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Main Group Workout
1RM Heaving Snatch Balance
L4: 95, 135, 155, 185
L3: 45, 65, 95, 115
L2: 22, 42, 52, 62
L1: 22, 27, 32, 37

3 rounds of:
90sec Toes to Bar
90sec Rest
90sec Double Unders
90sec Rest

Cash out:
1 mile run w/20lb vest (sub by holding a 15lb dumbbell or medball)

Advance Strength – Max Effort
1. 1-1-1 Front Squat
2. 12-9-6 Back Squat, maintain same load
3. 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Press

052182 Heaving Snatch Balance


“AMRAP Attack”

Part 1
3-3-3 Hang Squat Clean

Part 2
AMRAP in 5min of:
6 SOTS Press, pvc pipe
12 squat jumps
200m run

Part 3
AMRAP in 5min of:
40 double unders
10 med ball cleans, 20/14lbs

Part 4
AMRAP in 5 min of:
6 goblet squats, 50/35lbs
9 sumo deadlift hi pulls

102711 AMRAP Attack

Teams are fun. Burpees are great. Squat cleans are great fun. Put them all together and you’re guaranteed a good time.


Team AMRAP in 30 min of:
“Burpee Squat Cleans”
Team member must complete the “buy in” every time before earning reps for the burpee squat cleans.

Buy in:
5 Mountain Climbers
5 Pushups
5 Deadlifts

Burpee Squat Cleans for reps (rolling count for team), 155lbs

101311 Team Burpee Squat Cleans


This week, we started with a new workout format where we will be running two simultaneous WODs during our peak evening classes. This is in effort to focus more personalized attention to our athletes. For those that do workout A on Monday, you will do workout B on Wednesday and vice versa. We will run this same format on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that regardless of what training schedule our athletes are on, they will receive the constant variation component to the workout programming.

Workout A
Strength: Push Press – 3 rounds each for max reps, 135lbs
Skill: 1 minute L-sit hold

“Eva” (compare to 10/28/10)
5 rounds for time of:
800m run
30 swings
30 pull ups

Workout B
10k Run (compare to 11/17/10)

For this workout, we moved towards the second phase of CrossFit Seattle’s athletic skills rubric. It’s very exciting to see our athletes so enthusiastic about achieving their levels. You can see everyone on their phones calculating how much of their body weight they need to lift in order to qualify for one of the levels. These people never cease to inspire me.


We had our third wave of equipment arrive from Rogue Fitness this Friday. For other people, this is probably insignificant. But for myself, our staff, and our athletes who started with us this time last year when all we had were just cinder blocks and homemade wall balls, it’s another milestone into the development of our company and community.

When we started this company, we knew we had to have three things to be successful. The first was that we had to provide world class coaching. Getting certified is just a pre-req. To be world class, we continuously strive to implement our knowledge and training methods to set our athletes up for the best opportunity for success. The second was that we had to build a strong and positive community. Well, from the bonds that we see between our athletes and all your willingness to help and support one another, I think we have that down. The third was that we had to construct an effective facility. We don’t need fancy things, but we need tools to help us make the training experience as effective and as efficient as possible.

We would like to thank everyone for your continued support and efforts, and we would like to especially thank all of our athletes who directly helped us with equipment through their donations.

Main Group Workout
Athletic Skills Test Phase 2
Hips: Deadlifts
Push: Presses & Handstands
Pull: Cleans
Core: Leg Raises
Work: 800m run
Speed: 500m row

052711 Skills Test Phase 2(1)
052711 Skills Test Phase 2(2)

Short and heavy workouts really tax our phosphate and glycolytic energy systems and are important to our training, especially as we get more competitive in CrossFit. However longer workouts that take us into the oxidative realm are also important for physical adaptation as well as for mentally training to be comfortable with longer workouts.


Here’s a yin and yang relationship for you: Strength work is relatively more comfortable to train on, but it takes longer to develop. Cardio work is more uncomfortable to train on, but takes less time to develop. Where do you fall and where do you need to be?

100 Sit Ups
50 Side Raises (each side)
100 Leg Lifts
50 Flutter kicks (4-count)
25 Single arm ground to overhead, 45# (10 each arm)
10 Deadlifts, 225/165#

3 rounds for time of:
30 pull ups
30 push ups
30 squats

“Freaky Friday”
Athletes will randomly choose from one of the following
3 rounds for time of:
15 Overhead squat, 95lbs
20ft walking lunge
15 Sumo deadlift hi pull, 95lbs

10 rounds for time of:
1 squat clean, 2x45lbs
3 front squats
1 jerk + hold for 10seconds
10 double unders

3 rounds for time of:
25 wall ball shots
25 burpee box jumps, 24″

For rounds each for time of:
500m row

“Filthy 500 – Part 1”
For time:
100 squats
25 push ups
75 squats
50 push ups
50 squats
75 push ups
25 squats
100 push ups
Wear a 20lb vest if you have one
(On Ramp Graduates Scale: divide reps by 5)

Here’s the hierarchy of development of an athlete as proposed by Coach Glassman (CrossFit Co-Founder)

1) Nutrition
2) Met-con (cardio)
3) Gymnastics
4) Weightlifting
5) Sport

What this means is that nutrition sets the precedence for an athlete’s progression. Then, their cardio and respiratory endurance and stamina, then how well they can control their bodies. After those bases are set, then the athlete can develop their weightlifting and practice skills specific to their sport. We don’t segregate the training, because that will segregate our results. Instead we look at that hierarchy and ensure that we emphasize a strong foundation while developing all aspects of being an athlete.

5-5-5 Max Effort Press

10-7-4 Press

As many ascending reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
Headstand to Hand Stand Push Ups
Push Ups
Knees to Elbows

Click on the comments to view the results.

Time for more practice in the L-sit. What better way to motivate holding the L-sit than to have some bonuses attached to them?

20sec L-sit hold, run 50m for every second less than the standard
45sec L-sit hold, do one hand stand push up for every second less than the standard
90sec L-sit hold, do 1 burpee for ever second less than the standard

Positivity is what it’s all about. If it doesn’t help you think positively, throw that trash out of your head. It’s not a matter of if you can, but when you can.

It might seem insignificant to others, but I feel extremely proud and get a great sense of satisfaction when one of the athletes achieves a new PR or gets down a new skill.

Congrats to Chu Long for getting his first full kipping pull ups, Huy for finding his center on the rings, and MC for getting his mile time down to 7:15. Great job gents.

“Nicole” (see here)
Chu Long = 2, 10 pull ups (scaled 10min, round 2 w/assist)
MyChau = 4, 5, 5, 3, 5

Huy = 3×3 shoulder presses, ring ascents/descents/supports

Less talk, more work. Progress, learn, adapt.

Trac247 WOD:

As many rounds in 20min of:
15 Shoulder presses, 95lbs
100 jump ropes
15 Pull ups
Trac = 4 rounds + 5 presses

5 rounds
Max rep bench press (155lbs)
Max rep pull ups, strict
BP = 11, 12, 10, 10, 10
PU = 5, 6, 5, 3 ,4 (60/54lbs assist)

BP = 14, 8, 5, 5, 6
PU = 10, 12, 4, 4, 5 (108/72lbs assist)

BP = 16, 15, 12, 10, 9
PU = 8, 8, 4, 7, 9

Chu Long’s Workout
DB Cleans, 2×20 lbs (CL used 30lbs on sets 10, 9)
Sit ups

My Chau’s Workout
1 – Cleans, Presses, Ellipitcal
2 – Back Squat, Run
3 – Farmer carry, bear crawl, overhead carry