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Grudge Fitness, co-founded by Coach Mychal, is preparing for its grand opening this Thursday April 26th.  If you have friends and family in southern California/Garden Grove area, please let them know that they have an opportunity to be a part of a great new community!  Please contact Coach Mychal here for more details.  We congratulate Coach Mychal on this latest achievement and look forward to leading CF101 down to SoCal for a visit around July 7th. 

Be a better you by understanding these simple concepts:
There are no victims – what ever has occurred in the past, is in the past.  You have influence over the choices you make right now.  And those choices are what shape your future.
There is no such thing as entitlement – work for everything you earn, and earn everything you work for.  If you never expect anyone to owe you anything, you’ll live freely from your own debts.
There is room for courage – If you don’t think there’s a possibility of doing something, there won’t be.  Allow yourself to have the courage to believe that a better you is always possible.

Main Group Workout
Thruster, 165lbs
Muscle Ups

Open Skills:
50 overhead squats
50 alternating single leg squats
100 single arm snatches, 53/35
200 double unders

042412 Thruster Pull Ups


1) Check out for lots of cool recipes and meal planning ideas and tips.

2) Success is a by-product of positive habits. The opposite can be easily said about failure. Every choice you make, EVERY choice, will either bring you closer to one or the other.

3) Tough day at work? Crazy school hours? Trouble with the family at home? Or stuck at a plateau? Check your ego at the door and reflect upon how you’re reacting to the problem. Problems and challenges are the norm, it’s how we choose to step up to them that makes the difference. We can make all the excuses in the world, we just can’t believe any of them. 101% lifestyle.

Main Group Workout
3-3-3 Front Squat
L4: 275
L3: 185
L2: 115
L1: 62

Complete as many rounds as possible in 4min of:
4 Squat clean thrusters, 165lbs (scale 135/105/75/52lbs)
20-40-60 yard shuttle run
4 Muscle ups (scale 4 pull ups + 4 ring dips)

50 weighted sit ups, 45lb plate

Cash out:
1 mile run

032012 4min AMRAP


Can you really get fitter in 30 seconds? Our workouts are usually very simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. CrossFit works and it works quickly, the only catch is that it requires maximum effort from the athlete. Whether you’re “fit” or you haven’t worked out in years, the workouts can be adjusted to your performance level so that no matter if you’re a world class athlete or a new mom, the movements and the protocols will provide you with an effective, efficient, and most importantly, a safe path towards elite fitness.

5 rounds each for time of:
3 push presses, 95/65
5 thrusters, 95/65
7 toes to bar
9 pull ups
Rest some in between rounds

Click on the comments to view the results

Class 11 is learning the lesson of “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable” pretty well. Even though yesterday’s workout consisted no more than 4 minutes of actual work, the lasting effects of what we do is undeniable. Anaerobic work will continue to stimulate to body to adapt for many hours even after the workout has ended. How was your performance yesterday? Was it a big red flag that we need to fix your nutrition?

Day #3
3 rounds each for time of:
200m run
10 Thrusters

Click on the comments section for the results.

Watching the live stream of the CrossFit Southwest Regional competition fired me up to have the athletes try one of the Affiliate team workouts from the competition. Our rain or shine policy was in effect and it was a great way to start off Mother’s Day.

Team Workout (modified from the Affiliate Cup competition)
Drill 1: 10yd, 20yd, 100ft Suicide Run
Drill 2: 30 Thrusters, cinderblock
Once entire team completes the thrusters, the team can move on to complete the dips
Drill 3: 15 Dips

Mychal, Tri, Hoa, Erik = 7:47
Huy, Shawn, Bao = 8:21

Drill 4:
4x100m Relay
Last team member continues last leg of relay and picks up rest of team members. Once all team members have been picked up, entire team completes 1 more lap.

Mychal, Tri, Hoa, Erik = 4:58
Huy, Shawn, Bao = 6:02

Drill 5:
Both teams, 500 double unders. 20min

They’re still alive! Mostly. Class 9 is progressing well. Coordination is looking a little better and we’ve introduced the POSE running technique yesterday. Everyone pretty much feels the same stimulus of tight calves and tight arches after trying the Pose technique because those body components haven’t been in use with all that heel striking! Chyrl went out early due to a pulled muscle, but we’ll work with her to get her moving at full capacity as soon as possible. Great efforts from the group.

Day #3 Workout:
3 rounds for time of
200m run
10 Thrusters
1 heat rests while another completes round

Selam = 1:09, 1:13, 1:16 (small ball)
Chryl = 1:18, n/a (KB)
Vannessa = 1:21, 1:25, 1:18 (bertha)
Trung = 1:18, 1:21, 1:30 (small CB)
Tyler = 0:59, 0:55, 0:54 (large CB)
Linhzy = 1:02, 1:04, 1:01 (bertha)
Jenny = 1:02, 1:04, 1:04 (small CB)
Chi Thao = 1:05, 1:05, 1:04 (KB)
Mom = 1:35, 1:30, 1:21 (small ball)

No matter how tired I ever am, or how lazy I feel, I always feel better and more energetic after a workout. I feel even more stoked after training a class and observing some solid movement! We spent time today catching up Chaiwat, Stephanie, and Tony on the On Ramp classes as Huy, Dave, Helen, and Erik continued plugging away at their workouts. I hope I can train people for the rest of my life!

Day #3 WOD
3 rounds
125m run

10 Thrusters

Steph = 1:05, 1:01, 0:58
Tony = 0:52, 0:54, 0:48
Helen = 0:57, 0:56, 0:54
Mark = 1:12, 1:56, n/a
Chaiwat = 0:31, 0:32, 0:30 (50m)
Derdle = 0:45, 0:46, 0:39 (50m)

Huy “Bear Crossing” = 35min
Dave “L-Pull Ups, SDHP” = 14:06
Trac “L-Pull Ups, SDHP” = 11:42

So the wife and I went out with Huy for “some” drinks over the weekend. We definitely went over the 2 drinks per week guideline, but it was one of those events where you have to balance your fitness goals with your social ones. Even though our little outing set us both back a few days, it was worth it in my book to share some good times. I’m glad that the wedding, and now training, is reconnecting some lost relationships. Now, back to it.

Buy in:
Introduce last triplet of CF Foundations: deadlift, sumo deadlift hi-pull (sdhp), clean. Then, thrusters.

3 rounds
Row 250m
10 Thrusters (front squat push press)
Huy = 6:12

Cash out:
60s FLR on cables