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Swagger on CrossFit 101’ers…swagger on…


Here’s are some highlights of what this community has accomplished in this past month:

Achievements: 400m time trial PRs, 1/2 Marathon PRs, 4 first muscle up PRs, squat and press PRs, 5 first double under PRs, rope climb PRs, 1st hand stand PRs, hand stand push up PRs, and 2 butterfly kipping pull up PRs.

Hero Workouts:
Roy – Deadlifts, box jumps, pull ups
Bull – Double unders, overhead squat, pull ups, 1 mile run
Morrisson – Wall ball, box jumps, kettlebell swings
Ryan – muscle ups, burpees

Benchmark Workouts:
Amanda – squat snatches, muscle ups
Baseline From Hell – 5 rounds
Athletic Skills Test Phase 1
Nancy – 400m run, overhead squats

San Jose Rock ‘n Roll 1/2 Marathon – 18 Students completed the run
CFSV OctoberFit – CF101 Team (Alex, Mychal, Wallee) placed 18th out of 40 teams

Cheers to getting constantly stronger, faster, and leaner. CrossFit 101 has now been at our facility for over a year and we’re looking forward to seeing this community develop even stronger in this coming year.

“Fran-kenstien” (Check out last Halloween’s workout here.)

In teams, complete as many reps as possible in 13min of:
P1: Rest
P2: 95lb Thrusters, reps
P3: Burpees, reps
P4: Chest to bar pull ups, reps
P5 (Pacer): Row, 250m

(2 rounds, 4min rest in between rounds)

103111 Fran-kenstien