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It’s not about new year’s resolutions, it’s about new life resolutions. Just a small look at our students who live our 101 lifestyle.

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On Ramp Class 25 has just reached it’s half way mark with it’s completion of the “Midterm” workout. 2 weeks into the program, we start to see who is really picking up on the techniques and nutrition guidelines. It’s also where we start to see the camaraderie take hold as the students begin to really share in the hard earned experiences as a class.

Class 25 is still green. As tough as it might seem for some of the students right now, every one of our veteran students who has progressed into our group classes knows that this period in their training really is a basic safety course because what we’re trying to do is ultimately prepare the On Rampers to thrive with the real challenges that await them in the group classes. Part indoctrination, part training, part selection, our program is unique in bringing the right kind of mindset into our community. Keep up the great diligence Class 25 and keep your eyes on Graduation, as it will come sooner than you will expect.

Here’s a look at our warm up and technique practice for the On Ramp students:


Not all healthy, but this is generally how I eat and I thoroughly enjoy what I eat! Eat clean, and live fully!


Shaking beef on a large salad.

credit to helen

Want an easy way to get your proteins, carbs, and fats without grains or sugary starches? Lettuce wraps are a great vehicle for getting the job done.

What you need for a 4 block meal:
2 1/2 oz shrimp
2 oz chicken
~12 romaine lettuces
1 cup of carrots
2 1/3 cup or red cabbage
1/3 tsp olive oil
1 1/2 tsp of peanut butter
Seasonings: sea salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, soy sauce

I’ll be starting a new series of posts regarding the Zone meals that are featured in CrossFit Journal Issue 21. I’ll be choosing my favorite meals and post up step by step instructions on how to make it. I’ll be going off of the 4 block Zone so that you can either scale up to 5 or down to 3 blocks based upon your own counts.

Here’s the recipe:
Chili (serves 3, more like 5 seems like it)
2/3 cup onion, chopped
2 green peppers, chopped, in garlic, cumin, chili powder, and crushed red pepper
18oz ground meat until browned
2 cups tomato sauce
1 cup black beans (subbed green beans)
1 cup kidney beans (subbed green beans)
~40 chopped olives (subbed 1 can tomatoes)
Fresh cilantro to taste (I also added fresh green onions)


Click here for the pictures.

So we have three athletes who have kept a food log for a week or longer. Just the act of writing down and keeping track of what they eat puts them ahead of the game. I have reviewed their logs and picked one good meal and one not so good meal to analyze.   I am by no means a nutritionist, but I know what’s worked for me and what fits into our nutritional programming.  You are your best nutritionist, thanks for sharing athletes!

Better Meals:
20 ounce grapple protein shake
1 package instant oatmeal w/teaspoon of brown sugar
1 kashi trail mix chewy bar
2 servings of Cheez it (26 pieces)
5 nut cluster

The 20oz shake is a pretty good breakfast in itself.  I would definitely go without oatmeal and brown sugar to stay on point with Paleo.  The kashi bar is okay if you’re super craving, but there’s a lot of sugar in there that you can go without.  The cheeze it doesn’t need any analyzing, but the nut cluster is a little tricky.  I’d rather eat a handful of regular nuts than go with a sugar packed and processed cluster.

2 servings of beef and asparagus
Small can of corn w/ 1 tablespoon of butter

This looks really good.  Let’s try to get you to estimate the weight of your portions instead of just servings.  Corn is a little high on the glycemic index, but it surely is better than french fries.  I like that you have a protein, decent carbs, and some fat (1 Tsp of butter = 3 blocks of fat) in this meal.

Salad w/ cranberries, glazed pecans, grapes, and red wine vinegar dressing
12ounce protein shake (post workout drink)

All good here, we’ll look past the sugar on the glazed pecans.

Rotisserie chicken & steamed vegetables
1 slice apple

Again, nice choice of a protein with veggies.  As part of the Fit for Life theory, try to not mix fruits in with any other food to help with digestion.  Great job!

Juice (3 carrots, 1 celery, 4 strawberries, 1 orange)
Breakfast 2
2 hard boiled egg whites
1/2 avocado
9 blackberries
9 raspberries
8 strawberries

I like that you’ve started juicing.  We’ve already talked about the 1/2 avocado, that’s a little bit much for fat.  4 tablespoons will give you a 4 block amount.  I would take the eggs whole to bring your protein block up from 1 block to 2.  And I’d reduce some of the fruit because we’re getting some decent carbs from juicing.  It’ll help bring your sugar levels down as well.

4 chicken wings
1 whole wheat tortilla

Protein check. Where’s the real carbs and fat? This would be a good place to transfer over some of that avocado and maybe add some bell peppers or a salad. How bout a corn tortilla instead of flour?

5 oz fish
4 oz blanched spinach

Again, protein check, but 4oz of spinach might only give me 1 block of good carbs for good performance. We still need a good fat like nuts, almond butter, olive oil, bacon, etc. We’re good on fruits, but need some help balancing out the veggies. For this day, you got about 11 blocks of protein in, and I think you should be around 16. Good start though.

Chu Long’s
Breakfast 6:00am:
1 cup oatmeal with a tablespoon of honey
½ cup blueberries

Okay, I like that we have honey instead of sugar. 4 blocks of carbs so far.

Break 9:00am:
Natural Peanut Butter, with sugar free apricot preserve
two slices of wheat bread
small apple
16.9 oz. of sugar free green tea

Wheat bread gets us a little more fiber than white bread, so okay there for now. Peanut butter is a great source of fat. I would stay away from any cooked fruits like the apricot preserve though, as it loses all of its fruit value and just ends up being sugar. Apple is good, and the green tea will give you a nice pick me up. We’ve added 5 blocks of carbs and 2 blocks of fat here.

Lunch 11:45am:
Wheat flat bread w/ processed turkey
handful of peanuts
16.9 oz. of Oolong tea

Alright, flat bread is a better choice than our white bread. Turkey is a great choice for lean protein, and the orange and peanuts are both a good choice for carbs and fat. Now we’ve added 4 blocks of carbs, 5 blocks of protein and 2 blocks of fat.

Break 2:00pm:
handful almonds
I cup of peach fruit cup sugar free

More good fat, awesome. The peach fruit cup is a trap though. Again, it’s been processed and has lost its nutritional value as a fruit, and ups the carb block count by at least 2 blocks.

Dinner 7:00pm:
4x small bowl of fried rice
1 cup of bo luc lac
1 corona

Not bad. 1 Corona is better than 6 when you’re watching what you eat, though 6 is better than 1 if you’re out partying :) We’ve hit the carb mother load on this one. One beer = 4 blocks of carbs, 3 Tbs of Rice = 1 block of carbs, so in this one meal I think we have at least 9 blocks of carbs. This brings the day’s total to 24 blocks of carbs, 11 blocks of protein, and 6 blocks of fat (That’s like a 25% Protein, 65% Carb, 10% fat ratio). We should be working towards peforming well with 19 blocks of protein, 19 blocks of carbs, and 19 blocks of fat to get you optimal. Totally within your means to do so, good job!

We’ll save the not so good meals for another day…

The Paleo and Zone Diets are the two major diet programs associated with CrossFit.  I’ve added a third diet that has proved to be really beneficial to me, and that’s the Fit for Life program.  When people ask me about dieting, I try to convey that I don’t try to “diet”, I’m just eating foods which I like that will also make me feel and perform better.  The food that helps me feel and perform better just happens to have a side benefit of helping me look like a healthier person!

Anything worth while in the world takes hard work.  Bad habits are hard to break, so we can start here by building good ones like working out regularly and eating foods that won’t kill us :)  I’ve put together this quick diagram to point out the key aspects of each diet.  All work well together, and you’ll probably reap the most benefits by doing so.

Credit to the wife

After watching Food Inc. (see here), you really have to wonder what the hell is in the food you’re eating. By cooking food yourself, at least you know where your food came from and what’s going into it. It’s your health, you can either pay now, or you can pay later.

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