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It takes courage just to come into our gym.  It take courage to come back after “Day 1”.  It takes courage to see the 4 week program through to its end.  And ultimately, it takes courage to move on and continue living our CrossFit 101 lifestyle in our regular group classes.  Congratulations to all the graduates from On Ramp Class 33.  We look forward to introducing you to the rest of the 101 family.

To take your first step in becoming a 101er, email us to RSVP for one of the upcoming free orientation sessions.

Free Orientation Workouts for On Ramp Class 34
May 29th, May 31st, June 5th @ 8:30pm
June 4th @ 7:30am, 12:30pm, 7:30pm


Day 1 vs Day 12 Baseline times:

Jeff = 6:44 to 4:41
Ryan = 8:40 to 6:59
Scott = DNF to 7:16
Nancy = 9:19 to 7:04
Kirk = 7:36 to 5:55
Mo = 7:36 to 5:35
John = 6:37 to 5:39
Alvin = 22:13 to 7:15
David K = 5:43 to 5:26
Christine = 7:28 to 6:28
Peter = 6:17 to 4:30
Adam = 7:43 to 6:24
Justin = 7:51 to 6:14
David D = 7:32 to 6:24
Joe = 5:29
Connie = 8:47 to 8:39
Neil = 9:33 to 6:28
Sophie = 8:25 to 6:27
Shari = 6:35 to 5:58
Jennifer = 5:50 to 5:53
Mani = 9:46 to 6:16
Phu = 6:56
Sean = 5:20 to 5:17
Jenny = 7:44 to 5:55

CrossFit 101 is meant for everyone, but not everyone is meant for CrossFit 101. If you think you are up to the challenge of living this lifestyle, email us to try out one of the free orientation sessions coming up.



Another great week in the books.  Please have a safe and fun weekend.  Put in quality time towards your rest and recovery, don’t go too crazy skewing away from your nutrition guidelines, and we’ll see you back for another week of progress! 

Main Group Workout
1. 1RM Squat Clean Thruster

2. 5 rounds for time of:
7 dumbbell squat clean thrusters, 2×45/25lbs
10 pull ups

Workout Demo

041412 SC Thruster Pull Up


It’s always much harder to build something up than it is to destroy it. To build up your physical state, it takes long term commitment to train and diet, but it could all be loss very quickly with poor choices. To build up your mental state, it takes constant positive thinking and reinforcement to keep yourself on task towards your goals, but it can instantly revert if you allow yourself to believe in your own excuses.

When you’re own the path upwards towards a higher state of being, the natural order of things will always have negative forces that will try to bring you down. It’s up to you what you will allow affect you. You can be a positive influence so as to keep yourself moving forward and be a life giver to those around you. Because unbalanced and negative people tend to want others to be as unbalanced and as negative as them. Keep positive influences around you to support your building of a better life.

Workout A
“Javorek Barbell Complex” (Compare to 1/5/11)
3 rounds each for time of:
6x deadlift
6x hi-pull
6x front squat
6x push jerk
6x back squat

(Bonus: Complete the following dumbbell complex after each round of the barbell complex)
6x straight leg deadlift
6x power clean
6x front squat
6x press
6x thruster

Workout B
“100m time trial” (Compare to 4/27/11)
10 rounds each for time of:
100m sprint

071911 Javorek & 100m Dash

We had a workout with full squat snatches the other day because I feel it is important for the athletes to experience the full range of the movement and to get an idea of what they are working up towards. But, to really get better at the Olympic lifts such as the snatch, we need to use development tools to build more experience in some of the trickier areas of the movements. One such way is to practice the snatch balance. This drill not only forces them to work on their range of motion in the overhead squat, but it also helps build their confidence with controlling themselves as they get underneath the bar at speed. For some of our newer athletes, it’s a glaring wake up call about where their bodies are limiting their performances, and for some of our veterans, it’s still a glaring wake up call :)

In teams, complete for time of:
200 snatch balances, 115/75#
200 man makers, 2×45/25#
(Cut off time 30min)



Hand stand push ups, or HSPUs, are already a challenging for our athletes, but we always look towards pushing new challenges. To work up to ring hand stand push ups, we wanted our athletes to start building greater range of motion in their hand stand push ups. One way to do this is to elevate their heads a little higher off of the ground. This will help them develop a deeper hand stand push up and work that range of motion in their shoulders where they can’t rely on their triceps as much to help them leverage up. We also stressed for them to break their elbows forward instead of to the sides to work a more functional range of motion.

Combined with core control work and some fast high knees to speed up the heart rate, the athletes put in some good performances.

10 rounds for time of:
5 hand stand push ups (elevated on bumper plates)
10 leg lifts
15 side raises (each side)
20 high knees (2 count)
(30 minute cut off)

021611 HSPU Range 1
021611 HSPU Range 2

These were a few notes we sent out to our athletes in our daily workout email distribution to help them with their mental game which is just as important as the physical aspect of training:

Everyday is a new opportunity. Use it to challenge yourself mentally and physically. When you accomplish something that’s really hard, everything else will be relatively easier, relatively.

“Forging Elite Fitness” – The CrossFit motto refers to being strengthened through adversity. Results are directly linked to intensity. The greater you can push the intensity, the greater uncomfortableness you will feel. You can go as slowly as you want to and keep that uncomfortableness at bay, but if you want results, you need to push for that progression and get comfortable with being uncomfortable and not only will it require your body to change, but your mind as well. Mediocrity and settling are not a part of who we are, progression and hard work are.

We have 5 weeks left until the 2011 CrossFit Games Season is officially kicked off. If you don’t know what the CF Games are, it’s an annual test to find out who the fittest man and woman in the world is. Besides that, it’s just an awesome global competition for CrossFit. I urge, implore, demand, request, and what ever other verb there is out there that will get you to compete in this year’s Games. Some of you have watched the games live or online, it’s time to cross that line from being a spectator, to being a participant. For those of you who have already let me know that you would like to compete, prepare to ramp up your training.

CF is trying to make the event more inclusive by doing online qualifiers, which just means you need to work out while we record your times and submit your workout video online. Doesn’t matter if you need to scale or have the slowest time in the planet, I want you all to at least try. Competing in last year’s qualifiers was one of the most positive experiences of my life and I would like you all to have the opportunity to allow yourselves to feel the same way.

Self Leadership – It’s part of having that positive inner voice. It takes practice, just like training. We, as a staff, will always try our best to coach you towards more efficient movement and stronger performances, but we want to be able to do it in such a way that you can build your own independent voice so that when things get tough when we’re not around, you’ll be able to stand on your own two feet and coach yourselves through ANY tough times in or outside the gym.

That is our ultimate goal as instructors. So practice. Let go of any self doubt when you’re on the floor, tell yourself to commit and to get the work done. When you need to rest, rest, but keep pushing yourself to get to the next rep, the next round, or the next progression.

When you TYB (Try your best), and I mean your honest best, then let yourself be okay with it no matter what the results are, regrets are negative and don’t help us, so don’t allow yourself to have any reason to have regrets in the first place. Results are great indicators, but they do not define who you are as a person. They just tell you where you have been, where you are at, or where you need to go.

“Freaky Friday”
Athletes will randomly choose from one of the following workouts:
A) 100 Burpee Pull Ups
B) 200 Push Jerks, 95/65#
C) 300 squats
D) 400 Sit Ups
You will do 1 push up at the start of the 1st minute, 2 push ups at the start of the 2nd minute, 3 push ups at the start of the 3rd minute and so on until all reps are completed in your workout. If it takes you more than 1 minute to complete your push ups, you will terminate the push ups and scale the workout from there. There will be a 30min cap on this workout.

Alright, we finally got CROSSFIT101.COM transferred over to us.  CrossFit is what we do, TracFit is who we are.  If you’re liking how we do things, please spread the good word as our school of elite fitness grows.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

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