ll live the TracFit philosophies as well.

The successful are willing to do what others are not. If you’re ready for a new lifestyle, come check out if you have what it takes at one of our free orientation sessions for On Ramp Class 30:

Jan 31st, Feb 2nd, Feb 7th @ 8:30pm
Feb 6th @ 7:30am, 12:30pm, 7:30pm


Janurary’s On Ramp Class 29 is progressing well. We had a record number of 1st day trialers “fall off” the intensity cliff after the orientation workout, so these survivors are a testament that it’s not about whether or not you can finish the workouts, but it’s about whether or not you have the courage to come back knowing what kind of challenges await you when you return.

Email us to RSVP for the Next Free Orientation Workouts for Class 30:
Jan 31st, Feb 2nd, Feb 7th @ 8:30pm
Feb 6th @ 7:30am, 12:30pm, 7:30pm


On Ramp Class 29 has now completed 2 out of the 4 weeks in fundamentals course and they are getting more conditioned and being introduced to new movements and concepts every day. The foundation has been laid, now we’re moving into the stage of the program where we want to really push their limits as they continue to build up their techniques. What we do is about changing lives, and we’re starting to feel that these recruits are wrapping their heads around that this is really a different lifestyle.

To think just 3 weeks ago, these recruits had really no clue what in the world CrossFit was. Now, they’re ready to enter their fourth and final week of our On Ramp program from which, if they graduate and are given a go ahead, will be eligible to participate in our regular classes. Out of any of our On Ramp classes, I believe we’ve driven fundamentals deeper into this class than any other. Their squats are looking rock solid, but this final week will test their ability to maintain their fundamentals as we ramp up into more technical skills and higher levels of intensity.

November’s On Ramp Class 27 Starts in two weeks, email us today to reserve your spot.


CrossFit is meant for everyone, but not everyone is meant for CrossFit. These students made it past our intro day and have committed themselves to seeing the On Ramp program through its course. They are already half way through our 4 week fundamentals program and their techniques have improved greatly, GREATLY, since we first met them in the intro. We know we treat the On Rampers like green recruits, because that is what they are until they make it into our community. But, we still take it as a blessing that we’re able to introduce CrossFit to people who would have otherwise never come across this type of training. To see people physically and mentally change on a daily basis makes this vocation truly worthwhile.



Our On Rampers met their first scaled down version of the “CrossFit Girls” Fran and Cindy. In CrossFit, we have a list of workouts we use periodically as benchmarks to test our performance level. Like how hurricanes are named in alphabetical order, we have some original CrossFit workouts named: Angie, Barbara, Cindy, Diane, Elizabeth, and Fran. Each has a unique characteristic and each poses it’s own challenges. There is also another side to the story of why they’re named after girls, and I’ll share that in private if you are interested.

On Ramp Class 19 stepped up to the plate. Many of them were skewed at the thought of doing so many pull ups in Fran Lite and they are already starting to think like a CrossFitter in terms of thinking about what they need to do to address their weaknesses. But, they showed up, they did their best, and they survived to train another day. That led us into Cindy Lite, a 10minute shortened version. But, the On Rampers are catching on, they know that just because a workout is only 10 minutes long, they can be sure it’s not going to be an easy 10 minutes. This is the part of the program which I love about leading new CrossFitters. The On Ramp is hard for both student and trainer. It takes a lot more energy and attention taking brand new people through CrossFit, but it is very rewarding to start seeing people change physically and mentally right in front of you. On Ramp Class 19 will conclude this Friday and we hope the rest of our community can come out and join them as they prepare for their graduation. Good luck On Rampers.

Our next intro sessions for On Ramp Class 20, will take place during these times:
Sunday March 27th at 11:00am
Monday March 28th at 7:30am, 12:30pm, and 7:30pm
Tuesday March 29th at 8:30pm

Athletes, please contact us to pre-register your friends or family that you have coming out. Thanks.

Day #9
“Fran Lite”
21-15-9 reps of
Pull ups
Sumo Deadlift Hi Pull

Day #10
“Cindy Lite”
AMRAP in 10min
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

On Ramp Class 18

Please welcome On Ramp Class 18. We hare almost half way through their beginner’s program and they’re holding their own. Although not our fastest or strongest batch of recruits, they have a unique chemistry that’s helping them progress well through the fundamental movements. How many of them will complete the program and move on to our regular group classes? Only time will tell, but for now, they’re putting in the work and have a working knowledge of our nutrition programs. It’s up to each individual to commit to how far and how fast they want to take their results. Study and train hard class, it’s on to the Midterm!

Day #1 – Baseline
Day #2 – Deadlifts/Presses (Wellness)
Day #3 – Run/Thrusters (Zone Diet)
Day #4 – Walking Lunges (Paleo Diet)
Day #5 – Wall Balls (Fit For Life Diet)




At the top of every month, we run a series of Orientation days, in an open house fashion, so that people may have an opportunity to come by and check out the gym, see what we’re about, and try their hand at a CrossFit workout.

I can’t believe this is our 15th iteration of taking people through the On Ramp program. I still find it very humbling to see that people who come to our first intro day either stay on indefinitely with us, or we will never see them again. Our way of doing things might not fit everyone’s expectations, but I suspect what happens more often is that people are shocked at how hard a 5 minute workout might feel, and they think they are not ready for that kind of work.

CrossFit is meant to be done by everyone, but not everyone is up to do CrossFit.

For our first day trialers, we had a great mix of people of all ages and sizes.

For time:
400m run
10 pull ups
20 push ups
30 sit ups
40 squats

Lauren = 6:20
Ken = 8:25
Tran = 7:38
Brittany = 6:40
Madu = 6:20
Edwin = 6:09
Carol = 5:45
Toan = DNF
Lynn = 5:37
Rose = 10:19
Jeanne = 12:24
Erica = 5:41
Catherine = 5:19
Yoji = 6:17
James = 9:20
Chuck = 5:02
Marvin = 8:10
Tessie = 10:11
Paul = 9:38