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Thank you to all our CrossFit Games Open competitors AND supporters for giving your all in the first week’s workout. All the burpees we’ve been doing as a community have helped our team place in the top 20 (out of 103 teams) for our region. Even if it’s just the first week, we are very proud of all our 101ers’ hard work.

Whether you did well or not, take your results as just that, a result. From that result, reflect back upon what you could have improved and keep note of that for the next workout. Second guessing doesn’t do anything positive for you. If you absolutely tried your best, you have nothing to regret. Keep your focus on what is in your control.

Whether we’re in the top 1 percentile or in the 99th percentile, we will always give it 101% effort. #thereisnoquit

Lastly, thank you to everyone who made the potluck luncheon a great time!

AMRAP in 7min


Here is a recap of tonight’s 2012 CrossFit Games Open Competitor meeting:

The CrossFit Games Open is the first stage of an annual worldwide competition whose purpose is to find the fittest man and woman on Earth.  One workout will be released every week for 5 weeks.  The workouts are judged and scored.  The top 60 men and the top 60 women from each specified region move on the the next stage of the competition which is known as Regionals.  The top weekly scores of each 3 men and 3 women in our team will help qualify our team for a team competition on Regionals.  At Regionals, the top 3 men and top 3 women move on the the final portion of the competition, the CrossFit Games, which is what most of you have seen airing on ESPN.

The first workout will be released this Wednesday.  CrossFit 101 will be dedicating Thursdays and Saturdays classes as times to run the competition workout.  If you regularly attend the Thursday or Saturday classes, you should just register for the competition since you’ll be doing the workouts regardless.  We will run the classes as normal, i.e. warm up, technique, standards, workout, and cool down as usual.  We will modify the class reservation cap as needed to balance regular student attendance with competitor specific attendance.  If you cannot make either Thursday or Saturday, contact me to schedule a time for you to get in the workout.  All competitors should be ready to warm up on their own regardless.

We will have a kick off event/potluck this Saturday starting at 10am.  Pharmenex will also be there to conduct biophotonic scanning.  We welcome you to invite your friends and family to watch you compete and get scanned.

Every competitor will also need to be a judge in order to get everyone through the workouts.  We will designate 2 levels of judging: “Prescribed” and “Scaled”.  We will ask those that competed last year or have greater experience to judge all those that are participating in the workouts at the “Prescribed” level.  For those that are new to the competition or have less experience, we will have you judge anyone who needs to scale the workouts.  CrossFit will send out judging standards videos at the same time that the workout is released.  Every competitor needs to watch those videos before competing.  You must do your best to judge to the standard and know that you’re doing your fellow 101er a favor by “no-repping” them if they are not meeting the standard.

Based upon what workouts get released, we will need to establish heat times or designate specific class times to ensure everyone is able to get the workouts in.  I will put up a sign up sheet so that you can designate what your day/time preference is.  We will do our best to make it work, but just know that you may have to go at a earlier/later time.  Based upon your preference, we will also designate who the “prescribed” and “scaled” level judges are.

Competitor Mindset:
We don’t care if you finish in first or last place, but we ultimately care about how you perform.  You are now part of Team 101% and we expect 101% and nothing less from you.  Frame yourself mentally with the idea that you are more capable than you think you are.  Your potential will vary from day to day, hour to hour, and minute to minute.  What doesn’t vary is how much effort you put in.  That is always in your control and when you step up to the workouts, just try your best, trigger your best, tell yourself it’s lightweight, know you can do it all day, or just be OSM.  Whatever mantra you use, focus your energy towards positively pushing forward.

Use this as an opportunity to clean up your nutrition.  This is competition, you want to do everything in your power to set yourself up to be more successful and competitive.

Checking your ego doesn’t go out the door for competitions.  Be safe and smart when pushing your limits and keep in mind that you’re not competing for the $250,000 prize for the 1st place finish…yet.  We will ask everyone to keep to one attempt at the workouts.  Special circumstances for a second attempt will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  One shot, give it your best, and then rest.  Performing at a competitive level is a little different from “normal” training.  You have to rest both your mind and body so that you can be as fresh as possible for the next workout.  If this means you need to take extra rest days off, do so.

Above all else, have fun.  This season is like Christmas time for CrossFitters.  We’ve been looking forward to this and been training for this all year.  Let go of your fears or anxieties, and just enjoy the experience.  Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself and embrace the energy that I know all of you will be giving each other.

Main Group Workout
3 rounds each for maximum rowing distance:
12 box jumps, 24″
6 cleans, 185lbs
Row, meters
(2:00min cap, rest 6min between rounds)

022212 Row So Hard