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Here’s what’s in a 24oz Sugar Free Rockstar. We had this discussion last year, but since many of you are new this year, let’s review. I really don’t have anything against most of the ingredients used in a Rockstar or other similar “energy” drinks. Most of it is some form of vitamin or extract. What concerns me is that “natural and artificial” flavoring stuff (more on that here if you really want to get nerdy, and if not skip to 10:30). It’s the 5th main ingredient in this drink and I have no idea what it is and I bet know one else knows or can even find out either. The other concern is the amount of sugar. It states total sugars = 0. But doesn’t it taste sweet? Sure does, and you’re brain thinks it’s sweet as well and will start sending signals to your pancreas to spike up insulin.

If you’re needing a Rockstar at the gym, you probably aren’t needing a workout, you need rest. If I was to absolutely need a caffeine pick me up, I’d go for a mid sized iced black coffee that contains the same amount of caffeine as this Rockstar, the rest of the stuff taurine, ginseng, and all that isn’t in enough quantity to make any effect. Just be careful.

– From a guy that used to have cans of this stuff in his cubicle.

Main Group Workout
4 rounds each for time:
800m run

(Rest ~3-4 minutes between rounds)

022612 800m Time Trial

Sure, it’s “100%” fruit juice, but after going through harvesting, concentrating, and bottling processes, you got 100% insulin overdose inducing “juice” without any of the benefits of fruit enzymes and fiber. Another great marketing ploy, well played…well played…

Miki has three kids (Dylan, Amanda, and Brian Curtis =P), works, and does her best to pack lunch for her and her kids. We’ll be working on adjusting their meals a bit so that the whole family gets food that they like, but is also healthy for the family’s future.