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25 back squats, front squats, and overhead squats (each with PVC pipe)
400m run
25 presses, push presses, and push jerks
400m run
50 squat cleans
400m run
50 snatches
400m run

Yesterday’s workout was skill development centric. Confidence is built upon repeated success, and success is obtained through practice and hard work. We spent time reviewing the points of performances of the squats, presses, and Olympic lifting series.

We could have had everyone do the workout individually, but that would have put to much emphasis on completing the workout first. By having the athletes complete to workout as a group, we took the tempo down and kept a closer focus on perfecting their technique. It also gave us an opportunity to further develop the interaction between the athletes.

Sarah’s Kids Workout (Sarah just turned 8!)
8 frog jumps
1 ball slam…8 ball slams
1 jump rope…8 jump ropes
Continue with the frog jumps until we work up to a round of 8 ball slams and 8 jump ropes. Sarah’s time = 9:55.

Congrats to the gladiator for setting a new PR (personal record) and regaining the gym record for the deadlift!

Why do we strength train? Building strength doesn’t necessarily mean building bigger muscles. We value high power to weight ratios over just working out just to look bigger. More strength means more capability in what we can do and strength carries over to every other aspect of fitness we focus on like stamina, endurance, power, speed, agility, etc. Stronger muscles also mean more caloric usage and quicker fat loss.

From the grandfather that needs to move his potted plants, to the mother picking up her child from the floor, function and independence is what we’re after.

Looking forward to Mann’s first triathlon!