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Anybody can do CrossFit, just like anybody can pick up a club and play golf, or kick a ball and play soccer. But, to be really good at it, just like anything worthwhile in life, it takes a whole lot of practice, knowledge, and persistence.

Here at 101, we’re believers that if you’re doing to do something, do it right. Located in San Jose, our Personal Training Fundamentals Course is focused on building good habits and setting our students up for a lifetime of success through a path of learning technique, building consistency, and gradually increasing intensity and complexity.

Check out our Getting Started section to see if you’re up to the task of becoming part of our community and be the fittest you’ve ever been in your entire life.

Sweat, suffering, success.  Training is a lifestyle and a process that we’re passionate about.  If you want to be able to say, and more importantly, feel like you’re in the best shape of your life, check out our Getting Started section and fill out the inquiry form.   Our Coaches will then contact you to bring you in for an orientation and assessment to start your training career.

It’s not about new year’s resolutions, it’s about new life resolutions. Just a small look at our students who live our 101 lifestyle.

Contact us at [email protected] to get started with a free orientation for 1-on-1 personal training or enroll in our limited spaced On Ramp fundamentals course starting up in January.



Two years ago, I had no idea if we would still be training out of a park or not. I didn’t know if CrossFit would bust, or if some major corporation would wipe out all the small Affiliates.

I still don’t know those things today, but what I do know is that we’ll continue doing this for as long as we can, as best as we can.

I remember telling our small group of students back then that if our move into a facility didn’t work out, I’d see them all back at the park and we’ll continue training for fun after I got off of working at McDonalds or where ever.

Our classes are reaching capacity, our On Ramp continues to grow, and our students continue to progress and hit new records. Watching yesterday’s On Ramp orientation and seeing how supportive our students are and how fundamentally sound our Coaches are is crazy, pure crazy. It’s watching excellence become an attitude, a way of life.

As we continue to move forward, we’ll continue to keep our mission on focus, which is to help people change their lives for the better. And, along with every business decision we make, we ask ourselves if it will allow us to sustainably meet that mission.

With that, we’ll be adding an additional group class on Tuesdays at 8:30pm to open up the evening classes. A Thursday 8:30pm class will also be added for competitors (tryouts to come).

Thank you for being a 101er, keep training that positive mindset, and enjoy every burning rep in the gym.

Group A:
1RM snatch balance

5 rounds
400m run
15 overhead squats, 95lbs

Cash out:
2:00min Hip Flexor Stretch, each leg

Group B:
1RM snatch

AMRAP in 20min
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

Cash out:
50 Russian twists, no weight

Advance Strength

Check in with a coach before starting.

Floor Press 1 RM (regular bar regular bar wide grip)
Accessory work:
Low rack floor press (2×8) for speed at single reps, explosive movement
Kettle Bell Skull Crushers (3×12)
Band pull downs (100 reps for time)
GHD sit ups (100 reps for time)

060612 Nancy & Cindy

“Rest and recovery are just as important as the training if not more.”

First, the biggest component is sleep. Ideally, you need 8-9 hours of sleep to allow your body to do its repairs and adapt to the stimulus from the workouts.

Then, it’s nutrition. Without the right building blocks, your protein, carbs, and fat, your body won’t have the material it needs to build you into a fitter you.

Next, it’s ice baths. Freeze a block of ice and toss it into your tub and spend time there to flush the lactic acid build up in your body.

After that, it’s body management. Myofacsia release in other terms means using the foam/plastic rollers and lacross balls to unglue your muscle fibers.

Lastly, it’s checking your ego. If you are genetically gifted and can recover without any problems, more power to you. But if you’re not, don’t be afraid to take an extra rest day to give your body adequate time to recover. Just don’t allow yourself to use that as an excuse when you’re just not feeling it.

Work hard and be smart about your training. Put yourself in the best position to succeed!

Main Group Workout

20 minutes to establish a 1RM 3 position snatch (ground, hang, hi hang)

“Angie” (Compare to 6/24/11 11/19/10 6/29/10)
For time:
100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats

It takes courage just to come into our gym.  It take courage to come back after “Day 1″.  It takes courage to see the 4 week program through to its end.  And ultimately, it takes courage to move on and continue living our CrossFit 101 lifestyle in our regular group classes.  Congratulations to all the graduates from On Ramp Class 33.  We look forward to introducing you to the rest of the 101 family.

To take your first step in becoming a 101er, email us to RSVP for one of the upcoming free orientation sessions.

Free Orientation Workouts for On Ramp Class 34
May 29th, May 31st, June 5th @ 8:30pm
June 4th @ 7:30am, 12:30pm, 7:30pm


Day 1 vs Day 12 Baseline times:

Jeff = 6:44 to 4:41
Ryan = 8:40 to 6:59
Scott = DNF to 7:16
Nancy = 9:19 to 7:04
Kirk = 7:36 to 5:55
Mo = 7:36 to 5:35
John = 6:37 to 5:39
Alvin = 22:13 to 7:15
David K = 5:43 to 5:26
Christine = 7:28 to 6:28
Peter = 6:17 to 4:30
Adam = 7:43 to 6:24
Justin = 7:51 to 6:14
David D = 7:32 to 6:24
Joe = 5:29
Connie = 8:47 to 8:39
Neil = 9:33 to 6:28
Sophie = 8:25 to 6:27
Shari = 6:35 to 5:58
Jennifer = 5:50 to 5:53
Mani = 9:46 to 6:16
Phu = 6:56
Sean = 5:20 to 5:17
Jenny = 7:44 to 5:55

Positive association – Attach the feeling of discomfort with the knowledge that that discomfort directly correlates to improving yourself. The more you hurt, the more you’re improving. When you’re at the very edge of the cliff, calm your mind and body, refocus, and embrace the suck. In the end, you have to enjoy the journey and be a little crazy in the head to continue doing this stuff. Let the experience define who you are, not the ends.


Nervous about workouts? I sure am sometimes. Regardless of how you feel, up or down, give your best effort towards the task in front of you and leave the gym knowing that you tried your absolute best.

‘nough said.

“Fran” (Compare to 9/21/11)
Thrusters, 95lbs
Pull ups

010612 Fran

We ask a lot of our athletes. From showing up consistently to class, committing to long term contracts, being accountable for what they do, putting in their best effort during the workouts, spending extra time on their weaknesses, working on their nutrition, paying extra attention to their rest and recovery methods, helping us keep the gym tidy, supporting special causes and fundraising events, participating in ridiculous challenges, helping us spread the word about our community, and even contributing to the actual development of our gym facilities.

Even when I use the word “gym”, I feel like I’m doing an injustice to what our athletes do. From my martial arts background, even the word “dojo” doesn’t quite fit right. And it’s not a home because a home is just too comfortable. I really don’t know what word to use, but I guess in CrossFit terms, the word “box” will have to do. It’s a place where we can come together and willingly, and sometimes unwillingly, suffer together in the pursuit of improving our lives and each other as the same time. It’s a very special place made up of very special people. We ask of a lot of our athletes because we need to. We need to push all of our limits to progress to a better state of being. We know that the sense of accomplishment is directly proportional to the challenge and the challenge that stands in front of all of us, and that is to train to be our best selves each and every day.

“Alexander’s Exile”
For time:
100 double unders
90 sit ups
80 squats
70 climbers (2 CT)
60 push ups
50 swings
40 leg lifts
30 pull ups
20 (2-1) wb shots
10 hspu

CrossFit Games Open WOD 1
Complete as many rounds as possible in 10min of:
30 double unders
15 power snatches, 75/55#

5 Rounds for time of:
10 Burpee-Pullups
10 Handstand Pushups
10 Alt. Lunge Jumps (2-count)
10 Squat Jumps

They’ve made it. Through 4 weeks of training, they’ve come a long ways. They’ve put in hard work, practiced their techniques, took their first steps towards changing their lives for the better, and their results can be seen by their improved workout times and recovery ability.

Class 17 is a great addition to our community and we can’t wait to see them all continue their athletic development as they join the rest of their peers in the Group classes. Keep pushing yourselves Class 17, the real work is just getting started.

Top: Jared, Mei, Mary, Hyonchu, Nick, Yoshi, Long, Tung. Bottom: Ashwin, Shashank, Brian, Rohini, Lita, Van, Chris, Javier, Flint

On Ramp Day #12 “Graduation”
For time:
400m run
10 pull ups
20 push ups
30 sit ups
40 squats

Day 1 Times vs Day 12
Jared = 5:25 to 3:14 (-2:11)
Flint = 5:35 to 3:45 (-1:10)
Yoshi = 4:57 to 3:38 (-1:19)
Rohini = 7:07 to 5:43 (-1:24)
Shashank = 6:08 to 4:14 (-1:54)
Nick = DNF to 5:47 =)
Lita = 6:35 to 5:25 (-1:10)
Van P = 8:26 to 6:46 (-1:40)
Javier = 6:41 to 4:29 (-2:10)
Chris = 7:31 to 5:30 (-2:01)
Tung = 5:28 to 4:50 (-0:38 w/full pull ups)
Long = 8:32 to 4:38 (-3:54)
Brian = 6:28 to 4:24 (-2:04)
Mary = 9:22 to 5:43 (-3:39)
Hyonchu = 5:28 to 5:03 (-0:25)
Ashwin = 7:26 to 5:50 (-1:36)
Mei = 6:24 to 3:53 (-2:30)