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Grudge Fitness, co-founded by Coach Mychal, is preparing for its grand opening this Thursday April 26th.  If you have friends and family in southern California/Garden Grove area, please let them know that they have an opportunity to be a part of a great new community!  Please contact Coach Mychal here for more details.  We congratulate Coach Mychal on this latest achievement and look forward to leading CF101 down to SoCal for a visit around July 7th. 

Be a better you by understanding these simple concepts:
There are no victims – what ever has occurred in the past, is in the past.  You have influence over the choices you make right now.  And those choices are what shape your future.
There is no such thing as entitlement – work for everything you earn, and earn everything you work for.  If you never expect anyone to owe you anything, you’ll live freely from your own debts.
There is room for courage – If you don’t think there’s a possibility of doing something, there won’t be.  Allow yourself to have the courage to believe that a better you is always possible.

Main Group Workout
Thruster, 165lbs
Muscle Ups

Open Skills:
50 overhead squats
50 alternating single leg squats
100 single arm snatches, 53/35
200 double unders

042412 Thruster Pull Ups

Check out our facebook page for the video of this workout.

When you can’t do something, that’s when you need to do it. That’s our mentality towards training. You need to be either going faster, harder by using more range, or heavier. Ideally, we’ll be going for all three. I like to think of our training space as an environment where we can train to be our best selves while pushing ourselves to the limits.

Failure and fear are a part of our business. We can’t be pushing the boundaries out without falling down sometimes or messing up some reps. It’s just part of the learning process. People come through our doors with some of the ugliest squats I’ve ever seen. But we practice them, we master them, and everyday our goal is for the athletes to walk out our door better than when they came in.

21-15-9 reps of:
Tripod to headstand to handstand push up
Inverted burpee
Clapping push ups
Run 800m before every round

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Progression to me means positive growth, moving on to the next level. Muscle-ups are one of the higher skilled movements within our CrossFit repertoire. It tasks pure strength with body control skill. I was very impressed with the athlete’s ability to pick up the sequence of the muscle-up.

Yesterday, we took every athlete from the first step of establishing their false-grip to how to transition from the row into the dip. Very, very, very proud. We finished the day with a mini-metcon and cashed out with splits (taking things back to my TKD days).