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Our first day’s orientation and fitness assessment lasts approximately one hour, but we have an understanding that that one hour has the potential to change lives. If we can just change a student’s course of life by one fraction of a degree, we know that a year down the road, two years, or three years, this student will be a completely different person mentally and physically. If you don’t invest in a better you today, when will you? Go to our Get Started section and start your journey today by enrolling in our CrossFit Personal Training Fundamentals Course being offered in San Jose.



1) Mediocrity makes me mad.  In my past days as a cubicle crusader, I would work with people on a daily basis that accepted mediocrity.  I believe they accepted it for two reasons.  One was because there wasn’t much motivation for an employee to push themselves to do better.  An employee who did the bare minimum to get by sometimes held the same if not higher status and compensation as an employee who consistently performed well.  It was just the nature of the system we worked in.

The second was that people were just plain comfortable.  Some people were okay with not progressing, not challenging themselves, and not improving themselves or their career whether it be in compensation or job satisfaction.  I don’t know how many of you have experienced the same environment in your workplaces, but the word that best describes how I felt about my old workplace was “demoralizing”.  I’m guessing many of you have, or else we wouldn’t have shows like “The Office” or comics like “Dilbert”.

I’m sad to think that most of our nation is falling into this zone of mediocrity.  This culture of mediocrity promotes false leadership where those who are good at maintaining mediocrity, are promoted as managers, and those with real merit either find other places to thrive or are beaten down by the system until they relent.  Mediocrity to me means death.  Death in the sense that one really isn’t living, and instead is just going from day to day like a zombie.

As CrossFit 101ers, we have no time for mediocrity.  The only thing worse than failure is not achieving our potential.  We live in a world of challenge, where those who are willing to put themselves out there are rewarded with irrefutable results.  Our training environment is one of uncomfortableness, and we embrace that because we know that when the day comes, and it will come, when we are really tested, it will be the mental, physical, and spiritual training that we do on a daily basis that will help us meet that test, come what may.

Monday isn’t a day to dread, it’s just another start of a new week for you to kick some ass.  101%!

2) Netflix?  Check out another cool documentary on food: Fresh.

Run 1600m
100 push ups
1 rope climb
Run 1200m
75 sit ups
1 rope climb
Run 800m
50 mountain climbers (2ct)
1 rope climb
Run 400m
25 burpees
1 rope climb
(Wear a 20lb vest if you have a sub 7min mile and can rope climb w/o the use of feet)

061812 Runception

Coach Kyle’s
Advance Strength

Front Squat 1 RM with chains
Accessory Movements:
Good morning box squat
(safety bar) 2×8

Barbell walking lunge 2×20
(alternating steps)

Weighted GHD back extensions, 3×10
Weighted GHD sit ups, 3×10
Sled sprint 5x25m bodyweight plus sled


Master the basics:

Eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.

Zone breakdown: A 1 block meal contains 7g of protein, 9g of carbs, and 1.5g of fat.

Paleo: No dairy, grains, legumes, processed foods

Fit for Life: Juice fresh vegetables and fruits.  Get major meals in between 12pm – 8pm.

Keep things simple and execute the common uncommonly well.

Main Group Workout

5k run (Compare to 11/9/11)
Wear a 20lb vest if 5k times are under 25min

100 weighted sit ups

Advance Strength – Max Effort
1. 3-3-3 Front Squat
2. 15 rep Overhead squat
3. 3×3 Push Press

051412 5k Run


The mind is primary.  Even if your body is at its limits, there might not be much you can do for it, but you have opportunities to make your mind feel better.  If you’re able to disassociate the discomfort you’re physically feeling from what you’re thinking, you’ll be able to shift your mental frame set to a much more controlled state.  Do that, and you’ll find that your body will catch up must quicker.  Win the battle in your head first.

Main Group Workout
4 rounds each for time of:
400m run (Compare to 10/17/11)

(Rest 3-4 minutes between rounds)

041812 400m Time Trial


There was an abundance of personal records broken today.  It is a blessing to see our students’ hard work and sacrifice pay off with measurable and concrete results.  Anything worthwhile in this world will ask of hard work and sacrifice from you.  For better physical health, for better mental health, and for better spiritual health, I can’t think of anything more powerful than what we do, and I can’t fathom how some can choose not to train.  For all of you who choose to commit to this lifestyle, I can only hope you are able to reap it’s benefits on a constant basis.  Keep up the hard work and make the conscious choice to better yourself on a daily, hourly, and moment to moment basis.

Main Group Workout
For time:
5k run

Happy Easter!


When you walk through the gym doors, we need you to turn on your “CrossFit switch”.  You may have had a rough or long day, but as soon as you walk through to the training room, all that goes out the door.  For the hour that your with us, we want you to make the most of it.  It’s an hour to focus on your goals.  It’s an hour to alleviate stress.  It’s an hour to work hard, challenge yourself, and have fun.  And ultimately, it’s an hour to train to be a better you.  You’re with us because we’re here to guide, lead, motivate, teach, correct, and kick your behinds in high gear.  We do our best to fire you up, so just do your best to meet us half way.  “Good evening students!”

Main Group Workout
1RM Clean
1RM Floor Press
1RM Overhead squat  

1 mile time trial

Cash out: 400m walk

040612 CFT2 & Mile Time Trial


The 2012 CrossFit Games Open has officially come to a close.  For the past 5 weeks, 66 of our students have competed against nearly 61,000 other CrossFitters from all around the world.  We want you to all know that we are damn proud of what this community has accomplished.  You’ve all come a very long way and to see PRs in nearly every workout is something truly amazing.

We would like to thank you for judging each other accurately and with integrity.  We would also like to thank everyone who came out or stayed back after classes specifically to cheer on and support the competitors as they took on this challenge.  In our NorCal Region, Team 101% finished 38th this year out of 104 teams that started the competition.  Although the team will not be moving on to the next stage of the competition this year, we KNOW it will next year.

With that said, we would like to especially recognize Coach Annie who finished in the top 2% for our region (Annie finished 32nd out of 1513 women).  Coach Annie has successfully secured her spot to move on to the next stage of the competition, Regionals.  Please save your dates for May 18-20 and come support Coach Annie at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds where the NorCal Regional will be held.  Great job Annie!

With the end of the 2012 Open, preparation for 2013 starts now!  Ask yourself these questions as you look forward to improving for next year.
Are you putting in the work inside and outside of the gym?
Are you pushing the intensity?
Are you addressing your weaknesses while maintaining your strengths?                     
Are you 101% committed and willing to do what it takes?

Everyday is a new opportunity, it’s up to you to make the most of it!  Thank you again Team 101%, it was truly a team effort!

Main Group Workout

SEALFIT – “Corey”
200 m run, 20 pull ups
400 m run, 20 pull ups, 50 push ups
800 m run, 20 pull ups, 50 push ups, 75 sit-ups
1 mile run, 20 pull ups, 50 push ups, 75 sit-ups, 100 squats
800 m run, 20 pull ups, 50 push ups, 75 sit-ups
400 m run, 20 pull ups, 50 push ups
200 m sprint

This WOD in memory of Corey Scott Rozell, submitted by his brothers at NMMI:

Born on October 16,1988, in Maine to Tammy Norton, and David A. Rozell.  He was a cadet at New Mexico Military Institute as a sponsored prep for the Coast Guard Academy.  Corey was 22 when he passed February 19, 2011.  Corey was mostly defined by his tattoos.  You couldn’t help but look at the fire and water elements on his arms, or the pin up girls running up his side, and most just gasped when they saw his whole back, the memorial he made for his brother, Jason, who died in 2002.  Corey was loud, muscled, and proud. No matter what, he could put a smile on your face.  He was three years enlisted in the Coast Guard and achieved the rank of Petty Officer Third Class. Corey gave the best name possible for the Coast Guard and all members of the armed forces.  He ate, drank, and now sleeps with Semper Paratus on his mind and in his heart.  Rest in Peace Corey.

032612 SEALFIT Corey


Main Group Workout
“Nicole’s Hotter Sister”
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20min of:
400m run
Ring hand stand push ups

030612 Nicole’s Hotter Sister


I prayers go out to the people and families that have been affected by this.

Many people think I joke around when I talk about the zombie apocalypse, but I really don’t think the idea is too far fetched.  Here’s my reasoning, the way we produce meat in this country and abroad is crazy.  We literally farm animals in confinement where they can’t move, they literally live in their feces, and get slaughtered in inhumane and unsanitary conditions.  We pump them up full of antibiotics so that we can fatten them up quicker on cheaper feed.  Bacteria and viruses are thriving and are evolving and getting resistant to the antibiotics scientists are coming up with.  We consume not only the animal protein, but the antibiotics that they were pumped up on and the bacteria and viruses that were in their system.  This is all in the name of bringing you cheap protein that ends up on some dollar menu or sale at your local grocery store.  Invest in your life.  Invest in organic, grass fed, free range, wild caught, raw, non-antibiotic/pesticide/GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods.  Inform yourself as a consumer and when the apocalypse does comes, make sure you go for the headshot.   

8 rounds for time:
400m run

(Rest 90 seconds between rounds.  Compare to CrossFit’s Main Site.)

If you have your own stopwatch, it will help tremendously if you’re not a big math person.
Warm up & Intro: 5min
Tech: 10min
WOD: 30min
Cool: 5min

020912 8 rounds 400m Run

We would like to welcome On Ramp Class 28 graduates Sateesh, Maria, Gil, Ricardo, Young, Daniel, Arjun, Jeff, Jacqueline, and Michael who have now all transitioned to the regular group classes.  Also, we would like to welcome back On Ramp Class 14 Graduate Vanessa and Class 27 graduates Amanda and Martin to the regular group community.


Don’t be hesitant to communicate your injuries to our coaching staff.  There are many ways to address the warm ups and workouts to accommodate injuries.  But, outside the gym, injuries need a plan for recovery.  Whether it be sports/massage therapy, specific mobility work, or other counter measures, injuries must be addressed for quick and full recovery.  Have patience, check your egos at the door, and remember to focus on what is in your control.

Check out this free software download that allows you to search for nutritional facts for just about any food.  Quick Zone Review, 7g of protein = 1 block of protein, 9g of carbs = 1 block of carbs, and 1.5g of fat = 1 block of fat.

1. 1mile time trial

2. In teams of ~2
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15min of:
7 burpee pull ups
7 front squats, 155/95lbs

011212 1mile Time Trial

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