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These students are just a small sample of our community who exemplify the lifestyle that we choose to live. They train hard, eat right, and are positive influences in our community.

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Sorry guys, it takes for ever trying to edit your pictures, I’ll try to get the rest done this week…but, yeah, nice work people :)

Still more progress pictures to come…

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Much thanks to Huy and Nishea for paparazzing the event for me. Without their videos and pictures, it would have been hard for me to look back at everything, because believe me, it goes by in a blur! Thanks guys!

Where to start? Well, I’ll start with what’s most important to me and that’s thanking everyone who supported me along my journey, both those who were there on the field yelling with all their might, as well as those who could not be there, but sent positive thoughts and encouragment my way nonetheless. You truly made this experience larger than life for me.

I placed 207th out of the 278 men that registered. The cutoff to move onto Sunday’s WOD was at 187. I am far from the 50th percentile target that I was shooting for, and definitely failed at that goal. My hope is to not come off like I am trying to toot my own horn, but I hope that my attempt at least is able to inspire my athletes to understand that just showing up is sometimes a win in itself. Although, I failed at achieving my goal, I honestly feel that I did my best to prepare for the Games and performed to the best of my ability. That’s all I could ever hope for, for my athletes.

The Good:
After completing my first 400m in the first event, as I ran past my cheering family and friends, I felt utterly euphoric and you could see me throw my hands up in the air as I’m running by. I don’t think I can accurately describe what I felt, but if I had to say it was one thing, I would describe it as feeling completely positive. I was so thankful just to be competing in a sport I love. It was an honor to perform next to the most fittest human beings I have ever been around in my entire life. There’s just something magical with having your family and friends cheering you on while you’re literally at the limits of your mental and physical capability. This is an experience I will never forget as long as I live.

The Bad:
There’s definitely many reflection points I am evaluating to improve my overall performance as I continue training. One point is that I will add training without mirrors to my regiment. I dropped the bar a few times during the overhead squat WOD because the bar started to come forward. I didn’t experience this during my practice run because I was working out in front of a mirror and I could make adjustments accordingly. This caused me at least 3 reps during the event.

Another point is that’s competition specific, is the range of motion standard for the kettlebell. Again, my practice run was not close enough to the real event. I was using dumbbells during practice and I estimate that I had to do 8-10 extra kettlebell swings during the event because the head judge was knocking down my range of motion. Holding a kettlebell completely vertical overhead is trickier to do, and to judge, than many of us thought. Lesson learned. The second WOD was also mentally challenging for me because I knew I could do close to 5 rounds from my practice run. As I was falling behind my pace during the actual event, I felt a bit discouraged. With my athletes cheering, I remember having to tell myself, just like I would tell them, to keep trying my best, take it one step at a time, and never give up.

The last major point I would probably change for next year’s competition is having a watch with me. I usually have my phone or gym clock in sight during my training sessions, but out on the field, it was hard for me to guage how much time was passing by, especially during my rest periods. I think I will definitely keep a watch on hand next year. Either that, or hopefully I will train to a point where I don’t need to rest and won’t need to look at the time at all!

The Ugly:
My athletes who came out to support me truly made me proud. The spectacting conditions were horrid on Day 1. They paid a hefty fee just to come watch, and weren’t able to watch very well because of the way the field was set up. But I didn’t hear any complaints from them, they were nothing but supportive and positive. We didn’t know what to expect, yet they made the best of the situation. Is that not an awesome way to go about life??? Although the organizers agreed to refund spectator tickets for Saturday, there is much I think they will have to rethink if they plan on running next year’s games. We celebrate successes, and evaluate failures, remember?

Moving on:
A little dissappointed? Yes. I would have loved to have experienced Sunday’s WOD. But, it was not meant to be this year. It was pure mind boggling to see how fit and strong people are. The way I felt at the Games was similiar to how I felt like when I first started CrossFit, just blown away by how much more there is to develop and train. It was a great experience on so many levels. Even if my athletes aren’t interested in competing in next year’s Games, I want them to find a similiar challenge in their lives and go after it. There’s just nothing that can replicate going head on into the unknown, surviving, and coming out the other side a different person. This is something I must instill in the athletes, it’s a lesson that is too valuable to pass up.

Words are meaningless at this point. I’ll just simply say that I am proud of who Mann is, and so should he be. The numbers just affirm that the process is taking us in the right direction. What cannot be quantified is the training of the mind and spirit, which I know in my heart, have also strengthened in Mann. Congrats to completing your 3 months Mann, we’re only just beginning.

Mann’s 3 Month WOD
1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
1 mile run
Mann’s Time = 1hr 38min