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This past weekend, we were able to put color onto our wall with the help of our athletes: Huy, Tmai, Alex, Linhzy, Bao, Toan, and mascot Mylo.  They put their physical capability towards a real world application :)

Painting a wall is something very menial in itself. But, for me, it was a milestone. I had purchased all the paint and equipment months ago, but we’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to schedule time to get it done. Like the other developments in the gym, we’ve been progressing one step at a time with the most important items first.

The signs that we are getting more established as a business is a direct correlation to the strength of our community, literally and figuratively. Many businesses operate on with the primary basis of marketing to increase sales. The way we run things, marketing is probably the last thing we prioritize on. Our focus is on the athletes that make up our community. We place faith in that if we do our best to provide them with the best training experience possible, then the marketing will take care of itself. There’s a saying in the CrossFit community that people come for the coaching, but they stay for the community.

I always find it strange to think about the path that’s lead me here, leading a CrossFit Affiliate. I didn’t even know what CrossFit was a few years ago, but it feels as though everything that I’ve done in life has kind of prepared me for this moment. From being put through some of the hardest martial arts training as a teenager, to being in a leadership position in college, and then working in one of the harshest industries for a white collar worker, it’s all made CrossFit that much more universal and necessary.

All those challenges help develop a gladiator type of mindset where you have to make make the best with what you have and either sink or swim with it. By basically starting this company with nothing, we’ve had to really think about what’s important to us and make decisions that will give us the most efficacy and efficiency. We keep what works and discard what doesn’t. There is no CrossFit business model, but the open format that Coach Glassman has established allows best practices to be rewarded. I have a vision of what our ultimate facility would look like, but it’s easy to understand that a great facility is worthless without dedicated and hard working athletes to put it to use.