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This past weekend, I finally got around to getting some work done on my wife’s car. It was a fairly simple job of replacing the axles and brakes. Something that takes less than than 3 hours, but it’s been something I’ve been leaving off for the past few months!

There was a point in my life where cars were everything to me. I used to spend hours (and paychecks) just maintaining, modifying, tuning, washing, buffing, waxing, and admiring my little imports. After my first car got jacked and stripped of it’s beautiful turbo, I had brought my car to a shop that my mom’s coworker recommended. They were super cool and my mom actually talked to the owner for me to see if I can be an apprentice there because I guess she was tired of me spending all my time and money on my car and figured I could make a career out of it.

So, that’s where I began my automotive career, I took classes at EVC and worked the weekends at the shop. I thought I knew a lot about cars, but after the owners Viet and Tin introduced me to what real automotive work entailed, I discovered that I knew nothing! I started with just oil changes, brake jobs, cleaning the shop, and then progressed with helping them with timing belt, transmission, and engine replacement jobs.

After about a year or so, the work finally ground me down. I couldn’t hang with these guys in this line of work. I started dreading it. The last thing I wanted to do after I got back home from working at the shop was working on my own car or any other car at that point. It was not meant to be, but I still liked the technical aspects of cars. This is about the same time where I said goodbye to the guys at the shop and started working at NUMMI as a Quality Engineering specialist on what else, more car stuff.

Well, kind of like how Goldilocks took a while to find the right bed, I found out that NUMMI and the manufacturing side of the automotive industry wasn’t right for me either. I hope that I’ve finally settled into doing something that I’m truly passionate about, because I finally feel that there’s nothing I’d rather be doing for the rest of my life than train people.

So, I am officially over working on cars. I’ll leave it to the pros who taught me everything I know about cars and who are about the only damn honest mechanics around. They love what they do, take care of their customers, and they always give it to you straight. Looks like they also taught me a lot about how I want TRACFIT to run as well.

If you have any car concerns at all, do yourself a favor and take your baby over to Precise for me.