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Our first day’s orientation and fitness assessment lasts approximately one hour, but we have an understanding that that one hour has the potential to change lives. If we can just change a student’s course of life by one fraction of a degree, we know that a year down the road, two years, or three years, this student will be a completely different person mentally and physically. If you don’t invest in a better you today, when will you? Go to our Get Started section and start your journey today by enrolling in our CrossFit Personal Training Fundamentals Course being offered in San Jose.

It’s not about new year’s resolutions, it’s about new life resolutions. Just a small look at our students who live our 101 lifestyle.

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The front squat. It requires loading of weight on the frontal plane and a more upright posture in the bottom of the squat. Elbows and wrists have to give way to keep the load stable. Perfect practice makes perfect, and we always need more practice.

Some decent numbers were put up yesterday. Huy’s squat is looking as rock solid as ever and Tri needs to spend a little more time in the bottom of the squat to develop more balance and full range of motion. Bao’s putting some sick numbers up for a good power to weight ratio. Feeling strong.

Front Squat
Tri = 95, 115, 115, 115, 115
Huy = 95, 115, 115, 135, 165
Bao = 95, 115, 135, 155, 165

Incline Sprints
8x 15s sprint/45s rest
Tri & Huy = Final sprint 12mph @ 12% incline
Bao = 7.0mph @ 8% incline
I severely underestimated everyone’s sprinting capability. Duly noted for the next round of sprints.

Trac247 WOD:
Back Squat
Trac = 225(3), 195, 185, 185, 185

Trac = 235, 235, 235

10-7-5, 100lbs

52 Days left until the Games. I’ve started programming my own WODs now and will start to stray away from’s main WODs. The main site’s WODs will always be my baseline and the programming is great at improving fitness for 99.99% of the population. It’s also been proven and refined over the years by thousands of people. But, because I’m heading into a CrossFit based competition, I need to tweak the program a bit to address my weak points. Therefore, my programming will be a bit more intense and specific to things that I don’t like, which equates to things that I’m weak on. You’ll see them here as the Trac247 WOD.

As for the guys, they killed it yesterday. Huy and Tri attempted their first scaled benchmark WOD called “Cindy”. Benchmark WODs are mixed in randomly as a reference test to track trends. Both of them really pushed through the workout and never gave up, that’s important. Mann hit up a couplet of sumo deadlift hi pulls which pounds the lower body and cardiovascular system and finishes it off with push presses. Great day.

Trac247’s WOD:
5-5-5-5-5 Squat Cleans
Cleans = 95, 115, 135, 155, 155lbs (PR – finally, I’m able to clean the standard weight, sheesh!)

1-1-1-1-1 Barbell TGUs (1 lh, 1 rh)
TGUs = 60, 60, 70, 70, 70lbs (PR – felt so good to stand that damn weight up, half way to 135s)

“Cindy Lite”
As many rounds in 15min of:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats
Huy = 9 rounds
Tri = 10 rounds
Cash out:
3×5 Weighted sit ups, 25lbs

Mann’s Workout
21-15-9 reps of:
Sumo Deadlift Hi-pull, 95lbs
Push Jerk, 95lbs
Mann = 15:40

Tri’s moving along well. We’re still developing balance and strengthening the midline stabilization (“core”). Tri also has some flexibility issues that are restricting his range of motion a bit, but by just doing the movements, his body will start to adapt and loosen up.

I always ask whoever I’m training how they’re feeling or how their day was so that I can judge how much to adjust the workout based upon their mindset. But it goes much beyond that, and I’m glad that my cousins and I have this unique opportunity to reconnect. Shyeah!

Day #4

3 Rounds
250m row
10 push jerks (was supposed to do thrusters, but that’s okay, we’ll work them into the next workout)
Tri = 6:13

Cable FLRs = 43s (Haha, odd number to stop, try for a full 60s next time even if you have to take a rest. Just stop your timer as you rest. Then, we’ll move on to 2, 3, 4, and 5 minutes!)

Day #5
Buy in:
Introduce deadlifts and sumo dead lift hi-pulls using a barbell. Then cleans using a dumbbell, and recheck thrusters.

5 rounds:
7 wall ball shots, 12lbs ball
7 push ups
7 bent over rows, 55lbs
Tri = 5:11

Cash out:
20 knee raises on the pull up bar

6 rounds for time:
Run 200m
Tuck Jump, 10 reps

A question that comes up often, and it’s a good sign if it does, is “What should I eat?”. Any fitness program that doesn’t address nutrition is skeptical at best. Let me introduce you to CrossFit’s basic recommendation and then I’ll tell you what’s worked for me.

As simple as it gets from Coach Glassman (CF Founder), “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.” We eat to support our daily lives and support performance improvements in the workouts. Any excess, i.e. bodyfat, is unwanted.

Whether it’s Paleo (caveman diet), Zone (protein/carb/fat ratio), or Atkins (low carb), pretty much each diet recommends low carbs. Why low carbs and not low fat? Basically, too much carbs, especially high glycemic (high sugar) and processed carbs, cause hormonal insulin spikes that lead to health problems.

For more in depth info, start here:
CrossFit Start Diet
CrossFit Journal Issue 21

It’s not easy getting started, but here’s how I started to ease into eating healthier and I’m going on -40lbs now:

1) Start by splitting up your normal meals. If you’re eating a breakfast, lunch, and dinner right now, try to split those up. Instead of eating your entire lunch at once, break it up into a brunch and lunch. If you come home and have dinner at 5pm, split that in half and have the rest at 7pm. This helped me not to splurge on snacks as I got hungry throughout the day and it also kept me from thinking, “I don’t want to feel hungry later, so I’m going to eat up now”. By constantly eating every 2-3 hours, my metabolism also kicked up as the steady supply of food kept my body from wanting to store everything for later.

2) Once you got step 1 down, start choosing less processed foods. This is what’s great about the Paleo diet. It refers to how cavemen used to eat and basically tries to match what we eat to how our genetics work. Cavemen didn’t have pure white sugar in a bag. That stuff is highly potent and processed, so try cutting out the sugar. Believe me, you will face your sugar and carb addictions but keep at it, because you will be happy with the results, and it will become less and less a part of your life. Stick to the natural organic stuff.

3) Using the base Zone ratio for percentage of calories in a meal of 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% really started to lean me out. The Zone depends on some pretty specific measurements, but to me, it was more of a scientific way to gauge a baseline. Out of all the methods, I saw the most results from zoning and can start to see the individual muscle serrations as my body fat % is dropping. I have altered the ratio a bit to include more protein as I felt my strength was decreasing slightly, and it’s been working. I feel stronger, look leaner, and am increasing performance.

4) Try a challenge. There are food challenges on the CF forum for either 30 days of Paleo or 30 days of cutting sugar. Joining one of those contests can help you stay on track and once you reach the end of the contest, you will more likely than not, want to continue on track.

I never would have thought that I could get this lean or fit, even when I was training 8hrs a day in taekwondo. I’m back down to my high school “fighting” weight, but am worlds stronger and have more functionality. Give it a try.

Blue Light Special

Hip mobility is essential in increasing power potential. This workout focuses on coordinated opening and closing of the hips.

Buy in:

Burgerner warm-ups with barbell (jump shrugs, jump shrug hi-pulls, jump shrug to overhead, jump shrug to full snatch)

Knee Jumps (doing this without the use of your arms to create momemtum forces the hip to quickly snap open and close and takes a mental leap of faith to do. Can’t wait til we add a load).

5 rounds of:
3 dumbbell jerks, 2x20lbs
5 dumbbell squat cleans, 2x20lbs
1 min rest

Cash out:
1-2-3-4-5-6 reps of
Burpees into jumping pullups

This WOD was based upon a morning “warm-up” at the SDSU cert seminar.

Buy in:
Review deadlift, sumo deadlift hi-pull, dumbbell cleans

For max reps in 10min:
100m run
Push ups (as many as possible in the time it took to do the run)
Dumbbell clean, 20 lbs (same amount of time as run)
Rest (same amount of time as run)

Mann push ups = 14, 5, 6, 6, 4 = 35
Mann cleans = 5, 4, 5, 4, 6 = 24
Mann sprint time avg = 0:35

Cash out:
2x Side Planks, 30s each side

Mann’s technique is getting better and better with each workout. I notice he has much better control of his body, and his core is working hard with the mid-line stabilization. What a sexy beast.

I was looking forward to this one after it was posted on cf’s main site. The main site is definitely switching things up.

For time
15-12-9 reps of:
One arm dumbbell thrusters, 60lbs, each arm
One arm pull ups, each arm

My time = 19:25. I had to scale back the pull ups on the 12 and 9 rep rounds as my recovery time between reps was causing the intensity of the WOD to diminish.

Love it.